Nightowl/Mephisto - CB(x2), GG, TD

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Nightowl/Mephisto - CB(x2), GG, TD

Running 2 Cheech Biggums by Nightowl, along with some Gold Glue and Toof Decay from Mephisto.

I’m using recycled/leftover soil from my SAFC2020 grow here. The base was Purple Cow Indicanja, which I amended with some of their activated compost, a bag of worm castings, and all the plant waste from the SAFC harvest. 
All will be in 3gal pots, so I plan on supplementing with the Nectar for the Gods line (sampler kit).

Posted : 10/23/2020 4:20 am

I had germinated and ran the seeds in solo cups for 10 days. Pics are just after potting you, and next is around 36 hours later. The sprouts appear small, but they all had thicker tap roots at the bottom of their cups, and suffered minimally during potting up.

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Cannabis Grow F6EE41E7 9AD5 4F92 8635 1464F5778C77

Posted : 10/23/2020 4:26 am


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Posted : 10/23/2020 4:29 am

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Cannabis Grow CB0403B1 8F4D 4D0B BDC6 F8097C218851

Topped on Day15, and next pic is a little over 24hrs later. 

Posted : 10/28/2020 5:38 pm

Past week everyone seemed to take the topping well besides the gold glue, which I probably could’ve given her a few more days. As of day 29, all 4 are in flower now. Both Cheech Biggums are starting to show some slight calcium/phosphorous deficiencies, which at this point I will start feeding from the NFTG nutrient line.

Cannabis Grow 6A547307 CF01 4998 9BA8 BC331143F8EE
Cannabis Grow D38021F6 43E6 41E8 A6E9 038143F27004
Cannabis Grow 95855F99 1ECF 45D2 B7AB 0747FDD5D33B

pics are days 27-29. Some LST on the bigger Biggums, and the Toof Decay. 

Posted : 11/07/2020 12:33 pm

Past 3 weeks have only included some LST, and started feeding in the first week of flower. I was able to move my tent to a better location for environmental control, and all parameters have been pretty well on point. Despite that, the Toof Decay seems to be a very “moody” plant. Shows lots of symptoms of overwatering/poor oxygen around roots, but only intermittently. The split image is the same plant taken 2 hours apart, in mid-day, and without any intervention. It began with the flower stretch, but seems otherwise healthy.

Cannabis Grow 4DFF050E 1AA9 4D0C 8879 E308852C86B5
Cannabis Grow FC4E06BA 0ECE 4845 90B9 226C078BBE36
Cannabis Grow 4B65E0BB 0E2C 434D A3D3 7024701036CA
Cannabis Grow 83613C94 F98E 44B3 AEA9 904B12AB81CD
Cannabis Grow 69597282 7C9B 40B0 9F3F 3BE4661D61D0
Cannabis Grow 36F52B15 32C5 420F BA3E DA07421D07FC
Cannabis Grow AAC5360A 08A4 4AE2 A2D2 6CD75A52DC0B

Posted : 11/25/2020 2:25 am

From the last update a few weeks ago, I had a small issue of what seemed to be different “appetites”.  Cheech Biggums1 and Toof Decay were showing some hunger pains, while the other CB was starting to burn. This was corrected after a flush and administering a compost tea. After that, everything seemed to smooth out. 


At this point around day 70 I have switched to plain water to finish out all but the Toof decay, which I will probably feed for one more week. Looks like the little Gold Glue will be up to chop first within the week.


One last thing to note that I am trying new: Since NFTG nutrients are mainly organic, I am top dressing the pots with a layer of soil, compost, and EWC during the final 2 weeks of plain water. I figure at best, there will be nutrients available just in case I stopped feeding too early, and worst case it will be recycled into my next run. If you’re anyone besides me, thanks for reading!

Cannabis Grow 5DD355C9 370C 46E3 A49C 85511921826C
Cannabis Grow 673D8E52 FDF2 4408 9F83 367E7125D47F
Cannabis Grow 1FE2EA3F E2CF 4F67 B92D C8ED7FC74492
Cannabis Grow DCF0E433 A691 4BB2 9BBD 94257CE2A443
Cannabis Grow 349ED197 AFC5 4922 B46D E8F5879E9783
Cannabis Grow 3CCC78FC 9CC5 4F2C 9C2E 7557450CAD5E
Cannabis Grow 35BE469F DD49 424E 99AA B0181A311414
Cannabis Grow EDFE05BE C49D 46AE 8E92 CCAD6F305999
Cannabis Grow 0DDEDC38 70E9 48FA 94F4 B1B7AA901F27
Cannabis Grow E994CDD2 7D9C 42C8 8100 033381C537A2
Cannabis Grow 78865CA0 D810 47F9 B5F3 8996BB33D8B0
Cannabis Grow FE7D54BE 205B 4A7C 9535 2ED9906709CB

Posted : 12/16/2020 5:37 am
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So my computer had died, and made my process of posting difficult. All good now and all plants harvested and cured up.

Cannabis Grow A6AAE526 E536 4122 B0C6 8DE1A3FA86FD
Cannabis Grow A2EEE642 1E4D 4B37 8E06 C32C5D975711
Cannabis Grow 05D8A670 9231 4DE1 AC97 D9B61CB2E842
Cannabis Grow E0714FF2 AB25 40DD 9BB2 0C60CF36B67C
Cannabis Grow DFBA63DC 2B3E 4FDA 8D71 10CFF39ECDF4
Cannabis Grow 86DE3AFD 9847 487F 88C4 04D6454EDF17


Posted : 04/02/2021 7:03 am
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Harvested: 01/12/2021
Total Days: 95
Flower Days: 2

Just some final shots of the flower after curing for about 90 days. Both Cheech Biggums are very similar in taste and effect, one smells fruity, and the other identical to a can of latex paint. Gold glue after 90 days has an earthy aroma backed by a grape like smell (very similar to parent strain 4assed monkey). Toof Decay smells like funky cheese, but tastes very fruity when smoking it. Very heavy effects, and I’ve been keeping this one mainly as a nights and weekend smoke. I’d happily and will eventually grow these all again.

Cannabis Grow FA890E06 0691 4E40 A462 4B2C30449A28
Cannabis Grow 1EF7539C F278 431B 9C99 9498F55C3F70
Cannabis Grow AC5D85FA 8F6E 4A01 B818 533943CC1267
Cannabis Grow B0C3C018 DDE6 48CC 8CC7 AE04786E44F8

Posted : 04/03/2021 6:43 am