Grape God/ Jehovah's Witness/ Haze Beast

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Grape God/ Jehovah's Witness/ Haze Beast

Washed and buffered 5kg of Coco and I Started soaking a Grape God and Jehovah's witness 9/30. They went to soil 10/1 and were above soil on 10/3. I started Haze Beast a few days later as JW was struggling a bit. GG looks great and has a lot of vigor for it's age. The HB just broke soil this afternoon and JW is starting to come around.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231012 215047
Cannabis Grow IMG 20231012 215036
Cannabis Grow IMG 20231012 215041

Posted : 10/12/2023 7:55 pm

Ended up pulling the JW it stunted from the start, not sure what happened. The Grape God is doing well, sitting a little squat but leafs are extending beyond the pot so it should really take off soon. Haze beast is on day 9 GG is day 18.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231022 145002
Cannabis Grow IMG 20231022 145010


Posted : 10/22/2023 4:48 pm AsLongAsItGrows liked

GG is really taking off now, seeing roots poking out from sides of the pot and air pruning.  It's not hardly taking any water though. My coco is at least 30% perlite and prob closer to 40% and won't dry back? I have only watered twice in 2 weeks and I am just confused. Haze Beast should really take off in the next 3-4 days. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231024 010623
Cannabis Grow IMG 20231024 010636

Posted : 10/24/2023 6:53 pm

Fed to runoff last night with the GG although it didn't need it. It's showing sign of sex but no signs of pre-flower yet. I'm hoping plant will put it off a bit and get this thing fairly large.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231025 170812

Haze beast is doing well. leaves are to edge of pot now so it should really get going!

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231025 170820

Posted : 10/25/2023 3:43 pm

Lots of vegetative growth still! 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231026 101144
Cannabis Grow IMG 20231026 101151

Posted : 10/26/2023 8:33 am

Did some leaf tucking this afternoon, this plant either needs some serious LST or defoliation. I am undecided if I want to top it or not, I don't think I have much time left to decide.

I hooked my drip system up this afternoon, and got the pH controller all set back up also. I have always struggled with PH swing with my nutrients, I run RO water and it creeps a lot. I have started mixing appx 30% tap water and it has made a huge difference. I don't dechlorinate or anything, I was advised by Ben from Speedrun he doesn't and it makes no difference. So far I would say that's the case, have been doing it my whole grow and I don't even have to pH my water after mixing in my nutrients, I used to have to pH quite a bit. My pH dosing pump used to run every 5 or so minutes, now it's more like every 10-15.

I started soaking a Strawberry OG from Berserker last night, I ordered a bunch of strains for his anniversary sale and couldn't wait. 

Haze beast-Day 16  

Grape God-Day-Day 24 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231028 180335
Cannabis Grow IMG 20231028 180329

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231028 193631

Posted : 10/28/2023 9:56 pm

Did a real quick LST, this plants structure made it very easy. But I think I am getting better at it also. Not sure what's up with my other plant I may have shocked it a bit. I did an in-between feeding because on the schedule the larger plant is two weeks ahead so I dialed GG back one week and advanced the HB a week to have them feeding the same. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231029 231506
Cannabis Grow IMG 20231029 231521


Posted : 10/29/2023 9:30 pm

Plant responded great to the LST! Just showing first signs of sex and the smallest of pistils are coming out. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231031 093658
Cannabis Grow IMG 20231031 152217

Posted : 10/31/2023 3:06 pm

GG has stretched quite a bit in last 2 days. Sitting at 15" now still pretty squat IMO, I did a second LST yesterday and it outgrew everything I did. The Haze Beast is just stunted for whatever reason? 🤷‍♂️ I topped the HB yesterday, and it seems to have helped a little. Hopefully this one holds off flower for another week.

GG Before 2nd LST and after yesterday 11/2

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231102 214458
Cannabis Grow IMG 20231102 220018

GG Today 11/3, it grew about 2" overnight.  Haze Beast. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231103 222324
Cannabis Grow IMG 20231102 214445





Posted : 11/03/2023 9:32 pm

Plant is looking great, stretching quite a bit still at a rate of 2" a day.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231107 001636


Posted : 11/06/2023 10:48 pm

Both plants look good the HB is starting to stretch a bit, GG is still gaining about 2" a day. I got a little over zealous doing some LST and broke off a small branch.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231109 003749
Cannabis Grow IMG 20231109 003736

Posted : 11/08/2023 10:40 pm

Did a pretty heavy defoliation on the GG tonight, my Haze beast is showing it's very first pistils. 

I bought an autopot system today and put a Roc Bud ICC tester and marathon OGx Grape Dosi in Coco tonight. These will be first plants in the autopots. I am considering doing grow dots and just water in the autopot.  

Grape God

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231112 022329

Haze Beast

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231112 022336

Posted : 11/12/2023 12:29 am

Really pleased with this grow, I have pretty much been on auto pilot.Grape God is filling in nicely, haze beast is coming along did some more defoliation and training tonight. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231114 221531

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231114 222058

Posted : 11/14/2023 9:01 pm

I can't quite pinpoint the smell coming off the Grape God it is frosting up very nicely though. Haze Beast smells just like fruit loops cereal very strong scent can't wait to see how it comes out.

Are you getting the auto parts set up this weekend for its first run I will be going with MOG X Grape Dosi from Berserker and ICC testers from Roc bud. I'm debating if I continue with my nutrient strain or try grow dots with the auto pots. 


Cannabis Grow IMG 20231116 234835
Cannabis Grow IMG 20231117 201948
Cannabis Grow IMG 20231117 200518 155

Haze Beast

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231116 200539

Posted : 11/18/2023 7:39 pm

Both plants are coming along nicely. Replacement light came today for warranty so have them back at correct lighting now only took 2 weeks 😡 not please with Medic Grow and wouldn't recommend them.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20231121 173343
Cannabis Grow IMG 20231121 173535

Posted : 11/21/2023 7:43 pm
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