SAFC Mephisto: Forgotten Strawberries/CDLCxChemdogging

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3rd grow, first grow-off. forgotten Strawberries and cdlcxcdog are growing in Purple Cow Indicanja living soil. In the toolbox is: Recharge, Fish Sh!t, purple cow activated compost, barley straw, and some EWC. (edited 5/27 to match set up).

also running a Double Grape x Skywalker in a mix of Happy Forest and Light Warrior. I’m using the NFTG sample kit with this one only.

Tent is always a work in progress but currently running 124w blurple COB light, which I’ll run sprouts into veg with, and then they’ll be moved/finished under 240W QB. Trying to scoop some Purple Cow living soil to test out if it can arrive on time. Will update as details are figured out...


Posted : 04/18/2020 8:13 am Ausbucket461 liked
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I use the suggested method from Mephisto’s guide. They’re going to soak in wetted tp, inside the tshirt wrapped case atop my ps4 for 24 hrs. 
 Note: The shirt and movie choice is up to the grower, as I’m not sure anyone would print a serious recommendation for this movie, and the shirt is probably my oldest possession... 
I’ve used this method on 5 seeds with 5 successes so far.
     Good luck everyone, can’t wait to gain some skills growing here, and to bring on a blizzard of trichs w/ my fellow mephheads! 

Edit: sorry still learning the site, and sharing pics.

Germination Kit

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Posted : 04/20/2020 12:36 pm

Cannabis Grow 9iOC9z5

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A grower buddy of mine gave me some Forgotten Strawberries to try out and it was some fine dank!!  I wish I could have got my hands on some of those beans. Good luck in your grow, I’ll be checking this one out. 

Posted : 04/21/2020 6:12 pm Kung fu Kush liked

After 28 hours, both seeds have started to emerge. Since it looks like they each just got going, I’ve decided to wrap them back up for another 8-12 hours for a little more “tail”. At which time they will be going into a mix of 70/30 Happy Forest and Perlite. Have a bag of soil, some Fish Sh!t, and QB on the way, so who’s going where is still TBD...

Cannabis Grow 455090FC 0FAC 4AE5 9720 6056144E1138
Cannabis Grow 6A1731E0 0ABB 443C B95D 4217993F7728

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They are in their respective cups, and will be getting their own veg tent for a few weeks while some space frees up. Left side is 24k x Cosmic Queen and right side Double Grape, both Meph strains as well around week 7. Now we wait... (functioning pics below)

Posted : 04/22/2020 4:04 pm
Cannabis Grow BD48BE2C 7030 41B3 8BDD 6A5332B06CC8
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Cannabis Grow D2CF8A21 D274 4D45 BEF3 8FFC5416B9BE
Cannabis Grow 46740FCD C821 4BBD B383 971688E66709

Pics are Days 1&2, and up close of each on day 2. Both seeds went into soil after about 38 hours after germination. They had to spend their first day with low humidity and temp (65/45). As luck would have it, I broke my humidifier, and took me a day to replace. They are sharing space with 2 others in mid flower, so I’m running the temp closer to 77/60 until the seedlings start showing more vigor. Day 3 was their first real “watering”, had a very light dose of Fish Sh!t mixed in to help better acclimate the new arrivals.

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slowly ramping up power over the next few days, but the little guys will probably go back under the blurple for about 2 weeks while the others wrap up... Hopefully the upgrade adds a couple grams...
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Today marks a week since they went into soil. Last night they were moved into their own tent as the QB was showing to be a little too much light, which was expected. Growth seems a little slow to start, but hopefully that changes now that they’re in a better environment.

Cannabis Grow BBAE61B1 10A3 415B A95E AD15CDF8BCAC
Cannabis Grow 4A325C16 FB47 4E3F A3E9 809B8A89C9C7
Cannabis Grow 1D2850F9 C4DA 4F33 A4DD F1D6BEF73D11

Girls are started slow, and slightly stressed here at Day 6 (yesterday).

Posted : 05/05/2020 7:13 am

Cannabis Grow 0E553438 DB3F 46F5 8C7A 930FFF334374
Cannabis Grow DC30D396 DDEC 4F28 A735 E367072FE93F
Cannabis Grow A3874C24 9447 4A14 92C5 1C5832DD3A18

After about 36 hours in the veg tent (pics are day 7 pm.), they are perking back up. As bad as it is to see them stressed, it’s always so cool to see a quick response.

Posted : 05/06/2020 8:15 pm Latitude_62 and Cannavore liked

So, I finally found some info regarding my choice soil, Purple Cow Indicanja. The soil is intended for a multi-pot method, but more than what I have available (each stage gets potted into fresh soil and all...). Luckily others made the same error, so I decided to take advantage of the sample kit from Oregon's Only (Nectar of the Gods). The dosing schedule seems pretty intense, so I'm wondering if I should still follow their guide, or dial back the amounts to compensate for the already nutrient rich (but inevitably deficient) soil? 

Indicanja label

Nutrient schedule

Pic of some dirt

* Forgot to mention, they're going straight into 5 gal fabric pots, topped w/barley straw, and also using Fish Shit, Recharge bi-weekly alternation.

** Slurry test resulted in pH at 6.5, but PPMs are at 957. So, I think my gameplan is to ride out the soil, and adjust based on runoff tests as I go. Since it doesn't seem ideal to "part out" this nutrient kit, I'm going to see if I can fit one more strain in some light potting mix to give the Nectar for the Gods a fair shot.

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On day 10 (yesterday), I moved both plants into their 5 gal homes. Both pots are Purple Cow soil, and I was able to get some straw to help retain moisture and protect the soil surface. I'm still getting a feel for the timing on when to pot-up, and so far I have just let the plants tell me (slight leaf droop started). Here are pics of the roots for the CDLC x CD, and the Forgotten Strawberries. The CDLC is on the left, and FS is on the right for reference in the tent pic.

Cannabis Grow 8IJmfBz

Posted : 05/12/2020 7:03 am

I've decided to run 3 in my flower tent, and some mail yesterday and didn't hesitate to start the soak. The NFTG nutrients really piqued my curiosity, so I'm going to run this in some light soil mix(roots organic, HF, or light warrior). Once its germinated, I might start a separate journal, but I think it should catch up to the other 2 pretty quick since it won't suffer the same environmental changes.

Strain is Double Grape x Skywalker  - no official names yet, but I've seen "Mace Windu". Seed germinated in paper towel, started in Happy Frog soil in the solo cup, and into a mix batch of Happy Forest/Light Warrior. Went with LW for lower PPMs to start off with since I’ll be running the nectar for the gods line here.


Posted : 05/12/2020 8:43 am
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