SAFC Misfit Autos: Coco Vs Tupur

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SAFC Misfit Autos: Coco Vs Tupur

Happy to be growing with all of my growmies in the Spring Auto Flower Challenge!

I am growing 4 different auto-flowers from different breeders.

Auto AK - Unknown

Diesel - Royal Queen Seeds

Cheese XXL - Dinafem

Think Different - Dutch Passion.

I grew Think Different in last year's SAFC - she got buried by the other three plants and never had a chance - hopefully that doesn't happen again. The Diesel and the Cheese came as freebies with some photoperiod seeds. Some of the photo-period seeds went auto on us (remember that @chefomj ?) - I am hopeful that these are actually autos and they don't turn out to be Gorilla Cookies 😉 - @cannabisandbeats explains that Diesel from RQS is his least favorite strain, so now I am sort of hoping that it isn't that either. I went ahead and decided I would name the plant after him - you'll see CnB on the seedling bag 😉

I started them off right at midnight as the calendar turned to 4/20

Cannabis Grow IMG 0324

I scuffed, soaked and transferred to Paper towels as per my tutorial:

Then I left them in the sealed pyrex until the end of the second day - hour 44. They all had good looking tails and went into the Jiffy.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0327
Cannabis Grow IMG 0330

They really were ready to go to seedling pots yesterday, but I was busy and then tired and decided they could wait until today. This afternoon I potted them up into their seedling bags. The Cheese and the Diesel are in coco that I recycled fresh from the NYGC grow. The Auto AK and the Think Different are in Tupur. I am going to run them all exactly the same - should be interesting 🙂

Cannabis Grow IMG 0343
Cannabis Grow IMG 0344

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Hey Hey - A little overdue for an update!

So... I tried to cut some corners and got burned! Well the coco plants did. 

I realized pretty late in the game that I did not have fresh Perlite - I have plenty of good buffered and ready Royal Gold Coco, but without perlite it was a non-starter. So I decided to quickly recycle some coco from the NYGC grow that I had just harvested... Well, let this be a lesson to properly rinse and buffer your coco each time - you know like I explain in my own articles and video - LMAO - some lessons need to be learned several times by some people. The coco was too hot and seems like it probably was loaded with K - in any event, the plants reacted badly - and swiftly

Pics from May 2

Cannabis Grow IMG 0352

Yeah it was tough on the coco girls = especially the Cheese

Cannabis Grow IMG 0353
Cannabis Grow IMG 0354

There really wasn't much I could do to save Cheese - I worked on both of them, but her roots were fried. The two girls in Tupur of course were fine.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0355

I potted up to seconds on May 6

Cannabis Grow IMG 0360
Cannabis Grow IMG 0359

Cheese did not make the cut, but I was still taking care of her. As I focused on helping the coco girls recover, the Tupur Girls were growing well, but they both developed a bit of Mg deficiency. I was a little surprised and unconcerned at first, but it started to warrant my attention and I upped the dose of CalMag. They never really slowed down much because of it.

On May 11, the Tupur girls got decapitated and trimmed for Manifold training.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0363
Cannabis Grow IMG 0365

You can see their 8 days (so far) in their second containers in the time lapse below. This brings us right up to the present as the final frame in the timelapse is a few minutes ago 😉

You can see that the Diesel is hanging on in her poorly prepared coco (she - um - got tupur in her second container - still no perlite #lockdown) But she is stunted and, well, I don't expect much. As an auto when they get stunted that badly they just will not have time to recover. I think I am just going to have to grow the two tupur girls to be giant beasts 🙂

Be nice 😉

Grower Love


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I have let you all down with my journal - I am very sorry - especially to @knut who is a great group leader.

I have been just behind with my grow this cycle and fell way behind with my journal - then it was hard to catch up.

I am going to try to do a few posts now to discuss the grow. I am actually trimming the AK plant now, but I will start this with the Time Lapse of the Think Different Plant. The time lapse takes us through about June. She would have been harvested tonight too, but I knew I could not trim her - so I will give her the ax tomorrow.

Although I was behind the plants, they ended up doing pretty well - AK and Think Different are going to yield very well. The Diesel will yield huge too, but um she still has a ways to go and is grumpy about nutes now. It has been too hot here too, so I hope she hurries up now that she'll have the tent to herself.


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