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This here, is now the combination journal of multiple Bonsai Mom's. If you havent followed my Bonsai Mom journals, get ready for the ride! To accommodate your listening pleasures I have selected the following:  

Current Mother Genetics are the following:

DieselxDurban(unknown breeder):

Cannabis Grow 44OMG those are pistils
Cannabis Grow 44.1
Cannabis Grow 43

Northern Lights(Canuk seeds Feminized):

Cannabis Grow 43

Obiwan Kush(Canuk seeds Feminized-from clone):

Cannabis Grow 1
Cannabis Grow 1.1

The two mature mothers(NL & DD) are being fed 600EC PH6.1 and doing great, ready for another round each! The Obiwan-Kush just put out those roots in the last 16 hours or so, last night was seeing what looked like crystals on it and today whalaa here we go! Will be waiting for the roots to get a little bigger before getting her set up in a perma home and prepped for Bonsai training. Exciting times ahead to be sure! The two original NL and DD are from seed and started 

P.S. there might just be another mom on the way....what will it be next?!?!? stay tuned for more fun ;p 


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Soundtrack of the morning:

Moms are doing well! Obiwan Kush is now in solo cup and looking just fine, cant wait to see some new growth out of her, yehaa:

Cannabis Grow 2SOLO

More easily visible pistils on both the DD and NL moms, other than that NL is locked out and its been a bitch to get her unlocked and stay unlocked, that being said next feed im going to do a long washout with like 3gal and see if I cant get her fully unlocked. Here they are today:

Cannabis Grow 44
Cannabis Grow 45

Both are begging to have clones taken off them...soon lovelies soon!



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Ok ladies and gents its been a little over a week, here are the updates along with some mommy songs

Northern Lights mommy had a couple more clones taken from her, they are just about to root and another one a little after that which should root in another week or so:

Cannabis Grow 46

Above you can see the two original mommies(Durban/Diesel & Northern Lights) as well as some of their babies a Gelato-x2babies(one still in the cloner but shes got roots..letting them get a little longer before transplant, Obiwan x2babies(getting bigger one to be used as a mother the other to get flowered out) as well as 2x Garlic cookies(new momy and one to go into flowering next round) as well as the 2 zskittlz which will be going in next round as well:

Cannabis Grow 27

All in all everyone is doing pretty well!

2weeks will be another update for these girls woot woot lets see that growth!! 😎 🤠 🤓 🧐 🍵 

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Well its been a min since the moms have gotten an update so here we go! Music

The moms are doing well! I was going to keep a Gelato and an Obiwan as a mom but as the Gelato has one hell of a stretch I'm going to check out the phenos of the other seeds I still have left from both Gelato and Obiwan too as she had a few balls I had to pick off so new seeds of them will be sprouted once these go into flowering. 

Northern Lights and Durban/Diesel moms:

Cannabis Grow 47

They are both ready to have multiple clones taken from them to be sure!! Have one DD in the cloner now and shes already sprouted roots and pistils LOL. 

Obiwan clones that will go in next round instead of being moms:

Cannabis Grow 5x2

Gelato clones are doing fine despite the abnormalities in leaf growth:

Cannabis Grow topped

We now have a Garlic Cookies MOM in there too which just got topped tonight, she's about ready for the transplant too but ill let her recover from the topping first. Nice and fat indica leaves on her woot woot

Ohh....and the ZSkittlz are so going to be HUGE when they get flowered out! Showing pistils now so they are definitely ready YAY!!!!

Cannabis Grow 28

They got fed tonight as they were dry and added recharge as they were looking just a hair deficient. All together it looks like the next round should be really good! Did I mention there is another NL clone ready for a transplant too LOL much love to all the growmies, be easy and stay golden 😎 😜 🤪 😇 🤠 🤓 🧐 🍵 

Posted : 12/16/2020 1:20 am

Music for thine ear pieces:

The Update:

Wow its been a while, I've been so busy with the other NYGC and flowering tent journals along with working and getting my new business up and running while working my other job..I just haven't had time for this journal. Now that the 4x8 is off for the moment while its contents finish drying and then gets moved into the new tent room, I figured I could spare a few min for this one. At least to update on how the ladies are doing. So here are all the mommies currently:

Cannabis Grow themoms 2 14 2021

Back left we are seeing the SourP mommy which actually will be flowered out with the two NYGC ZSkittlz that I have going currently. Then to the right we see the Northern Lights mommy...she still shows some of the lockout from sooo long ago lol like months and months ago. Then right in front of the SourP mom is two Gelato Mom's, one to be flowered out in the next few rounds, the other to be a perma mom in the collection...too good of a pheno to let go! Gelato clones(mom & being flowered in a few rounds) still show some nasty looking leaves as I haven't pulled them off yet. the other half of the room is taken by the NYGC plants. There is also a garlic cookies in the pic as well all bushy as fooook. Then you see the huge leaves of one of the screamers which is a male and will be my staple male from bag seed so no clue what it is, perfect to breed with and make my own line to sell in my seed bank....ohh did I say that? Ya that's what I have been up to, put together a website and made everything nice and legit.

So  I crossed Obiwan Kush with Northern Lights & Gelato & SourPoison so far. Soon to be crossed with more & the bag seed male....yerp going to be good I believe. Anywho all the joys ehh, much love growmies 🤓 🧐 😇 🤠 😎 🍒 💣 🍵 

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The Music:

The Afternoon Update:

God these ladies haven't seen an update to their journal for a long while as I have been busy busy busy with other journals, breeding etc. well....its that time! I took clones from NL mommy and threw her into the 4x8 and she takes up almost half the tent! Also thrown in is one of the two big gelato's, but threw her into the 4x4 under the TSW2000. Also in the 4x8 this round will be Banana Bomb and Sour Poison from my NYGC grows. Currently on 18/6 using advanced veg nutes at 1300-1500EC, everyone besides the NL mommy got potted up to 5gal's. the gelato I ended up cutting the bottom of the bag off and setting that into the 5gal so she could just expand without too much disturbance. Ill have to get pics of the gelato tonight as she's been in 12/12 on week 2 now and lights are currently off. One more week of veg for the 4x8 and ill flip that back to 12/12 as well.

Cannabis Grow NL 6 27 2021
Cannabis Grow BananaBomb 6 27 2021
Cannabis Grow sourp 6 27 2021

in the 4x8 looking a little pissy still from being scrogged besides the banana bomb, she didn't care lol. much love growmies

Posted : 05/28/2021 12:11 pm

The Music:

Moms are looking good and flowering wonderfully. all getting fed Heavy 16 now and loving it:

Cannabis Grow gelato 6 26 2021
Cannabis Grow gelato.1 6 26 2021
Cannabis Grow gelato.2 6 26 2021
Cannabis Grow gelato4x4 6 26 2021
Cannabis Grow sourP 6 26 2021
Cannabis Grow bananabomb 6 26 2021
Cannabis Grow NL 6 26 2021

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The Music:

The NL mommy came down and got dried and starting the cure! She did very well and came out to a total of 426.28g almost 1lb! g/ppfd .67!!!!!!

Closing this as the 4x8 is cleaned and re-set with one new plant in DWC yehaa lets do this woot, much love growmies!

Posted : 08/31/2021 2:10 am