BOG's LSD / Lifesaver Diesel, first time grower

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Jimmy McGill
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BOG's LSD / Lifesaver Diesel, first time grower

Greetings and salutations everyone!

First time grower.  I appreciate any and all constructive criticism and hope I produce something worthwhile.  


BOG LSD / Lifesaver Diesel seeds.  Standard photoperiod, unsexed.  
AC Infinity Cloudlab 3x3 tent.  Ionbeam S33 240 watt LED.  Cloudline T6 Ventilation.  2 x Cloudwhatever S6 fans.  Linked in Controller 69.

18/6 from birth.  Temps and humidity in the 70's, VPD from .6 to .8 maintained nicely during the day.  Temps drop about 10 degrees at night, lighter breeze from fans, VPD gets a bit lower (down to .5 but I'm working on it).

FFOF used to sprout seeds.  Repotted from seedling pots a few days ago to 1 gallons in FFOF with a bit of added worm castings and perlite.

Watering every few days with water pH'd down to 6.4


"Birthday" for these girls, I'm calling October 10th.

Cannabis Grow Girls3
Cannabis Grow Girls2
Cannabis Grow Girls1

The ones at 12:00 and 3:00 have been growing without issue and are very vigorous.

The one at 9:00 I burned the hell out of by having my LEDs too close (whoops), but she's recovered nicely and you can't even see that her first two sets of leaves are basically burned to a crisp lol.  I call her Burnice.

The one at 6:00 is a runt.  It's been growing weird from the start, the root grew upwards after the others had sprouted, so I had to re-seat her.  Then the shell wouldn't come off.  Weird, asymmetrical growth on this one - but she's doing much better now after a few weeks.  Who knows, maybe I just fucked up the apical meristem when I pried the shell off (it was already growing its second set of leaves and couldn't get it off lol).

Hoping at least one of these winds up being female.


EDIT: Figured out how to make pics big I think.

Posted : 10/29/2022 6:26 am

Couldn't figure out how to attach new photos to old post, so here we go, these should be a bit larger.  Cheers !


Cannabis Grow Girls2Big
Cannabis Grow Girls1Big
Cannabis Grow Girls3Big

Posted : 10/29/2022 6:34 am Knut liked

Topped three of the plants, as they were on their 6th node (or maybe FIM'd, I'll find out soon enough).  

On the advice of forum members, watered the hell out of them (it'd been days) until the water ran through the entire pot.  Hopefully I didn't drown 'em, they don't look thrilled.

Cannabis Grow GirlsToppedAndWatered


Posted : 11/01/2022 8:48 am Knut liked

Watered again today.  Roots are going crazy, they made their way all the way to the bottom of the pot in less than a week.  Gonna keep em in the same pot for at least another week or two.  Turned light up to 50%.  Still haven't topped the runt, that's coming sooner or later.  Lateral branches on the rest went crazy when I topped them, as expected.  Other than that, nothing much to report.  Dialing in my inline fan to maintain a a VPD between .8 and 1.1.  

Cannabis Grow Plants3
Cannabis Grow Plants2
Cannabis Grow Plants1

Posted : 11/04/2022 6:39 pm TheInsideDope liked
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Alright.  Turns out my 3 gallon plastic pots and Vivosun 5 gallon pots are exactly the same size.  Somehow.  

Repotted all four plants, they had become almost rootbound in two weeks in the 1 gallon pots.  Thick, pencil-lead roots everywhere.  

Soil: FFOF, amended with more perlite, more worm castings, and this time around I added a bit under 1 tbsp / gallon of Gaia Green 4-4-4 dry nutes.  Meant to use 3 tbsp, whoops.  Too late now.  Anyway, here we are.  I think around day 30 today is.

Cannabis Grow SideView
Cannabis Grow HowItsGoing

Posted : 11/09/2022 9:08 am

Turned light up to 70% today.  Plants were top dressed on Sunday with Gaia Green veg fertilizer.   Took a bunch of clones.. broke two tops off the one on the back left, damn.  Trying to make them into clones.  Anyway.  Here are some pics.

Cannabis Grow 11116Before
Cannabis Grow 1116Side
Cannabis Grow 1116Bent

Posted : 11/16/2022 6:45 am

#3 and #4, the runt, are definite males.  Took them out of the tent because there simply wasn't room any more and I couldn't stand looking at those living liabilities any longer.  Threw them in to a different room under a couple of crappy 10watt LEDs, 24 hours, just to keep them alive until I can bring them to a different location.  

A couple of users here asked me for pollen, but I can't remember who and the people I think it is don't respond to PM, so we'll see what happens.  

I'm pretty sure Burnice, #1, is in fact Burnie, but it still isn't showing sex yet.  December 4th or so will be 8 weeks, and SOMETHING is forming at the nodes, so I'll just have to be patient.  I may have stunted it by the intial LED burn and breaking off two of the three FIM'd tops.  Ugh.  

In the meantime, keeping the other clones for testing purposes, and really hoping that the ones I took for #2 root.  

Put #2 in the middle of the tent, did some more tying down.  What I do next depends on 1) if I have one female or two, and 2) if the clones of #2 root.  Not much else to report.

Cannabis Grow girls 2
Cannabis Grow Girls

EDIT: Light is at 80%, keeping it around 18" from canopy.  I was letting the male grow up into the light, figuring that if it got burned, who cares?, and this way I'd be able to know how much of a safety margin I had.  But good riddance.

Posted : 11/23/2022 6:51 pm TheInsideDope liked

Clones have rooted I think.  Probably going to flip to 12/12 today or tomorrow.  <edit> Did it that day 🙂

Cannabis Grow FlowerTime

Posted : 12/02/2022 8:17 am

Top dressed each one with 4TBSP Gaia Green Veg and 2 TBSPS Gaia Green Bloom, and 1 cup of worm castings.  Watered about 3 liters each, pH at 6.4.  Also added a half TBSP of molasses to make the bacteria go ape shit.  Kicked light up to 90% power.  Raised it a bit more than 18 inches, for both spread and not to shock'm too much.  Put up trellis.

Tonight, the light goes off at 9PM, and stays off until 9AM.


Cannabis Grow Trellis

Posted : 12/02/2022 12:45 pm

Day 7 of flower.  Just been watering as needed, feeding her through the trellis to spread her out.  Stretching.   Have the light on full power at around 18".  Trying to keep it close.   Temps nice and hot, have been out of the house of bit.. VPD a bit low yesterday, but trying to keep it from 1.1-1.2, not too much higher.  

Other than that, two happy girls.

Cannabis Grow Day7

Posted : 12/09/2022 7:07 am

Day 14 of flower or so.  Watered them.  Happy girls.

Cannabis Grow Day14

Posted : 12/16/2022 8:17 am

Day 21.  Defoliated the plants today.  Repositioned fans in the tent.  Gave them a nice drenching too with standard dechlorinated pH 6.4 water.  6T Gaia Green Bloom nutrients + 1 cup worm castings per pot.  

The two sisters are probably a bit beat up after their pruning and defoliation, but they're probably still in reasonably good spirits.  Time well tell.

Cannabis Grow Day21

Posted : 12/23/2022 12:45 pm

Day 28.  Plants seem happy enough.  Tips seem a bit burned on both plants, nutrient burn?  With organic?  But meanwhile the large plant's fan leaves are yellowing.  Humidity down to 51%, probably will knock it down to 50% tomorrow.  Flowers are starting to form.  Light around 18" from center of canopy.  Oh, and it's starting to smell good in there.  Sweet.. something?  We'll see.

Cannabis Grow Day28

Posted : 12/30/2022 8:10 am
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Today is Day 35, Week 5 of flower complete.  Not much to report.  The plant in the back is getting more purple every day, though you can't tell from the pictures.  Leaves are really starting to fade, revealing yellows and purple underneath.  Not thrilled with the fade, but figure it's appropriate given the time.  They're not going to get any more nutes for a week yet, so they'd better make do with they have.  

Lower leaves turning straight up yellow underneath on front plant.  Figure it's just a natural part of flowering as the N gets pulled.

Some of the leaves have rust spots?  Where they're yellowing?  But I can't tell if it's a calmag thing, or an OVERWATERING thing..  or just New Grower Nerves.  I'm expecting the latter.

Tent smells amazing.  Like sweet grapefruits.  Back plant already has pistils turning red.  Front plant, not so much.  Expecting around 8-10 weeks for these girls, might wind up harvesting the Indica one in the back a bit late and the Sativa one in the front a bit early.  We'll see.  

Buds starting to chunk up a bit.  Doesn't look like it's going to yield huge, but hey, it's my first grow.  I'm using a 240watt light and I told myself, if I get 60 grams (.25 / watt) I'll be satisfied.  If I can somehow get 120 grams (.5 / watt), I'd be over the moon.  Just gotta be patient, take it day by day.


Cannabis Grow Day35

Posted : 01/06/2023 6:24 am

Day 42.  Deficiencies all abound on the plants.  Boo.

Large fan leaves yellowing and crinkling up or turning purple on #1 in the back.  The entire front plant is lightening in color.

The simplest explanation is underfeeding.  The cause?  Unclear.

Watering too frequently?  Too infrequently?  Rootbound from being in the same pot for 2 months?
Another possible explanation is my VPD - 1.5 - 1.6 consistently in order to maintain a nice low RH may have caused the plants to consume their nutes faster than expected.    

Top dressed yesterday with more bloom nutrients and worm castings - 6T & 1C respectively per pot.  I'd like them to make it until harvest. Next time, I'll know to repot sooner, and feed a bit heavier.

Cannabis Grow Day42

Posted : 01/13/2023 7:09 am Knut liked
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