BOG's Lifesaver x Diesel. Take two.

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Pics from yesterday, day 28.  Smell is resembling the dour sour smell of Pheno #1, even though the structure is more like Pheno #2.  Oh well, we'll see.  Some lower leaves on the plant turning yellow... not thrilled.  I fertilized her at day 21, but perhaps not enough N ?  Who knows.  


Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay28 3
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay28 2
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay28 1

Posted : 06/24/2023 9:43 am

6/30/23  Day 35 of flower.  A couple of the pistils got knocked up from the banana pollen from the other BOG 1 and 2 girls I just harvested, elsewhere in the home.  The gift that keeps giving.  Otherwise, she looks fine.  Really, shocking low odor.  Virtually no aroma.  Rubbing the sugar leaves reveals it smells 80% like BOG 1 (Dour sour) and 20% BOG 2 (Kinda fruit / Jack Herrery?  I dunno.  Yummy).  Whatever.  Probably done with these genetics after this run, we'll see how this girl shakes out.  

Excelsior !

Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay35 3
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay35 2
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay35 1

Posted : 06/30/2023 5:10 pm

Day 42.

It's been a learning curve with the fabric pots.  I think I overwatered her for a while, causing some root r0t & associated deficiency.  No matter, she'll pull through through harvest I think.  Fed on day 42 also.  Nothing to do now but just wait for her to ripen up.  Buds are still pretty thin, not thrilled, but will be thrilled to get her out of here 🙂  

Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay42 2
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay42 1

Posted : 07/08/2023 10:50 am

Day 49.  Watering every 3rd day now.  Plant is pretty crispy lol.  Oh well.  Will be happy when she's done.  

Plucked a banana too.  For all those years reading Overgrow, BOG?  We are disappointed. 

All pistils orange at this point, save for some of the lower buds.  Trichs are still clear to milky.  I'll check her next week, but may wind up going the full 10 with her.

Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay49 5
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay49 4
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay49 3
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay49 2
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay49 1

Posted : 07/14/2023 4:06 pm

Pics from yesterday, day 56.

Deficiencies under control, I was overwatering her.  You live and learn.    These buds aren't going to chunk up anymore I don't think, but no worries.  Scoped out the trichs, looks like she still needs another week or two.  No point chopping her a week early after so many months, right ?  Trichs are mostly all milky, some amber on sugar leaves but not really on buds yet.  At least another week, maybe 2.  

Excelsior !

Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay56 7
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay56 6
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay56 5
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay56 4
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay56 3
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay56 2
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay56 1

Posted : 07/22/2023 6:47 am

Day 63. 

She's ripening up.  I'll give her another week, maybe two.  Excelsior!

Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay63 5
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay63 4
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay63 3
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay63 2
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay63 1

Posted : 07/28/2023 2:22 pm

Day 70.  

We're just about done here.  But I'll give her another week.  She keeps throwing out new pistils, so why not.  She'll be almost half a year old by the time we're through with her.

Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay70 4
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay70 3
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay70 2
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay70 1

Posted : 08/04/2023 5:59 pm

Pics from yesterday, Day 77.

She's done.  Harvest tomorrow.

Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay77 10
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay77 9
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay77 8
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay77 7
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay77 6
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay77 5
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay77 4
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay77 3
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay77 2
Cannabis Grow Number6FlowerDay77 1

Posted : 08/12/2023 7:13 am

Harvest.  Wet trimmed a branch that broke I broke off (whoops) and hung the rest up to dry whole.  Good times 🙂 

Cannabis Grow Number6Harvest7
Cannabis Grow Number6Harvest6
Cannabis Grow Number6Harvest5
Cannabis Grow Number6Harvest4
Cannabis Grow Number6Harvest3
Cannabis Grow Number6Harvest2
Cannabis Grow Number6Harvest1

Posted : 08/12/2023 10:13 am
Jimmy McGill
Esteemed Member
Known Grower
Completed Grows
Harvested: 08/12/2023
Total Days: 172
Flip Days: 2

Final weight, 395 grams of (not too badly) trimmed cannabis flowers.  The smell of this #6 pheno resembles the "dour sour" of pheno #1, not really any of the Funky/ sweet / tropical? / jack herrer-y aroma of pheno #2.  There is however an added spice note - it's somewhere between nutmeg and allspice, and it's very clear cut.  Visually, nugs are quite crystally... initial effect seems to be very heady, and.. moderately / adequately potent.  

I still have some more seeds of these girls if I ever wanted to run the BOG LSD in the future, but I don't forsee it at this time.  Slow growth, leafy, prone to bananas... not the best time with these girls.  But it's been a learning experiences.


395 grams.  About 2.3grams / day of being alive and above soil.  Excelsior !

Cannabis Grow Harvest nugs from number 6
Cannabis Grow Number6Harvest4

Posted : 08/20/2023 11:45 am
Jimmy McGill
Esteemed Member
Known Grower
Completed Grows
Harvested: 08/12/2023
Total Days: 172
Flip Days: 2

Thank you all for reading.  I hope that this proved interesting or useful to you.  

Keep Growin' !

Jimmy McGill

Posted : 08/20/2023 11:53 am
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