BOG Lifesaver x Diesel Mixed Pheno Flower Room

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BOG Lifesaver x Diesel Mixed Pheno Flower Room

My first grow yielded two females of two distinct phenotypes - BOG 1 and BOG 2.  I took clones last November to teach myself to clone.  Some of them lived.. and eventually were put into new gallon pots.  These were vegged for a month or so, transplanted into new 3 gallon pots, given a few days to acclimate and have the light dwindle down to 12 hours.. until the final iteration you see in the following pictures.  

Last night was their first night of 12 hours of darkness, so I'm calling today Day 1 Of Flower.

Bog 2 phenos are in the corners, as they grow tall and stretchy.  I was LSTing them a bit and then I broke a few too many tops and maybe a vertebrae and just left them as is after repairing.  The plants.  Bog 1 phenos are short and bushy, so they're getting the top and sides of the tent.

Foxfarm Ocean Forest Soil.  Perlite.  Worm Castings.  Gaia Green Veg:Bloom 2:1.  Dechlorinated tap water, pH to 6.4

This Journal will document the flowering of these stinky BOG ladies.  I hope it provides you some entertainment.

Excelsior !

Posted : 04/06/2023 4:46 pm

Day 1 of flower.

Cannabis Grow FlowerDay1 3
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay1 2
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay1 1

Posted : 04/06/2023 4:49 pm

Day 7 of flower.

Cannabis Grow FlowerDay7 3
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay7 2
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay7 1

Posted : 04/12/2023 7:17 pm

Day 14 of flower.

Cannabis Grow FlowerDay14 3
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay14 2
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay14 1

Posted : 04/19/2023 7:13 pm

Day 21 of flower.  Did some minor defoliation on the bottom 6" or 7" of each plant, but not too too much.  I have adequate airflow and I want to leave a bit of foliage in case I mis-time the organic nutes, it can pull from those lower leaves.  

Also top dressed each girl with 6T Gaia Green Power Bloom and 1 cup worm castings, massaged in all nice, and watered with 8L or so of good old fashioned pH 6.4 water.  

They look thrilled.

Cannabis Grow FlowerDay21 3
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay21 2
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay21 1

Posted : 04/26/2023 5:50 pm

Photos from yesterday, Day 28.  Flowers clusters are really stacking up, leaves are getting trichomes, girls starting to smell like sweet grape bubblegum.  They look pretty happy.  


Cannabis Grow FlowerDay28 1
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay28 2
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay28 3

Posted : 05/04/2023 4:06 pm DEEBOOF liked

Pics are from 2 days ago, day 35.  Not a great week.  Found a banana in the middle bud, as well as a couple of others in the crop.  Sprayed them and plucked them.  Really not cool.  I've got to chalk it up to genetics at this point.

Also, one of the clones spontaneously started growing a tiny bud at the center of the leaf on each flower.   Odd.  Other than that nonsense, they appear to be pretty happy.

Cannabis Grow FlowerDay35 4
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay35 3
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay35 2
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay35 1
Cannabis Grow Day35Purple

Posted : 05/12/2023 3:57 pm DEEBOOF liked

Pics are from yesterday, day 42.  I've been trying to be diligent but I've seen no other bananas or anything throughout the crop.  Top dressed with GGPB and WC on day 42, worked it in and did it nice.  Might as well, it takes 10 more minutes to do it right, and this is likely the last feeding these girls are gonna get.  Other than that, not much to report.  All the BOG 1's are purply and 90% orange pistils, but have been for a week or two already.  The 2's are just now starting to swell.  We'll see.


Excelsior !

Cannabis Grow FlowerDay42Nug
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay42 3
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay42 2
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay42 1

Posted : 05/18/2023 6:56 pm DEEBOOF liked

Pics are from yesterday, Day 49.  Boy these things stink.  Same old, same old.  

Cannabis Grow FlowerDay49Nug
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay49 3
Cannabis Grow FLowerDay49 2
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay49 1

Posted : 05/25/2023 7:14 pm DEEBOOF liked

Day 56 from flip, week 8.  I swear I could take the purple pheno today, but they're all getting at least another week.


Cannabis Grow FlowerDay56SativaNug2
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay56SativaNug
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay56IndicaNugs
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay56IndicaNug
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay56 2
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay56 1

Posted : 05/31/2023 5:51 pm DEEBOOF liked

Day 63.  

Cannabis Grow FlowerDay63 3
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay63 2
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay63 1

Posted : 06/07/2023 7:05 pm Kris P and DEEBOOF liked
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Day 70.  Gonna chop these girls this weekend.  Looking forward to getting them out of here and moving on to new genetics.


Cannabis Grow FlowerDay70 4
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay70 3
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay70 2
Cannabis Grow FlowerDay70 1

Posted : 06/14/2023 4:01 pm

Harvest day was about Day 73 or so.  Not pictured is an absolutely shameful amount of larf that I couldn't reach under the canopy.  I did however dry and am curing it, because it's coated with trichomes, and it vapes really well.  Tasty.

I'm not going to trim any of the larf.  I'll post a weight on the quality nugs once I dry and trim them up.  

Also pictured are some of the leaves from these whack-ass plants - 6 fingers, 8 fingers, little fingers or occasional calyxes popping out from the leaf..

Excelsior !


Cannabis Grow HarvestDay
Cannabis Grow Harvest Nugie
Cannabis Grow Harvest Nuggie 2
Cannabis Grow Harvest hang.jpg 3
Cannabis Grow Harvest hang.jpg 2
Cannabis Grow Harvest hang
Cannabis Grow Harvest 8 leaf
Cannabis Grow Harvest 6 leaf

Posted : 06/22/2023 6:38 pm
Jimmy McGill
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Harvested: 06/17/2023
Total Days: 73
Flip Days: 2

Final Yield after ~13 days dry and a few week's cure + manicure: 

146g of top shelf, tight, yummy buds

113g middle shelf

And an embarrassing 231g of loose, kinda larfy nugs.

Won't be running these girls again.  Not bad plants to learn on though.

Cannabis Grow FinalNugs

Posted : 07/29/2023 10:28 am Kris P liked