3rd Grow

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(WCC) Wedding Cheesecake: (wedding cake x cheese) Sativa65%/Indica 35% harvest in 9 weeks

(GG) Gorilla Glue: Sativa 65%/Indica 35% harvest in 9 weeks

(MSA) Magnus Super Auto: (freebies) Sativa 85%/Indica 15% Harvest in 9 weeks

(AH) Amnesia Haze: Sativa 70% Indica 30% Harvest in 10 weeks

Posted : 02/27/2021 3:36 am

So here we are again 🤗

This grow will run with 2 tents, one for fastbuds strains other with freebies they are 6 X 2.5 ft or 180 x 80 cm, each

I will use 9 gal airports 50% coco 50% perlite with auto fertigation

Lights are Marshydro tsl 2000 each tent we will follow CFC nutes regime and high fertigation guidelines 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210227 011005
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210227 011321

This time am using coco bricks a lot of peat lol but overall it's fine

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210223 224531
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210223 223354

Yesterday I left the girls in a immersion bath later today I'll put them in wet paper

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210227 011321


Posted : 02/27/2021 4:46 am

The freebies from grow shop in the second tent

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210227 011402

Posted : 02/27/2021 4:53 am googlitch and Knut liked
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Im buffering at 7.5ml cal mag per gal

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210227 182816

girls now doing their beauty sleep for 12hr

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210227 223129



Posted : 02/27/2021 2:49 pm

peeking out 😍 😍 😍 

WCC and GG were born 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210302 172936

Only 1 freebies out of 5 (Dammit)

~I buffered the jiffy´s with calmag  the next couple of days they will receive only tap water


Posted : 03/02/2021 10:58 am

Girls doing well

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210305 212702 273

Posted : 03/05/2021 1:30 pm Knut liked

So we transplant them saturday

and today they had their first fertigation seedling stage at Ec 500 and pH 6.3

Wcc and gg looking good, the other one the Magnus it's a bit slow and looks stunt, 

We already got 2 more seeds on the water 2 amnesia auto from fastbuds

This will slow the second tent 😒 but in the other hand we'll have a more easy and relaxed trim party 😉

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210308 180826 958




Posted : 03/08/2021 10:09 am

(yesterday) So we are in the 3rd node at 2 fert (Ec 700) events/day, they are showing some issues, I believe it's low rh and roots coming out the pot sitting in warm run off for 2 days (my bad) 😬

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210312 193042
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210313 173519 331
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210313 173606 123


Today I up pot to 2.5 lt start Ec 1000 pH at 6 they do not look happy, we starting 3 fert events/day and they are now at 20/4 Light schedule 

For the 2nd tent the two amnesia are already in jiffys

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210313 140209
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210313 141852
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210313 145859
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210313 173510 767

Let's see how we are tomorrow

Posted : 03/13/2021 9:44 am

About our nute line this is what I use

Plus H2O2 34% In the right side from base I have roots silicate and húmus

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210312 192645

Posted : 03/13/2021 9:48 am

Just a update

Wcc and Gg are fine, issue solved I think 😁

We still in mid Veg new batch at 1200 Ec and 5.8 PH

Temps are 24 C (75.2 F)

Low Rh 50%!! 

We up pot the 2 amnesia and we start fert today Ec 400 PH 6

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210315 170239

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210315 182604

Grower love 💚💚


Posted : 03/15/2021 12:41 pm

Today we start training  🤩 

Funny how Gorilla Glue has one more node (6) then Weddingcheese Cake (5)

I was topping 2 or 3 days ago, but I wanted to wait for a propper 5 node on WCC

Cannabis Grow WCC5nod
Cannabis Grow GG6nod

So, My train is with node 2 and 3 on both plant, I could have work with node 1 but not with this ones

as you can see in pics they not as strong as the others so they re out

Now I have 4 main branches, I wont top again but I´ll leave node 1 of each main branch leaving me with 12 main to work

Depending on grow speed and stretch I´ll prune node 2 of each main and might let grow node 3 of each getting this way 20 main branch to work. With this Im not expecting huge colas but a lot of very good colas 😝 

You can see two lil Amnesia Haze  doing great, the freebies are there for some experiences 🤠 lol and will not be part of this grow 


Cannabis Grow Day21


Cannabis Grow quadline

I will keep Mid Veg nutes for more 3 days maybe till I up to final pot (25LT) I guess I have more 10-15 days to pistils and after topping I dont want to up flora bloom yet

Temp: 23C (73.4F)

RH: 52%

EC: 1300

PH: 5.9

Posted : 03/21/2021 3:55 pm Knut liked

I'm a bit concerned my wedding cheese cake showing pistols 2 days ago to early (day 23) 

I up pot today I know I should ve had done it long ago as you can see the pics

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210326 142823
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210326 142804

Now I can only hope for a good stretching, I need a runner 😁

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210326 163019
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210326 163037


Posted : 03/26/2021 10:29 am
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Day30 Houston we have pistils

Week 5 and we start counting flowers days

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210330 192330
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210330 193113

Overall I'm battling high RH


Cannabis Grow IMG 20210330 202745


Posted : 03/30/2021 1:41 pm

Two more weeks of stretching, I really hope they fill the space 🙏🙏

Till now I only prune the side down branches trying to keep all nodes and tops leveled for me it's the hardest thing to do during training

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210402 215504 001
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210402 215507 746
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210402 215509 964
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210402 215512 299

Love you all 💚


Posted : 04/02/2021 2:08 pm

All good life's great sexy ladies 😜

Today we did some prune on tent n°1 we probably will do another after stretch

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210405 203106


Tent n°2 amnesia haze day 18

Girls doing great building our favorite structure

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210405 204824


Posted : 04/06/2021 2:24 am
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