1st Grow Hidro

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Hi fella growers
So its my first journal and also my first.1 grow 🙂
well my 1.0 grow was soil and because I leave in apartment getting rid of that soil was hell for me
"not legal" here

So I started to study other set ups and I fall for dwc (bubbleponics) because of logistics

My set up its in a storage (no tent yet):

3 oxypots xl (2 plants each)
3 HPS 400w (In the process of changing for Qb)
GWE flora trio + Diamond Nectar + PH

seeds are from Royal Queen Seeds

3 White whidow (Oregan Blueberry+ Northern Lights)   9 weeks
3 Shogun (amnezia haze + Royal Gorila4 )   9-11 weeks

flower area its 6.5 x 3.9  (200 x 120 cm)

I put them 24h on water + 24h on towel paper
10 days in greenhouse

My day 1 starts when they show their head in jiffys 03/11

pic starting  03/21  day 10 Veg I moved them from greenhouse to the oxypots


and my pic quallity sucks Ik

Cannabis Grow day 11

Posted : 04/11/2020 5:09 pm
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1st Grow Hidro day 23-25

So I was keeping those photos and data in a paper journal lol didnt thought about doing a journal in the forum,

but I guess this way I can get help and thoughts of you all so I will post today my grow till now

Next is day 23, 24, 25

I start topping and arranging the lines for training

A lill worry with some wrinkle leaves..

Cannabis Grow day23.
Cannabis Grow day23..
Cannabis Grow day.24
Cannabis Grow Day 25 Lines

Posted : 04/11/2020 5:22 pm
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1st Grow Hidro day 31

This photos were taken today day 31

I made a plan of the training I want to do but it all depends on the grow or your thoughts

Dk if its clear but I now only smoke my bubble hash from last grow and this shit is heavy lol LOVE IT

Cannabis Grow train
Cannabis Grow Train Plan
Cannabis Grow day31
Cannabis Grow day.31
Cannabis Grow bb

Posted : 04/11/2020 5:41 pm Knut liked


This grow as been a battle and to make it worst im without PH/Ec meeter since last post day 31

I believe the n.1 con in DWC/Bubbleponics is PH flutuation This one is a bitch

I´ve been using the ph  system of colors and doing hell to mantain the ladies

The next fotos will show a evolution of def. or no uptake of nutes and a lot of stunt

Im very unsatisfied with my grow cause I really need my fucking meters to arrive

This week I changed 2 hps for marshydro tsl 2000 and 1 meijiu (240w) next buy will be the tent for sure

Its day 40  changed the reservoirs

Cannabis Grow 20200422 162659

Cannabis Grow d43ww1
Cannabis Grow d42
Cannabis Grow d40ww2
Cannabis Grow d40sh2



Posted : 05/02/2020 6:01 pm
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my veg getting to long day 51

05/01  Another reservoirs change and the slow grow and issues continue, praying for my meters to come this week,

low temps doesnt help to

Im out of ph by color drops, yep lesson learned logistics and shippment times

I up the cal mag lets see how it goes

this is so stressful

Cannabis Grow Day50sh2
Cannabis Grow d52ww2r
Cannabis Grow d52ww2
Cannabis Grow d52sh1

Posted : 05/02/2020 6:46 pm

So we are in veg day 60 , my ph meter arrived 3 days ago finally

still waiting for my EC meter

today res change (12 gallon) and nute late veg week

this vegging is geting to long but i want to flip them in good health and taller branchs

They are in 11 to 15 inch, this past week I finally notice some grow 😍 

Now Im afraid giving the girls more one or two weeks lets see if they stretch sooner,

I might get a tent next week so temp and RH will be solved

temps - 60.8F (16ºC) to 65.3 F

RH -70%

DWC  - 60.8 F to 62.5 F

Ph - flutuates  6.1 to 6.5

so this is where we are 😐 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200510 184151

and the girls ar:

3 White Widow (Oregan Blueberry+ Northern Lights) much more sensitive to all the issues

3 SHogun (amnezia haze + Royal Gorila4 )

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200510 184052

Lady by lady

the ww 1,2,3

Cannabis Grow d60ww3
Cannabis Grow d60ww2
Cannabis Grow d60ww1

the SH 1,2,3

Cannabis Grow d60sh1
Cannabis Grow d60sh2
Cannabis Grow d60sh3

cya in the next post 😊 😊


Posted : 05/10/2020 11:16 am Dr Coco liked
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Hey everyone,

So I recently saw the Kung Fu of our fella #Rusty and I emediatly start reading about

Its controversial and I just shit my pants 🤢 🤢 🤮 😰 😰 😱 

Cannabis Grow d67 defoliation
Cannabis Grow day67 defoliation
Cannabis Grow day67defoliation
Cannabis Grow d67defoliation

Now I need Rusty to confort me and tell me that everything is going to be ok hahaha 😋 

 I will give them 3-5 days and finally flip

My fck EC meter stil havnt arrived

Posted : 05/17/2020 8:55 am OCGrower76 liked
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day 74- FLIP

Finally flip day.. 😍 😍 😍 😍 

So this vegg was a hard battle stil no tent and no EC meter ☹️ 

today, day 72 I cant wait anymore, have a skinny WW1 that gave me trouble all the way, think this seed was more sensitive to all the grow issues, I thought to put her sleeping but I couldnt so shes going to flower and let see how she goes, but im not very positive about her 😷 

skinny WW1

Cannabis Grow skinny ww1

the others looks fine one thing I will do next run is spread more my quadlines

Cannabis Grow d74flips

some fotos about wht I did so far 🤗 

Cannabis Grow d.74flip
Cannabis Grow d74 flip
Cannabis Grow d74flips
Cannabis Grow day74flip.
Cannabis Grow d74flip
Cannabis Grow day74flip



Posted : 05/24/2020 4:43 pm Knut liked
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Flip day 19/ pistils day 7

1st week of early bloom complete, today I will change the reservoir and maintain early bloom for more 7 days

today I defoliate to, I will call it a conservative defoliation 🤣  I´ve seen some naked and stripped ladies, personally I like with some lingerie 🤩 🤩 lol

Canopy its not how I wish but something to improve next runs for sure, think a tent and a net will help

Cannabis Grow flipd19


Cannabis Grow flipday19


some weird funny thing??? 😮 😮 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200609 221807~2



Posted : 06/14/2020 8:27 am
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day 12 pistils

some photos of day 12 flower (Pistils) 2 days to complete the early bloom stage

roots looks more white then thay seem, I feel I shouldnt open them like that but.. 😐 😕 

Having a issue with WW a blackish only on bud sites


Cannabis Grow wwday12pistils
Cannabis Grow shogunday12HPS
Cannabis Grow shogun2day12
Cannabis Grow rootsday12SH 2&3
Cannabis Grow day12 pistils
Cannabis Grow day12Pistils
Cannabis Grow day12

Posted : 06/19/2020 4:40 pm
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Flip day 78
Harvested: 08/10/2020
Total Days: 165
Flip Days: 2

Hi all hope you well

Im so sorry for this late post,  but i broke the tablet i was using on my garage on my grow and some other things, btw now i know what you mean by trim jail 🤣🤣🙄

Some photos day 49

Cannabis Grow d49pSH
Cannabis Grow d49pww
Cannabis Grow d49wwrip
Cannabis Grow ripenwwd49p

So i already harvest

Actualy it was more then expected cause, it happen with all girls but the 3 shoguns the buds didnt grow they stayed airy and slim except the tops.

Im very happy with 2 white widow very compact and strong buds the other ww didnt stretch and got outstand by the other girls didnt got much light, it gave me 38 gr 😔

With all that i did some mistakes for sure, 1st time in dwc, 2 plants/reservoir and because i didnt have a tent, a ec meter and got ph meter in late bloom  im afraid i didn t learn much with this grow, we will see next grow

Next photos are the 2 ww


Cannabis Grow IMG 20200810 223437
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200811 010841
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200811 211752
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200811 213514
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200811 214953
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200811 223621
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200815 233621
Cannabis Grow ww2 116g
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200816 221719
Cannabis Grow ww3 114g
Cannabis Grow ww2
Cannabis Grow ww3
Cannabis Grow ww 3
Cannabis Grow ww 2

This one are the 3 shogun

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200823 224458
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200817 142451
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200817 142533


So my numbers

Same reservoir under meijiu 230wt

Ww2 116gr

Ww3 114gr

Second reservoir under old hps400

Ww1 38gr


Third reservoir under tsl200

Sh 2


Sh 1,2,3 - 358gr

200gr were (legit buds) 

158 gr airy fluffy buds plus trim -> bubble hash 😁😁😍😍😍👍

Total 626-158= 468 gr

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200826 190949


Posted : 08/26/2020 11:17 am
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