1:1 alongside hopeful strain crossing

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Starting 1:1 Pure Sunfarms Cherry Head seeds (Cherry Wine x Headband).  Also Erbaceous Ever5st strain (Mendo purps x OG) which is supposed to focus on skunky terps.  Ever5st is not feminized so I am hoping for a male, to pollinate my favorite strain Trudeau to keep it going. 

Cherry head went right into the 7 gallon I used for Cherry Pie which I am retiring for indoor use.  Ever5st went into a 1 gallon.

 I researched all I could about RSO and extracts, even learning more recently from Skunkfam podcasts I found and decided the best all around for the money and health seems to be Ice hash extraction, which you can still use to infuse organic carrier oils like olive oil or butter.  RSO is much more potent and originally preferred but 99% grain alcohol is not available to the public in Canada, and the process can be more risky so for now I got all mesh 5 bag 5 gallon bags for the amount of fluff cherry pie produced, and the excess amount of sugar leaves.

The back row is Purple Chemdog rear right 5g, Purp Dog again 1g, Trudeau 1g, and Super Lemon Haze 1gallons.. and Trudeau rear right 5g.  Oh and Cherry Pie clone reveg as well in the Aloe pot on the left.  Also sticking out of the Aloe solo cup is actually a clone of Trudeau which looks to have reveg growth on the buds.....

Cannabis Grow 20220505 144420
Cannabis Grow 20220510 172049
Cannabis Grow 20220515 162316

Posted : 05/15/2022 2:33 pm E&E818 liked

The first Cherry Head seed failed so I sunk another one 2 days ago within 12 hours it showed a tail so I dropped it in the 7gallon.  Hoping it pops up alright.  Ever5st is looking really good, after day 1 the par was increased from 375 to 500 or so.  This is on a 12-1 schedule mind you.  Works on reveg, clones and seedlings really well if they are to go outside into normal nature time without flowering and revegging while the days are still getting longer but a reduction from 18-6.  Using wallace microbes for these seedlings along with a bit of whole earth number 1 microbes and nutrients in a light amount, with some frass and castings, DE and nematodes watered in...

Cannabis Grow 20220516 123508
Cannabis Grow 20220516 201426
Cannabis Grow 20220517 133937

My Cherry Pie strain also made some awesome ice hash.  Also the Cherry halls eucalyptus smell faded back into a sweet skunky coffee background to the sharp cherry terps and I really love it now and will hold onto the clone and try it with bokashi pro gro in the warmer summer weather with less colas, maybe just let it tree up so it can make some full buds and easy to defoliate as it couldn't handle bush mode very well indoors at least...

Posted : 05/18/2022 1:25 am

Cherry Head 2nd seed still a no show!!  Ever5st is chugging along great!!  500 par on photon lol with 12-1 working well, especially on the re-vegetation guys...  The stumped plants never regenerate, but if you leave a bit of bud and foliage your are off to the races.

Interesting reveg growth on Trudeau. I took some closer photos of to show the mutations reveg stress can cause in the beginning.  Purple Chemdog is really gearing up already, and the 4 smaller reveg plants are all coming along nicely at their own pace, to give to my friend for some outdoor love.  If Cherry head is no show tomorrow I guess I will sink another over the weekend.......

Cannabis Grow 20220517 133947
Cannabis Grow 20220520 131228
Cannabis Grow 20220520 131432
Cannabis Grow 20220520 131505
Cannabis Grow 20220520 131514
Cannabis Grow 20220520 131741

Omitted closeup of purp dog.. tried to edit to smaller size with screen capture, but then their was an error in size that omitted it again.  wah wah...  Happy Growing season everybody!

Posted : 05/20/2022 10:42 am E&E818 liked

Mutation on the new Ever5st seedling I didn't notice, maybe since the others are all in reveg stress mode it's getting signals or something, or maybe my 40% RH sometimes, or too much light possibly...  The first set of fans are webbed, ready to fly or swim!

Posted : 05/20/2022 2:35 pm

Excited to see the third Cherry Head 1:1 seed sprout successfully in this soil patch.  I did a second take later in the day after a little water earlier and I see progress....  It is really really small, at first I thought it was dying off and the soil looked dry by day 3 so I gently drenched it.  I think it's going to be alright, fingers crossed

Ever5st is looking really good at two weeks 550 par 12-1 schedule, I went ahead and gave it 800ml of bokashi pro-gro tea I made which I watered down again and added a half dose of liquid fish and liquid seaweed to that half.  It seemed to like pro mix hp much better along with a mix of frass, castings, wallace microbes, and a small dose of Whole Earths #1 microbes, root enhancer, as it contains fish bone, langbeinite, kelp, and a few other things along with that and reads as a 2-4-2.

Cherry Head got the same food too on top of that no till 7 gallon bed, so I hope she reaches for the microbes tonight....

Cannabis Grow 20220525 134302
Cannabis Grow 20220525 134308
Cannabis Grow 20220525 134311
Cannabis Grow 20220525 175958
Cannabis Grow 20220525 180002

Posted : 05/25/2022 3:33 pm

Cherry Head 3 is a no go now.  Things will all be going outside and big changes to come.  So no more journal for the season as mother nature and a top dressings etc is about all folks.  Going to focus on less genetics again for now and just that cross.  Have a good summer, I will be back to start up another 1:1 strain and hopefully start looking at some of the crosses in some 1 gallons, and go from there.

Posted : 05/26/2022 1:08 pm

So no 1:1 Cherry head for now, I will focus on it later in a fresh medium or try another strain as it has known germination problems I've learned. 

Ever5st mind you is a champ.  The 3rd reveg run got too tall due to lollipopping.  I will try to thin the canopy also this time to the strongest branches.  But first I am slowly cutting them back in 2 or 3 stages or maybe start again with clones.  Super Lemon Haze went into Cherry Heads empty plot...  Cutting down the unfriendly nitrogen brassica out of my cover crop mix, leaving clovers and alphalpha, and the odd prickly radish.  All have been fed strictly with Bokashi Pro-Gro for ease of use and testing, and a bit of fish, aloe and seaweed just for balance of potassium.  12-1 450+ par seems to be ideal early veg, keeping them small.  Ever5st was up to 550 a bit in week 3 and back down to 450 for week 4 now so it gets some height.  Water when dry mostly or sometimes if no gnats I splash the hungry looking cover crops.  DE is back to my number 1 pest control, after I water i put a bit on the top and bottom of the pots, nematodes seemed to be a bust.  Aloe sometimes works better at it too.  A small but thick top shower and down the sides is my next try, and will use it after the top dressings when gnats flare up, and to add aminos enzymes etc to break it down.  Bokashi+ a plain EM will be mixed with lesser amounts of my regular top dress organic amendments also, so i will need to use more frequently but will also be better for hungry plants, which is also why I got the bokashi pro-gro also, and to add any micros or things I may have missed. It's working great so far by itself this run so I will continue until a week before flower.

Cannabis Grow 20220607 152324

Posted : 06/07/2022 5:25 pm

Plans changed again and again so I decided to just flower small for now to keep things really manageable and low maintenance.  Ever5st is doing good male or female?? It was topped a few days before flower, all flipped on the 15th, top dressed everything and still waiting.  I need to decide how to manage the pollen if it arrives, or to just let it do its natural cycle.  I might try to limit the pollen to a few branches per plant by bagging it out of the tent and apply it with a brush or put the cola into the bag and shake... I will have to make sure the timing is right and maybe a few applications, etc, which I don't have experience with. 

Cannabis Grow 20220615 185338
Cannabis Grow 20220620 195520
Cannabis Grow 20220620 195546

Posted : 06/20/2022 5:14 pm

About a week into the flip Ever5st is showing the beginning of pollen clusters!  I knew I could count on my luck! Ha!  I can say my regular seeds M/F ratio is easily 70% male.....  I would like to cross it with the 3 in there, why not....

Cannabis Grow 20220621 162037
Cannabis Grow 20220621 162106
Cannabis Grow 20220621 162144

Posted : 06/21/2022 1:53 pm

Nine days after flip the stretching has been good at 800-900 par on all plants roughly using less wattage and closer height to keep heat lower.  The pollen sacs are really coming along.  I am going to remove and collect the pollen once it really starts going and hand dust some lower branches by hand a few times afterwards keeping it in the fridge with flour.

Cannabis Grow 20220624 122523
Cannabis Grow 20220624 122542
Cannabis Grow 20220624 122624
Cannabis Grow 20220624 122717
Cannabis Grow 20220624 122737

Posted : 06/25/2022 10:09 am J2DaG liked

2 weeks since flip, stretching done and white capping already.  Ever5st has great short dense node structure without being leafy, and incredibly thick stems with only topping once getting that even canopy.  It was always closest to the fan...

Pollen already started now too, the sacs are turning purple.  Looks like quite the stud, I'm happy.  They seem like legit breeders and quality seeds.  I still have two left to try hoping to get a female and see her lineage while I start another 1:1 strain finally too. 

I will reveg all these again once I see enough seeds, make ice extract with most of it.  I have them ready to trim down for a low low canopy reveg with less places too make shoots.. They really make an excessive amount under the reveg stress.  12-1 maybe worked fast but with a 16 or 18 on reveg I think they may calm down faster and stop making so many panic shoots.  I will try to dwindle them next round and see if I can get thicker buds as a result

Cannabis Grow 20220627 170419
Cannabis Grow 20220628 105535
Cannabis Grow 20220628 105553
Cannabis Grow 20220629 151327
Cannabis Grow 20220629 151403
Cannabis Grow 20220629 151617

Posted : 06/29/2022 6:31 pm J2DaG liked

The Bokashi Gro-Pro stuff seemed to speed things up a lot, I mostly make a tea with it, hit some leaves on the way down.  The Bokashi Plus was used mixed into the flowering top dressing of my regular Jobes 444 and 374 mix, whole earth #1 + 4 at half strength, and half the castings, with a half dose of fertifrass.  Then when whitecaps start showing I use seaweed and some fresh aloe vera in a regular bokashi plus tea to help break it down better and it also provides micros, molasses and it's EM trio.

Mid of week 2 the white caps started showing red tips and today they are all showing the start of seeds.  The purple chemdog is always one step ahead of the rest and seed pods are very visible

Cannabis Grow 20220705 111157

The other two are looking similar

Cannabis Grow 20220629 151617
Cannabis Grow 20220705 111130

Cannabis Grow 20220705 111135
Cannabis Grow 20220705 111150

Still have an algae bloom on purp dog but no issues, good biology they say... proper fabric pots are waiting for their next reveg.  I completely culled the male today since seeing the aggressive seeding.  Got a fair amount in a jar too.  Time for a big misting of all pollen areas in near future

Cannabis Grow 20220630 120123

Posted : 07/05/2022 11:22 am

Super Lemon Haze really filled out in the 7 gallon.  The plants are really full of seeds in less than 3 weeks.  Seed pods are really starting to enlarge now on all of them at 3.5 weeks.  A Trudeau clone finally took in veg and the rodelized seeds I tested from lemon haze and zkittles went into the flower tent in place of ever5st to see if they are good or not.  If I catch a male then I can be sure the zkittles or lemon haze is a true hermaphrodite.  Been at least 4 days since I cut the male ever5st down and cleaned up.  Fertility of cannabis pollen is usually only 3 or so

Cannabis Grow 20220707 102824
Cannabis Grow 20220708 184319
Cannabis Grow 20220708 201450

days at 20c 45% RH.  To help I misted and allowed a high humidity day as well.

Posted : 07/09/2022 10:59 am

Decided to try the last Cherry Head 1:1 seed.  Germination not guaranteed they say. I scraped off the outer edges with a knife easily removing some material without damage.  Added a touch of seaweed and a small amount of fresh aloe gel making sure no yellow alonin is left.  Used fresh HP soil and 1g fabric pot with a bit of wallace microbes below and down the taproot area.  Put it next to the Trudeau backup clone. 

The two Zkittles test seedlings are female, switching within 2 days. still waiting on the lemon haze.  The seed plants are all looking really healthy and the pods are getting bigger now.  If all works out Ill have some more gromies next season and outdoors to try some of these S1 and F1's.  Going to reveg my 4 intended strains as usual once these finish the seeds and if Cherry Head comes through

Cannabis Grow 20220710 114516
Cannabis Grow 20220712 200153

Posted : 07/12/2022 7:08 pm J2DaG liked

Well Puresunfarms 1:1 Cherry Head was put on sale half price after I asked them about germination issues.  No guarantees.  So I went with a sure winner from Dutch grower lineage 34 Street Seed co.  It boasts an F5 stable genetic rating which is rare at this price, along with top of the industry THC:CBD numbers of 9-15% CBD + 9-15% THC for a potential of 30%.  Fire in the hole!

The seed plants are doing great, and the three little test seeds of 2 zkittles and 1 super lemon haze on the front right have really stretched out and showed their females, so I might assume they are S1's from my lighting stress in the 3x3

Cannabis Grow 20220713 111331
Cannabis Grow 20220713 111349
Cannabis Grow 20220713 111429
Cannabis Grow 20220716 123058
Cannabis Grow 20220716 200754


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