NYGC Color Diet: White Bubba Resonance

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Cola down

One cola is down and dried. She’s at 40 grams pre cure.

Cannabis Grow 0160C284 0022 495E A2C7 FC253585383C
Cannabis Grow DEC17256 A862 48A5 B197 06E96A8F005F
Cannabis Grow F65244E1 22A5 462D B856 A9BA89317707
Cannabis Grow 9A3339C5 D061 48ED 98D3 D95021D300D1
Cannabis Grow 5AD9CE2D 23FC 4595 A22B 73B6E5F409F3

Posted : 04/18/2021 11:18 am OldWoman and CrackBabies liked
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