NYGC Color Diet: Emerald Triangle Purple Dank Meal Plan

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Purple genetics---as opposed to Purple "labeling"---always have a miracle effect for me. 

Posted : 01/19/2021 8:44 pm
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Too long of a wait.  (..As in Decades)  Super stoked and grateful to be able to grow some cannabis!  I planted (3) feminized seeds--all popped really fast.  This is my first-ever grow, and as such only fair to report failures & successes.  I also scarified a couple of 10yr old seeds.  They experienced germination crib-death, which was a little bit expected due to their age.  Luckily i still have (2) seeds left, hoping i can get one to go for some clones.

Cannabis Grow FirstBorn MendocinoPurple Day7

Mendocino Purple day 7 from seed.  Only Peat disc, RO Water, & 24hr lights.

Posted : 01/30/2021 7:11 pm

Day 8.  Love the purple hues

Cannabis Grow MendocinoPurple Day8

Day 12.  Sure Mendocino Purple had some serious tap roots.  Why?  Because i totally BUTCHERED (due to lack of skill) my transplant from black solo-cup into final container/tote.  I was almost in tears to see the dirt at very bottom of old solo cup full of roots that had been ripped-apart and left behind.  Within 24 hrs. of my lame-ass transplant, my girl had prepped-up was looking happy. 

Cannabis Grow Day12 MendocinoPurple 3



Posted : 01/30/2021 7:31 pm

Cannabis Grow Day16 MendocinoPurple3

Point of note:  Since my first-grow was concerned about over-watering, so used DIY Earthbox (SIP).  Also didn't want to be mixing and matching nutrients, so i chose a "Living Soil" mix and will use only Reverse Osmosis water (luckily, store has ph 6.7 out of their filter!) for my first run.

As part of that process placed organic barely mulch and then top-dressed EM-1 treatment.  Next will introduce Gro-Kashi fertilizer.  (Organic pro-biotic fermentation process... more less)

Posted : 01/31/2021 4:17 am

Seed popped in 4 days of 24hr light, RO water, seeded directly into peat pellet.  Day 9 from seed:

Cannabis Grow Day9 HumboldtPurpleHashplant 2

Day 9 from seed.


Cannabis Grow Day11 HumboldtPurpleHashplant

Day 11


Notice the yellow discoloration on fan leaf?  Also notice the Curl happening--or just me being picky?  I increased light spacing on theory was too close and causing leaf burn/curl.  Subsequent new growth seemed happy about new distance from their 'Sun'...  Also notice how the bottom fan leaf had trouble developing its proper leaf patter on surface?  Low humidity issue?  Any thoughts more than welcome.

Cannabis Grow Day11 HumboldtPurpleHashplant5

Day 11

Cannabis Grow Day12 HumboldtPurpleHashplant3

Day 13

Cannabis Grow Day14 HumboldtPurpleHashplant6

Day 14

Posted : 01/31/2021 4:47 am
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Last but Not least, my youngest girl, purple cookies.

Cannabis Grow PurpleCookies Day4 Resized

Day 4

Cannabis Grow Day7 PurpleCookies 2

Day 7

Cannabis Grow Day9 PurpleCookies3

Day 9

Cannabis Grow Day10 PurpleCookies cropped

Day 10

Cannabis Grow Day12 PurpleCookies4 cropped

Day 12

Cannabis Grow Day13 PurpleCookies4 cropped

Day 13  

Posted : 01/31/2021 6:45 am

Cannabis Grow Day20 MendocinoPurple

Cannabis Grow Day20 MendocinoPurple2

Mendocino Purple Day 20 from seed. 


... Well, its time to give my first green haircut!:

Cannabis Grow Day20 MendocinoPurple6 PostTopped

Cannabis Grow Day20 MendocinoPurple10 PostTopped

Cannabis Grow Day20 MendocinoPurple8 PostTopped

Posted : 02/02/2021 11:54 am

Humboldt Purple Hashplant Day 18 from seed

Cannabis Grow Day18 HumboldtPurpleHashplant2


Liking the canopy light penetration and growth underneath..

Cannabis Grow Day18 HumboldtPurpleHashplant4


After topped:

Cannabis Grow Day18 HumboldtPurpleHashplant5 PostTopping



My youngest at 14 days, Purple Cookies, seems to have the most "stretch" so far despite being 4-6 days behind her sisters.

Cannabis Grow Day16 PurpleCookies2

After today's topping:

Cannabis Grow Day16 PurpleCookies8 PostTopping



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