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Hello All - this is my first diary at CfC so thought I should jump straight in to the NYGC 😇

Set up:
- HiKrop Kroptek 360w full spectrum LED
- Wilma Large 4 pot, 18ltr plastic pots that have been heavily drilled
- 2x 80w tube heaters
- Bud Box pro - 1m x 1m x 2m

- Phresh Hyperfan V2 – EC fan and GAS EC1 controller, passive intake

- Inkbird environment controller
- Canna Pro coco, and canna clay pebbles at about 60/40 coco/hydroton

- Airstone in in the res



Grow Genius Monosilic

Tribus Original

Growth Technology Calmag

Remo Velokelp (foliar use only)

(cant remember my grow or bloom A&B will update later)



The tent sits inside a room I built with wood, plaster board, insulation, doors etc… the location is outside the house so it is well protected with two layers of insulation prior to the tent itself.  I will get some pics up when I find them of the Build inside the garage to show what I am waffling on about.


Temps: 18 to 25

Humidity: 45 to 55

Water res temp: 20

So as of writing, I have two plants waiting to finish out in there, a Blue Mystic auto and a subby seed which is a cross between BlackJack Auto x UK Cheese x Blues. I was hoping they would be done by now but a little to much LST and topping earlier on slowed them down by a couple of weeks but will be worth it. Ultimately these are out as they were planted a long time ago and will be finished this side of January.


The question now is what to diarise for the NYGC?

There is a Auto Northern Lights from Seedsman, and an Auto Zummat (which is a name I gave it as I have no idea which packet the seed came out of 😆 they both shed their helmets on the 5th of December, I also have a Auto Jack Herer which showed leaf on the 10th December. 

I shall pop some pictures up when I get the chance, or when I am not so high to get this diary started. 

Happy growing all 👍 


Posted : 12/15/2021 8:05 am Ellisj liked

Some pictures of the room I built inside the garage to put the tent inside

Posted : 12/15/2021 8:12 am

Still unable to use computers 🤣 

Let me try that again - some snaps of the garage build - it is about two years old now 

Cannabis Grow IMG 6915
Cannabis Grow 19b765aa 95a6 4447 bf11 91c24143f589
Cannabis Grow a4ac7160 07aa 4aa4 b071 dfbbe97544df
Cannabis Grow IMG 6916 2
Cannabis Grow IMG 6918
Cannabis Grow IMG 6919
Cannabis Grow IMG 6920
Cannabis Grow IMG 6921
Cannabis Grow IMG 6922

Posted : 12/15/2021 8:20 am

Hello All - so here they are. As mentioned it is a bit messy in the room as there are two plants that should have been done by now but are busy packing weight and most of teh space at the same time. 

Cannabis Grow C1207A59 47FE 4127 88D1 3AB8A116FA11 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow 1251C852 5560 4A88 941D 63CC52A28C19 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow E5CF892C 23F2 4465 83DF D9209819DCA5 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow 65C8FBD6 660F 47B9 A9D9 62B6D932A1FA 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow 21C384E0 4F0B 419D B1BE 983DA7C7CE91 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow 6E244A5C ED05 4138 9484 9011B70ED23F 1 105 c

The plant in the small green pot is the Northernlights and the one in the black proper Wilma pot is the Zummat (unknown) 

They are both doing fine, maybe a touch too much nutes but just topped it up with water to bring them back, 10 days in - they were both planted in to the pots you see them in after the wet tissue treatment. 

Very light on nutes for now with Tribus (few drops per litre), Formulex 5ml p/l. once I see a little more shrubbery I will get them on to the auto feed and a more grown up regime. 


Normally I would set the timer to feed starting 12 times during lights on for 1min a time increasing to 3 minutes then 5 minutes so they get fed a lot - but as it is coco and a recirc system it does them no harm, in-fact I think they grow better then when I used to do 1 or 2 longer waters a day. 


anyhow, time to roll one up - take care all

Cheers all 


Posted : 12/16/2021 3:23 pm ChaseG1992 liked

hello All - there is some space now so will be moving the Jack Herer in to the tent later. 

here is what it looks like now 

Cannabis Grow B3BAE831 B6C7 4EA9 848C C4876A852950 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow 80D5A746 9655 4D0C 8F25 2F41FFC49C75 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow EE30CD80 8DE8 41CB ABBA 942B309EEE4A 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow EE30CD80 8DE8 41CB ABBA 942B309EEE4A 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow B1FFB39C C810 4BCF 95FF 4C665AD7ADB2 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow 9C05CB35 51FE 460F 9219 CBF549D5D9DC 1 105 c

Being hand fed for the time being until the last flowering plant coes down then I can change the res to grow nutes. 

They are getting, 5ml p/l Formulex, couple of drops of Tribus and topping it up with CalMag to 1.2EC and a PH of 6. 


Take care all 



Posted : 12/18/2021 5:34 am ChaseG1992, TerpeneTed and NYWeedMan liked

Hello - just a quick picture update. All looking good the first couple are taking off now and the Jack is starting to get a grip with the environment so a few more days and that should get going 

Auto Zummat 

Cannabis Grow AF3693DE 4BD1 4719 89E9 F6498E084E21 1 102 o
Cannabis Grow F822CDAB C84F 4334 A1E6 0D4874F9BE5D 1 102 o


Auto Northern Lights 

Cannabis Grow 02134DF9 1D8B 4269 A0A9 E39B85FFFDDD 1 102 o


Auto Jack Herer

Cannabis Grow 308FC838 5F29 4F54 B09C 5CC5F1866665 1 102 o


The nutes have been upped very slights to 1.2/1.4 EC and they are still being hand fed due to the other plant still in flower in the tent. 

Temps and humidity are very stable, just a reminder the larger two are now 16 days old and the small lady is only 11 days of age. 

They look deroopy, but not to worry I drown spray them in the morning with Remo Velokelp - that stuff is amazing especially after toping, training, breaking - they bounce back same day, a spray a day really helps get the roots going. 

Take care all, merry Christmas/holidays all and happy growing 



Posted : 12/21/2021 4:14 am ChaseG1992 and TerpeneTed liked
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Hello All - I hope you had a grand old Crimbo if you do that's, otherwise I trust you are all well, fine and dandy! 

Just a quickie today to bring things up to speed. 

All being fed the same now - still hand watered (annoyingly) 

The humidity has been a bit sketchy over the past few days and has reached over 60 for a couple of points, with the combination of the Inkbird and EC1 controllers doing their thing so it is not a major drama just a tad annoying that it is not bang on...

Today they will go on to full 'Grow' nutes as they are still on their starter mix of formulex, Monosilic, Tribus. 

The Auto Zummat really has taken off now and is growing well, I have trimmed her down a few times as I will only keep a few main heads for this one. She will maintain the head Cola and the bottom/first four, and it will shape out like a Christmas tree. She is happy, a few leaves/branches off, a drenching of Velokelp and she is up and running. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 0711
Cannabis Grow IMG 0691
Cannabis Grow IMG 0713
Cannabis Grow IMG 0712 2
Cannabis Grow IMG 0714 2
Cannabis Grow IMG 0714
Cannabis Grow IMG 0713 2


The Auto Northern Lights, is copying the Zummat all the way just in mini version as it is in a small pot. and with the bigger flowering plant in its way, I have little access to it to trim it down - I did pull it out the tent and give it a once over. 

Cannabis Grow 3FCE6C39 5100 4364 A848 83E8AAFD9CAE 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow CF7D5111 6037 4303 975A 4BA4AC68C7F5 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow 20172722 7CDC 4451 BF33 0AF2B20517F1 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow EE2E7356 9086 4A7C BD91 700D0F35F527 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow D9627407 047D 4AB5 A8D6 B05071033283 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow 1817DA7B 52B6 4D2C A898 A768F1288D14 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow 02134DF9 1D8B 4269 A0A9 E39B85FFFDDD 1 105 c


And finally the last addition the Jack Herer Auto, not a lot to report, she is a good little girl, growing well in the shadow of her much larger cousin. 

Cannabis Grow 83CC1655 1381 4089 902F 82B297746781 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow 8CF61673 0F6E 43CA BC08 B2BA0AFF7FF8 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow 8C89B619 C7B5 46C2 9C63 9548B7212059 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow 8CF61673 0F6E 43CA BC08 B2BA0AFF7FF8 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow 6DC41514 4363 4866 973B 57B1D339FB58 1 105 c
Cannabis Grow 83CC1655 1381 4089 902F 82B297746781 1 105 c


I am hoping the older lady to finish up very soon, but she is packing on weight and really looking tasty so it would be criminal to chop her now. 


Take care all - stay safe




Posted : 12/27/2021 2:03 am ChaseG1992 liked

hello one and all - I trust you all had a pleasant Christmas or any other celebrations you may have had. 

As of right now after catching up with the other entrants for the NYGC I feel like a bit of a gibbon....New Year means new year, therefore the plants I already have in the tent will not be my submission. The final flowering lady is half down and the other half should be down by this evening freeing up space for one more lovely lady which is the one I shall diarise here. 

I have some seeds coming from Super Sativa Seed Club - Auto Bourbon, which is what I will crack when it arrives - so from being an eager beaver and forgetting December 21 isnt in 22 🤣, I will be one of the late starters. 

Happy growing all


Posted : 01/01/2022 4:24 am ThaBigBadWolfie liked
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Right then , right then - my seeds have arrived from SSSC so to try to catch up with the plant that I will be running for this grow I put 1 straight in to a ramekin with warm water and H2O2 where it will remain until the morning and will be moved to w wet tissue until a tail arrives and it shall be moved swiftly in to her final pot. 

The other plants although no longer part of this grow are doing really well - the Blues x UK Cheese x Black jack is down and is now curing after a 10/12 day dry, the smell is intense - cant wait to open the grove bags in a months time to roll up a fat one. The unknown plant named Auto Zummat is trooping, she has not missed beat. 

Cant seem to upload my pictures, not that exciting but the start is now - yipee 😎 


Take care all 



Posted : 01/11/2022 8:33 am ChaseG1992 and Ellisj liked
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Hello all - right then, right then, right then - finally I am getting my shit sorted. 

so lets try this again.... so I have just worked out the issue. My phone decided to change how it was saving photos - they are now saved in .heic instead of .jpg or .jpeg. So when trying to upload photos it wouldn't do it. It seems to be the thing thats on its way so I assume websites will adapt to accept that file format - the pics are a bit cleaner and the file size is much smaller, so I do for sure see it as the way forwards in next iterations of gadgets. 

As mentioned, and as to stay in teh spirit of a NYGC I stopped what I started in terms of the plants I started in December and waited for some seeds that were kindly donated by the SuperSativaSeedClub SSSC. I have some Sweet Bourbon Auto Kush. 


As they arrived I popped two, and the pics will bring you up to date. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 1054
Cannabis Grow IMG 1052
Cannabis Grow IMG 1051
Cannabis Grow IMG 1050
Cannabis Grow IMG 1033
Cannabis Grow IMG 1028
Cannabis Grow IMG 1032

They were put in water and h2o2 to soak on the the 11th January, and they soon popped to life. 

I had a bit of a funny one - after they broke their shells and ready to be put in to a root riot, my partner reminded me that we had to go to visit my parents the following day. The following day came and I wrapped up the propagator in a towel and put it in the back seat of the car. In the meantime I made up very weak ltr of water, PH down, and Formulex - this I managed to forget at home. Anyway, after the 200 mile drive I arrived at the airBnB near my parents place and plugged the prop back in and all was well. 

The next morning I realised I forgot the water I had made up, so I had to find a shop, get down there - I found some Bio-down, and canna Start. 

Then 4 days later I drove them home again and got them in to the tent - well travelled ladies they are 🤣 


Another thing going on, the Northern Lights and other Unknown are not flowering, they sre great looking plants and are taking up too much space, they are at however many days and teh Jack Here that was planted a week later is flowering full pelt already. In order to make room for these two, I will cut on of those down. 


Anyhow - happy growing all





Posted : 01/18/2022 7:09 am

Not much to show - in final pots now as I made space 

just a couple of snaps to show where they are today

Cannabis Grow 2CA39E5B 9D6B 4DC0 AF67 4455CF990BCE
Cannabis Grow 3784EF92 CC2C 448D 9A6E D1EBBD06F2AC
Cannabis Grow 886C4B44 6D83 4210 93CD 512B54D89712
Cannabis Grow CBB36626 54CA 4FE1 9F0B 862145E7DA19
Cannabis Grow C4CE7D12 C739 450A 98A5 580CEE0C2AFA

The temps outside have been rather cold, which the first evening I was not ready for and only had one small rad connected to the Inkbird, I have swapped it out for a larger one and the temps are all back tp normal and within a nice small range. 


Take care all 



Posted : 01/22/2022 9:06 am Cannapuck liked

Good day one and all - i hope everyone is well!

So the two SSSC seeds are slow but surely rooting out - this morning I saw a little spurt so I expect them to start taking off over the next day or two. I must admit the slowness surely came from myself, I took them out of the prop and uncovered completely all a tad too sudden... 

Anyhow - the news today is I planted a Mephisto seed after being so pissed with the Northern Lights from Seedsman - they grew and grew and grew, the most healthy looking plants but never went in to flower so binned the pair of them. So the Mephisto seed in question is a Creme De La Chem X Forum Stomper, hoping for it to catch up the other two then I can simplify my watering and remove hand watering from the equation totally. 

Cannabis Grow 978A65F7 C83D 4AD3 8452 58AC66EA2BB3

The Creme De La Chem X Forum Stomper, is showing leaves now and is sitting in the prop under a little LED which I use just get things going until I put them in the final pot in the tent. 

Cannabis Grow F961218F F321 4E7D 8418 776F8CE72F6C
Cannabis Grow F225E99E 2630 4EE2 9504 029B180FF001
Cannabis Grow 86F60B73 C9B8 4CBE A56E F6FB137128E9

Finally, a quick snap of the Swwet Bourbon - doing its thing. 

Cannabis Grow 2E6A6673 5902 483E BA4B D0850C961C5F
Cannabis Grow FD72F306 08A9 4CD4 9BB7 4B56D8E0C4E3
Cannabis Grow 6FDAF929 4CAB 4E76 87FD 492504A323EE
Cannabis Grow 5E95542D D2B0 4C95 ACBF C9C944D24CF2
Cannabis Grow E4CCA27A C4F7 4DD0 A985 902B0BE17B4C

The flowering plant in the background is the Jack Herer Auto just chugging along after bringing it back to life. 

Happy growing all 



Posted : 01/24/2022 6:30 am

on an unrelated matter

Dabbing some lovely jubbly - Cheese X Blues X Black Jack - what a taste and what a hit 

Cannabis Grow 60D0BB53 0A91 4522 BA2F 0F7A8B87F267
Cannabis Grow EFC96705 F1D5 4E9D AE66 34243C0CCAFA
Cannabis Grow 157703C2 84D4 4561 8486 09019DC74B40
Cannabis Grow EC35265C 73D0 4DFB 8776 D3BDCDA741D1
Cannabis Grow 150EDBC4 CD07 4C50 9479 45C256BAF188
Cannabis Grow 0CB2AB75 A868 4B6B A1D3 550BF231F47A
Cannabis Grow 998CEB65 7123 4B90 9FFB 5AFD74FE59A9
Cannabis Grow AA067350 12AD 4BC6 A763 2A02429F2DBF

Low heat - 185 using a 120 bag


take care all 


Posted : 01/25/2022 7:07 am

HELLO HELLO HELLO. - hello all, I hope everyone is doing well!

The ladies are doing well, I would say they are running a little slower than normal for autos but nothing out of order. 

Watering is still being done by hand and the res sits at 1.2 EC with a PH of 5.9. 

I have to go to Portugal for a few days so I have a bit of a dilemma to sort out, I have 3 plant on hand watering and 1 on auto, I need to move the three on to auto watering and find a way to feed the flowering plant alone. I have a full Blumat system but I don't have time to test it etc..before flying out. 

I think I will order one of those blumat singles that pull water up from a tank instead of using gravity to pull it down - this way I can change the res water from flower to grow, put the young ladies on the Wilma auto dripper and have the single flowering plant in being drip fed by a blumat...

anyhow - a week later than the above pics they look decent enough, but still really waiting for them to flourish. 

Cannabis Grow BDEB8341 118C 482E B405 79DF412AFA56
Cannabis Grow 1771CF0C C0D7 4A17 8AA7 7CE2A38AF663
Cannabis Grow B29ACC62 B76D 4866 BCE6 92A16A12A2E6
Cannabis Grow 353388A4 B401 4E6D AD6D 8892E12A55CE
Cannabis Grow 8C0EE225 B6F0 4641 8BB3 5442CCE55D24
Cannabis Grow E24132F8 933D 4331 B052 B713EDB4D86A
Cannabis Grow F91CB79D A450 4673 9E77 63071ECC04DE
Cannabis Grow 26475598 3E08 4BBD 8CEB AFB675655FE8
Cannabis Grow 9932DFA7 0534 4065 A597 A21FD8F83D20
Cannabis Grow 6BA48D66 FE5B 403D 804F 24868E6E95BA
Cannabis Grow 7B881BAC 0D18 4B48 B649 059FFE369924

Take care all - happy growing


Posted : 01/31/2022 12:04 pm ChaseG1992 liked
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couldnt resist - either I am so stoned I have no idea what on earth, or this blew me out of the water laughing

take care 



Posted : 01/31/2022 4:26 pm ChaseG1992 liked
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