NYGC Coco: The chef project playing with fire cont.

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NYGC Coco: The chef project playing with fire cont.

Hey all, I'm pretty much just continuing a grow that I've recently harvested seeds from. I'll be using a cross I made using a male Farmers Fire from DJ Short @secondgenerationgenetics. I pollinated a GG4 female, I received the seed from some really good recreational top shelf from Seatown Gabriel (Gabriel cannabis).

Feel free to go back and catch up on my ptgc journal.

I also pollinated a few other plants. I was curious about how well they would germinate, I started some seeds from a Bluemuda Triangle that was also pollinated by the Farmers Fire and is also a DJ Short hybrid. This strain is carrying a lot of JD's Blueberry in the lineage. I can't wait to see what they do, I've kind of ignored the sprouts but look forward to start the gg4 cross. I really think I'll find some really good stuff from both of these crosses.

My Bluemuda Triangle was a cut I took from a pheno I called the frosty button pheno. I'm looking for stacked bracts, smaller dense flowers that are loaded with thricomes. I expect to see some good things from this grow. If anything, I will learn a lot from this grow, and that's the best part. 

No pictures yet but my nygc seeds didn't get wet till 6:30am today. Happy growing!!

Posted : 01/01/2022 5:30 pm Dr Coco, NYWeedMan, ChaseG1992 and 2 people liked
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Farmers Glue seeds have germinated in paper towels, we should see their little heads poke up pretty soon. Germination rates were great, I did like 12+ seeds and planted 8 with tails.

Cannabis Grow 20220103 193034

#needaname germination rates were great as well. I accidentally dropped a few and threw some into pots with Coco and a few sprouted. I did 8 of the bt x farmers fire last week and all but 3 showed tails. I mistakenly dropped two in one container and had to pull one, but those are pre new year and I'm going to be moving them around. I may not even keep them if we get a good ratio of females with the gg4 crosses.

Cannabis Grow 20220102 192650

Looks like one is a little stunted and they're showing the classic wavy leaf calcium deficiency anyways. I'm not sure if that's contributing to the color of some of these tops, it will be nice to get feedback from seeds I've sent out.

Cannabis Grow 20220102 192711
Cannabis Grow 20220102 192706
Cannabis Grow 20220102 192717

As you can see they are a bit red to purple. Showing signs of things to come or just a classic deficiency?? I'll find out eventually 😜.

I'll be looking forward to doing Farmers Glue specifically here, but also wanted to show how well germination went. Seems like you can just pop them in your medium and they will sprout. Hopefully those that got seeds will have the same success.

Happy growing!!

Cannabis Grow Resized 20211219 113243

Posted : 01/03/2022 7:49 pm Heyron420, Dr Coco, NYWeedMan and 4 people liked
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We have 7 of 11 popping their heads up and I can see the root getting ready to push a couple more up soon. The last two were late germination and didn't go into cups until yesterday and today. I'm sure they won't be too far behind. Day one above soil for the most part.

Cannabis Grow 20220105 215735
Cannabis Grow 20220105 215738
Cannabis Grow 20220105 215743
Cannabis Grow 20220105 215753
Cannabis Grow 20220105 215746
Cannabis Grow 20220105 215827
Cannabis Grow 20220105 215729

The plan is to keep these in the 5x5 and possibly run the pre new year seeds in the 4x4, just waiting for my Keylime Chem to finish up. We're going to move all the plants out soon and do a good sanitizing. I'm trying to avoid aphids moving into another grow, but I'll have to wait for the Keylime to finish out. Then we'll isolate the plants, treat, and sanitize. We will then inspect plants, treat again, and sanitize again before putting them in their respective tents. 

I'll definitely be ordering gender tests this time and seeing if we can put a male aside for an isolated micro grow, just for pollen. If we find anything that we really want to keep that is. I'm giving myself a pep talk about keeping plants lol, I hate culling them.

Happy growing!!

Posted : 01/05/2022 10:18 pm Heyron420, Dr Coco, smotpoker and 2 people liked

All seeds are up and running, the red solo cup aka farmersglue impressed me a little today. The seedling was one of the last to germinate and the last to poke its head above the surface.

Cannabis Grow 20220108 201048

The smallest seedling had sprouted a few hours before the red cup but hasn't shown signs of vigor like the rest. I've marked a couple aside from the red cup for this reason, they are prime candidates imo.

Cannabis Grow 20220108 202426
Cannabis Grow 20220108 202412
Cannabis Grow 20220108 202407

The plastic water bottle wrapped in a paper towel was the very last to sprout and looks similar to the runt in the milk crate.

Cannabis Grow 20220108 202442
Cannabis Grow 20220108 202458

They all seem pretty happy with 800 ec @ 2x a day, I'll increase it gradually now. Ambient temperature pushing a high of 78 and close to 64 with lights off, we had a big snow Christmas morning that lasted a couple weeks. Rains came in and flooding was expected, it's warming up a bit for now.

Cannabis Grow FB IMG 1641588747613
Cannabis Grow FB IMG 1641571689462

Humidity standing fairly nice (60%) with a nearly empty tent, extraction fan on low,  and I haven't introduced wind movement yet. Trying to finish the flowering tent, so it's getting a little tricky in the same room environment.

Cannabis Grow 20220108 201048
Cannabis Grow 20220108 201043

The pre new year #needaname (BT x FF) are taking off and need new shoes after 10-12 days above the surface. Yeah I had to start them a couple days before the challenge, but meh, here we are.

Cannabis Grow 20220107 204318

The runt finally started gaining ground but appears to have a little leaf mutation.

Cannabis Grow 20220107 204340

3 of these sprouts have definitive color present in new growth, I'm ruling out deficiency, they seem to be growing out of the calcium issue, even though one shows classic spotting.

Cannabis Grow 20220108 201121
Cannabis Grow 20220108 201111
Cannabis Grow 20220107 204358
Cannabis Grow 20220107 204353

They are getting the same seedling formula but I made a little stronger batch of nutrients to add an increase to ec by mixing it together. Only difference is an undiluted solution. Just calmag, maxi grow, and floralicious plus for now, I'll add some silica and florablend once these become established. I'll then introduce that mix to the undiluted solution until they are all on the same mix.

Cannabis Grow 20220107 204527

Cannabis Grow 20220107 204508
Cannabis Grow 20220107 204445

Judging by these roots the Keylime Chem will need to be done in three weeks tops, I can't hold out much longer.

Cannabis Grow 20220107 061643
Cannabis Grow 20220107 061659
Cannabis Grow 20220107 061739

I think I'm just going to end my ptgc journal and continue the end here. I want everything to be apparent and in one place. 

Happy growing!!

Posted : 01/08/2022 9:07 pm Heyron420, smotpoker, Dr Coco and 1 people liked
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NYGC Coco: The chef project playing with fire cont.

Man I really want to get some gender tests, but I'm going to need 16 tests. That's going to run me close to 200$ or more that I'd rather not spend. It would make short work and allow me to cull plants easier, it's hard to get rid of them if they're growing good. But is it really worth it when I have so many? Could they be all males is the real question... I'm pondering it still. Kinda takes the fun out of it but I'm kinda leaning towards getting them anyways. I have a lot more seeds and even some new things I can try, my seed vault is stocked up.

Cannabis Grow 20220111 092524

Think I'm going to cull the runt of the bt x ff and just transplant the 4 that are growing well. I'm actually thinking about keeping a male of it for pollen, if we get one. I don't want to use the one with a mutation that's growing small.

Cannabis Grow 20220111 092606

They are all growing fast and well with the fgi uniformity pro up full blast, hung at 40 inches from the base of the pots. We have the auto dim feature set to 84, but it hasn't gotten anywhere close to that. Increased ec to 918 from previous feed for seedlings and the sprouts are up to 1050 ish. I just diluted the mix I made up for the sprouts a titch.

Cannabis Grow 20220111 092550
Cannabis Grow 20220111 092534
Cannabis Grow 20220111 092530

Here's a little nug shot of the gg4 I pollinated, I'm glad I cured it for a bit. Even with seeds I have to clean out, it's some seriously potent stuff. If I would have to take a guess it's probably a good 18% thc or more, I'm sure there are other cannabinoids and terpenes that play a part in how euphoric the high is, then bam couch lock.

Cannabis Grow 20220111 093044

Can't wait to see what the progeny is like. Happy growing!

Posted : 01/11/2022 2:29 pm Heyron420, NYWeedMan and KeystoneCops liked

So the 4 I chose to transplant are all showing that reddish purple on new growth, and I found one plant with purple on the underside of the leaves. I'm absolutely positive it isn't temperatures and I don't think there is a deficiency. Maybe slight calcium deficiency but it shouldn't be the cause of this. I really want to try a few in soil, just to see if it's a phenomenon or deficiency. I never have early calcium deficiency in soil, so I might pop a few more just for research and development.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20220111 201446 415
Cannabis Grow IMG 20220111 201446 446

Very vigorous root growth, I had to tear some from the solo cup, the holes weren't big enough to take them out cleanly.

Cannabis Grow 20220111 184519
Cannabis Grow IMG 20220111 201446 372
Cannabis Grow IMG 20220111 201446 183
Cannabis Grow IMG 20220111 201446 143

I have my fingers crossed the Keylime will finish up so I have room for all 4 of these plants in the 4x4. I'll start training them next week, maybe a topping to slow them down a bit. 

Posted : 01/11/2022 8:56 pm Heyron420, ChaseG1992 and smotpoker liked
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NYGC Coco: The chef project playing with fire cont.

Pictures from yesterday.

Cannabis Grow 20220114 061206
Cannabis Grow 20220114 061211

They are a little bigger today but I didn't take pictures. All plants are up to 1100 ec, temperature was fluctuating due to a warm wet rain, but our fgi uniformity pro, adapted intensity to 40% for a few hours a day the last couple days.

Time to decide if I should just get a 10 pack from farmerfreeman... I can only afford a 10 pack right now. Crossing my fingers for some good females. We will pick our strongest and most vigorous for testing, which means some will still be on the fence as far as gender. I'll have to figure some things out soon. 

I'm still going to do some training and will have a post once I do so, the bt x ff will have all lower growth removed soon. I don't have time for cuts right now, I need to figure out what direction I'm going to go. I could take some and try to throw them in the garage until spring or just inbreed the bt x ff. I like the color they are throwing out, it would be nice to see a male and female with the same color variation.

Cannabis Grow 20220114 061221

It's so hard with limited space, I'm going to HAVE to keep something for spring. I want big plants before it actually hits and this is perfect timing.

New post coming soon! Happy growing!!

Posted : 01/15/2022 4:36 pm Heyron420, smotpoker, ThaBigBadWolfie and 1 people liked
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Trucking along and I'll be ordering gender tests today. I will be selecting 6 of the Farmers Glue and 4 of the bt x ff for testing.

Cannabis Grow 20220117 190047

I have been thinking of names to call the bt x ff still and nothing has stuck. I might wait until I see what the taste and effects are before deciding. Some names that are up in the air are, Blue Fire, Holy Fire, Farmers Blues, Farmers Triangle, and Trinity Pie.

I can't really decide. The color is still prominent on new growth, and the one plant is still showing purple on the underside of leaves. I've cleaned up the bottoms of all bt x ff.

Cannabis Grow 20220117 190108
Cannabis Grow 20220117 190101

Cannabis Grow 20220117 190051
Cannabis Grow 20220117 190054

  The Farmers Glue are all pretty uniform, except for a couple runts and one has a slight leaf mutation with a little variegation. These will likely be eliminated once we get gender results, but we'll hold onto them for now.

Cannabis Grow 20220117 190122
Cannabis Grow 20220117 190130

Stand outs will be selected and I'll make labels once we transplant. 

Cannabis Grow 20220117 190139
Cannabis Grow 20220117 190135
Cannabis Grow 20220117 190143

I can see the roots poking out of the solo cup so they need new shoes anyways. I'll probably just transplant the ones that I've selected and see wait for results before deciding to move forward with the unselected plants. I might just throw them in the dark and see if I can eliminate the guess work. I would like to have a full tent, so I don't want to cull them just yet.

In the meantime, I'll be waiting for the Keylime to finish up to do some deep cleaning. I've been pretty diligent about checking undersides of leaves for aphids or anything else we may encounter. I'm thinking of getting some biocontrols for ipm, that way we can relax a little. I might get some local ladybugs, hopefully they have some in stock, I'll take the larvae if they have them. Persimilis and whirligig mites are also on the table.

Cannabis Grow 20220117 190159

Keylime is on ripen nutes, so it shouldn't be long now. Happy growing!


Posted : 01/18/2022 7:35 am ThaBigBadWolfie and Heyron420 liked
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Screwed up a little, I sprayed my little plants with a rubbing alcohol solution and it was too strong I guess. I woke up to see some damage from the foliar, pictures not available. I'll get pictures up soon. They are fine and will grow out of it, but now I know to dilute the solution a lot more if I'm going to use it again. Oh well, live and learn. 

My credit card was frozen over the weekend and I couldn't order gender testing or biocontrols. I'm going to have to wait another 5-7 days, that's when my new card shows up. In the meantime, I will start transplanting this evening.

I found something interesting in one of the bt x ff pots. If you recall, I was de-seeding over a bin of Coco and some seeds fell in. Well, nature finds a way.

Cannabis Grow 20220118 075431

I ended up taking it out of the pot, but I found it quite amusing. My seeds have a great germination record lol.

Another interesting note, there is a slight leaf mutation on one of the bt x ff.

Cannabis Grow 20220118 075503
Cannabis Grow 20220118 075459
Cannabis Grow 20220118 075451

I'll keep an eye on it to see if it produces any more leaves like it. But, it's been removed from the drawing board now. I won't use it for breeding, I hope it's female, otherwise I'll just have to cull it.

Aside from my mistakes, everything is rolling along nicely. I'm going to be harvesting the Keylime on Monday or Tuesday, so we're going to start cleaning everything soon. Maybe then we can focus on training and ipm.

Cannabis Grow 20220118 080009

Happy growing!


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10 plants have been transplanted and seem to be doing good, despite me trying to fry them with the rubbing alcohol solution.

Cannabis Grow 20220121 193212
Cannabis Grow 20220121 163215

They all had some nice root balls.

Cannabis Grow 20220121 191122
Cannabis Grow 20220121 191117
Cannabis Grow 20220121 190728
Cannabis Grow 20220121 190719
Cannabis Grow 20220121 191333
Cannabis Grow 20220121 191827
Cannabis Grow 20220121 191756
Cannabis Grow 20220121 192012

Increased ec to 1180 at 2x daily, temps have been steady 68f - 82f, humidity is keeping well at 65%  and they're starting to gain height.

They all have pretty tight node spacing, and I doubt raising the light would provide more elongation. I may test that theory soon.

Cannabis Grow 20220121 191602

I removed most of the damaged leaves on the bt x ff, which slowed them down a bit.

Cannabis Grow 20220121 074346
Cannabis Grow 20220120 192451
Cannabis Grow 20220120 192443
Cannabis Grow 20220120 192438
Cannabis Grow 20220120 192436
Cannabis Grow 20220120 192431

I haven't removed anything from the Farmers Glue, not sure I will just yet. I'll let them adapt to transplanting first and see where we are in a couple days. I'll likely remove lower growth and see if we can gain some more vertical growth.

Still waiting on my new card to do some ordering, getting my card frozen couldn't have come at a worse time. I'm just glad to be growing my own creations, and I expected some challenges along the way.

I was thinking of getting automation going already. There are a lot of plants to hand water, and I'm not sure my back can handle it much longer. But Tuesday we will be pulling the Keylime Chem and potting the bt x ff into 3 gallons. We will then clean and sanitize the grow area a couple times before putting the bt x ff in there. We'll also release some biocontrols hopefully this coming week, just have to order before 5 on Wednesday I believe. sends out their products in a timely manner if you don't order right before the weekend.

I will try not to screw things up from here on out lol.

Cannabis Grow 20220121 193204


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I've taken down the Keylime Chem and started drying.

Cannabis Grow 20220125 205622

I'm thoroughly impressed by the size of most of these colas. It's been a while since I've grown buds this size without seeing bud rot or mold.

Cannabis Grow 20220125 205841
Cannabis Grow 20220125 205917

I think this is the biggest harvest I've had with the Mars hydro leds. This is also the first time I did a bud wash, there were aphids everywhere. It took some time and was a real pain, but I got it all cleaned up.

My new card is here, so I'll be ordering some persimilis soon and more biocontrols. I'm also going to grab some purecrop1 for further prevention as well (ipm). Time to clean up the 4x4 now. I'll be changing the lights out for the new one I received from one of the giveaways. It's a little small, but we can always supplement more light if needed.

Bt x ff are ready for final pots, I think they'll gain more ground in a bigger pot anyways. They've recovered from my mishap and pruning and started accelerating. I've marked a couple that share the colorful new growth, I'm convinced it comes from the Farmers Fire side of the gene pool.

Cannabis Grow 20220126 061124
Cannabis Grow 20220126 061034
Cannabis Grow 20220126 061026
Cannabis Grow 20220126 060924

The Farmers Glue has pretty much caught up to the bt x ff as far as plant size, though bt x ff has more root mass for sure. They are also beginning to recover from the spray, but I ran into a little calcium issue. I mixed some old used coco in with some that was already buffered and buffered that, but still ran into deficiency.

Cannabis Grow 20220126 070144
Cannabis Grow 20220126 070149
Cannabis Grow 20220126 070154
Cannabis Grow 20220126 070206

It hasn't spread and I think they are growing out of it now. I decided to leave on the lower growth and mark a few that might be useful for cuts. If I find what I'm looking for, I can keep it going and possibly use clones to continue my work.

Cannabis Grow 20220126 060920
Cannabis Grow 20220126 061021
Cannabis Grow 20220126 061016
Cannabis Grow 20220126 061040
Cannabis Grow 20220126 061050

I've found one pheno with odd growth, it appears to be growing on one side of the nodes well, but not the other. I might end up culling this one pretty early.

Cannabis Grow 20220126 061145

Still hand watering 2x daily, ec 1200. Temps got a little low, 65f, since we aren't running the other lights in the 4x4. I've turned the extraction fan down to try and compensate. Highs have been low to mid 70s and I think that's what exasperated the calcium deficiency. More than likely the cause of slowed growth as well. Humidity is around 60% with lights on and 68% with lights off, I'll be adding fans sometime next week, if not sooner.

I'm wondering if I need the cotyledons for gender testing @smotpoker? I'm not sure they all still have them. Hopefully we can use another leaf for testing instead.

I really want to pop some more seeds so I can do some more research, I just don't have the space. I'm willing to send out some testers, and if anyone can start them immediately, it would really help me a lot. 

Happy growing!!

Posted : 01/26/2022 7:52 am ThaBigBadWolfie, smotpoker and KeystoneCops liked
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Nine days in the one gallons and we need new shoes already!

Cannabis Grow 20220130 184554
Cannabis Grow 20220130 184546
Cannabis Grow 20220130 184601

I'm going to get some more coco today and start buffering immediately. I should have them all in final pots sometime this evening. I thought I would have a little more time, but they are growing so fast. 

I'll be cleaning out the 4x4 and replacing the light while we wait for the buffering process. The bt x ff will be put on transition in a couple of days. We saw preflowers on them last week, looks like we have a couple of females.

Cannabis Grow 20220126 081504
Cannabis Grow IMG 20220126 090900 780
Cannabis Grow IMG 20220126 090900 651

We'll know for certain pretty soon. I won't keep any males for this round of bt x ff, I want to see how the flowers come out first. I also want to take notes on how they do during "the stretch". But I really want to experience the flower before deciding on naming this cross. I asked JD for suggestions, he never responded.

Cannabis Grow 20220130 184530

I'll be ordering some bio controls finally, had to wait for the weekend to pass. Once we start getting plants in final pots, there will be ample time to clean up the 5x5 a little. I'm super paranoid about pest issues now, so we'll do more prevention for this run. I don't want to have to wash buds again.

Cannabis Grow 20220130 184526

I'm debating on keeping a male from the Farmers Glue. I have a little pollen from the Farmers Fire I can use, but I really want to make some f2s. Maybe I'll set one male aside, I'm really more interested in what the females will do though. I won't be ordering gender tests so we're going to wait for the designated flip day and just wing it. I have more room to play around in the 5x5 and can manage more plants. I just hope there are at least 4 females out of the bunch. 

I'll have another small update this evening with pictures of our roots and the new light set up in the 4x4. Time to get back to work. Happy growing!!

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NYGC Coco: The chef project playing with fire cont.

Transplant was long over due. I got hit with omicron the day I was planning to start buffering. I'm still not feeling well, so this will be more of a photo dump. 

4x4 with the sq300, think I'm going to put two of the ts1000 back in there. Bluemuda Triangle x FF

Cannabis Grow 20220203 142443
Cannabis Grow 20220203 142027
Cannabis Grow 20220203 135534
Cannabis Grow 20220202 200459
Cannabis Grow 20220201 121538
Cannabis Grow 20220201 121528
Cannabis Grow 20220201 121521

As you can see the roots were a little brown, hopefully the new shoes and a little h2o2 in the solution will help. I'm going to clean them up in a few days, but I've already made my lighting transition to 12/12.

The 5x5 with the uniformity pro 640 and Farmers Glue.

Cannabis Grow 20220203 190359
Cannabis Grow 20220203 185300

Roots were ridiculous and not brown.

Cannabis Grow 20220203 182703
Cannabis Grow 20220203 182211
Cannabis Grow 20220203 182351
Cannabis Grow 20220203 182301
Cannabis Grow 20220203 182139

There are a couple I hope are female.

Cannabis Grow 20220203 190441
Cannabis Grow 20220203 190423
Cannabis Grow 20220203 190511

Then I got this one that I should have proped up lol.

Cannabis Grow 20220203 185311

I don't have much energy left to type, I'll have more details soon. 

Happy growing!!

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NYGC Coco: The chef project playing with fire cont.

All plants have responded well to transplanting and I decided to make my transition to 12/12 in both tents. We're going to mark flip day now, but the actual day for bt x ff is in previous post, and Farmers Glue was flipped 2/5/2022.

We also decided to take some cuttings and clean all the plants up some. All BT x FF have been topped and lollipopped.

Cannabis Grow 20220206 123036
Cannabis Grow 20220206 165452
Cannabis Grow 20220206 165458
Cannabis Grow 20220206 123138
Cannabis Grow 20220206 123146
Cannabis Grow 20220206 165527

I did a FIM or top on all Farmers Glue and pruned lower growth but I accidentally mixed up the cuttings so we have no idea about gender. The majority seem to be showing preflowers, but still too early to say definitively. Guess we'll throw the cuts outside and see what happens, it will be a good way to pollinate without screwing with my hayfever.

Cannabis Grow 20220207 194810
Cannabis Grow 20220207 194745
Cannabis Grow 20220207 194731
Cannabis Grow 20220207 194726
Cannabis Grow 20220207 194706
Cannabis Grow 20220207 194701

Still on veg nutes, ec inflow @1150. We'll switch to transition nutes next batch and bump it to 1200.

Temperature has varied and we had a big swing since installing the photontek. The four lights I had in there were producing way more heat, so it's gotten a little chilly at times. 65f has been our extreme lows and I've had a bit of a struggle getting the 5x5 past 75f I would like to be in the low 80s at this point, but we'll manage.

I'm using plastic pots for the 5x5 because it was more economical to do so. Hand watering 2x daily,  and it doesn't take much to achieve run off. Once we make our selections we'll see about installing automatic watering. I might just hand water throughout depending on what we get. It gives me a chance to inspect the plants.

I was given some homemade pest repellent that one of my organic growing friends mixed up. They grow tons of veggies all year and their garden is beautiful, so I trust their judgment on letting me try some. I've applied it twice and sprayed it along the walls and outside of the tents as well. I can tell he used garlic and a spicy pepper, but it doesn't smell bad. 

I didn't order biocontrols because I didn't really need them at this time. Hopefully I won't need to order any, I think the knockdown spray is sufficient for now. 

Anyways, aside from temperatures, everything is going well. I'm looking forward to identifying gender and our selections. The stem rub smells amazing on all plants, can't wait to start seeing flowers! 

Happy growing!!

Posted : 02/08/2022 10:10 am bloom, Spacementgrown, KeystoneCops and 1 people liked
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Roughly a week into transition and there are a couple Farmers Glue showing signs of being male.

Cannabis Grow 20220212 202442
Cannabis Grow 20220212 202640

I'm going to hold off on eviction until I know what gender everyone is for certain out of the Farmers Glue.

Cannabis Grow 20220212 202754
Cannabis Grow 20220212 202815

Cannabis Grow 20220212 202900

I've already evicted one male bt x ff from the 4x4. He was a purple pheno and I might throw him in the shed under some t5s to collect pollen for future uses. I thought I took a picture of him but guess not, there are still 3 and I hope at least 2 are female. The back left one has me guessing still, it has the same structure and elongation as the male I just pulled. No real confirmation from these ones yet, so we're not going to start counting flower days.

Cannabis Grow 20220214 070527

I will move some of this project outdoors if need be. I'm probably going to pop a few more of each bt x ff and fg to do some further testing anyways, I'll have a good 45 days or so to get them big before putting them outside. 

@mtndan you can see in my posts I didn't wait very long after transplant, here is what roots have done in just a few days after flip

Cannabis Grow 20220214 070509

They didn't show any signs of slowing down. Plants do show minimal stretch though, but there could be other factors that are relevant. Lower temperatures, lighting, pruning, etc. 

Anyways, I'm sure I'm going to prune the little suckers soon. Just going to have to wait to see what we get. The goal isn't really to fill the tent, it's more of how well they can perform in a normal grow setting. I don't want to change a whole lot of variables at once, and I'm not trying to stress them out a whole lot either. I'm going to have plenty of time to do that in the next few weeks with another batch of seeds. Preparing a new batch for outdoors and taking clones from those to experiment with certain stressors. I'll try to keep inbreeding for now.

Happy growing!

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20220212 220051 Instagram

Happy Valentines!


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