NYGC Coco: Pineapple Express #2

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NYGC Coco: Pineapple Express #2


This will be my 6th time growing cannabis, my last few have been a bit disappointing. The yield has been fine but taste and smell are lacking and I'm clueless as to why.


I have a few ideas but still not sure, my suspicions are pot too small for size of plant, pulled to early, lack of some type of boost but these are all guesses.


My first few grows turned out quite well and at the time I was using the full canna lineup including rhizo and boost. Since dropping the Rhizo and boost and using molasses the results haven't been great.


This time around I've decided to try a new nutrient line so have opted for the GH flora trio and shogun's calmag. I may leave out the molasses this time around but open to suggestions.


I'm growing in Eco thrive Coco/perlite in a 15 litre pot and Friday was the very first nutrient fed watering and also when I transplanted from a starter cup to final pot so I am considering this to be day 1.


I won't put any pics up yet as there isn't much to see as only just getting second set of leaves coming through.


Peace out people

Posted : 01/16/2022 6:15 am
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I suspected this or something during the grow which I couldn't explain, very frustrating after putting the work in! Oh well let's see how this one goes! Thanks for tuning in!

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