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I’m almost to week 2 of flower in real time. Photos are Day 10, I believe.

Im really loving these autopots.  Autopots and coco seem to be a perfect match! 😉 Especially for beginners. 😉😉 Even if it seems to go against everything you have been told in the past.

U can complicate it if u want but it’s a very simple system. Much simpler than a drip system, which may or may not have better results… The thing is, I’ve seen results thatblow away my hand water to runoff and that’s w just straight up coco. No perlite. No bottom layer under either. If I can achieve anywhere in between what I already have been doing by hand and that, I’m am 💯 ok with it!! No waste. No runoff to remove. No power needed.  👍🏼 Loving it. 

My Medicgrow Smart 8 is killing it too! I’ve had to raise it up a bit and put her on 80% cus I was not getting much higher than 73-74 degrees. I do like my lights lower tho. Makes better shots from above. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Hoping I can lower the light and dimmer once the temps aren’t so low in Chicagoland.

Cannabis Grow F6C4EC58 AECE 40C7 B302 0D280A96E218
Cannabis Grow F3EEE79E 6AF1 4460 989E F42D589BA872
Cannabis Grow 84627489 CD52 483C 9035 E31CB4ABF18C

Posted : 03/08/2022 6:59 pm bloom and ThaBigBadWolfie liked
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Sorta slacked on posting here. Things are going good. Been doing about 60% strength feed and it’s been working great w the autopots.

Cannabis Grow AF3F3EB2 6B88 4875 98DF 667D3EE24990
Cannabis Grow C0A58444 4DB2 4C62 ACF8 1255AD325FCE
Cannabis Grow 304E718F 3753 45DB B49F 5C4DA533739E

Posted : 03/22/2022 7:23 pm ThaBigBadWolfie liked
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These girls are gonna be crazy looking soon  all 4 have similarities but some big differences. All 4 have purple in dif places. Some of the coolest colors I’ve seen at this stage!

Cannabis Grow 20C89BE2 7429 42B8 B828 46FAAC11ED01
Cannabis Grow 3A9C7057 2B52 42E4 902D ADFB2519DC57
Cannabis Grow A2B6925A 80FD 42D2 A15C E8B5DF4F970B
Cannabis Grow EC61DC84 57C9 49D1 8CE5 3EC7D723F716
Cannabis Grow 37C8FC76 0940 4077 A71F B5A6F5E028DF
Cannabis Grow 9F251DBD 571B 4030 BF0F F3C571520814
Cannabis Grow 3AD5009D 8FA3 4B33 8691 49694DAC90DC
Cannabis Grow 1E696F98 F3D7 439B 87A4 DF6DC92BF119
Cannabis Grow BB5341FA F14C 4AD6 84AA DCA554850B20
Cannabis Grow 7FB0E40A 7520 47FE 9534 8A033EF0C9A5
Cannabis Grow 098DFA40 619C 4336 A104 2BF3A3925CC6
Cannabis Grow C484E19A 8CEC 4BD6 887D 95BA407D0ECE
Cannabis Grow 62630CC2 0C53 4B3B 8344 7678786C8A1B
Cannabis Grow A5801B4D C10B 49EC B773 07C1D1CA9322
Cannabis Grow E7465DFD 6A25 4223 90BA F2A9EA070996
Cannabis Grow 32A32B83 F9D2 42E2 B01F 627BFE22B9AF
Cannabis Grow 42537F58 F159 4DC9 99C8 DF6E944AB7BC
Cannabis Grow 2A10C8A3 2D9A 4D96 A996 310AFAEF4174
Cannabis Grow 5A071D50 F960 47FF A4EF 77683A96373F
Cannabis Grow 588D4CC9 10B4 43D2 B921 932CA06F1259
Cannabis Grow 41434EC1 5AD8 4317 BEA0 6520D9F22606
Cannabis Grow DEE4B93F E39B 42F3 98E0 1BEFFB5825F9
Cannabis Grow 6E69FBFE 72E5 4EE5 9E58 F8A4E0569AAB
Cannabis Grow F7D1016C C86B 47E2 98ED 5D04FCB1A916
Cannabis Grow 2B115622 829D 420B A7AA EA5ABDED24BC
Cannabis Grow 0299B8FA FBC6 448C B6FB 2DB182966E15
Cannabis Grow D5C805B1 42AB 430E A163 2BBFFA389177
Cannabis Grow 82A6F039 E66C 40A8 A7B5 DB315A2C50EA
Cannabis Grow 3F8B9ED2 062F 4293 BAFC E1336D5BCE46
Cannabis Grow BD6E709B 2E5D 46A3 AB25 007B9EDA6F82
Cannabis Grow CBEBB718 70CE 4FAA 8AE0 5322307E4CDE

Posted : 03/22/2022 7:28 pm bloom and ThaBigBadWolfie liked
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Cannabis Grow 85B51379 541F 4E52 BA72 A0AEEB81BEE1
Cannabis Grow 19491130 E6C8 4E8E 9827 3D0E554FAE5C
Cannabis Grow 75BFD1A6 B967 4E4A BA76 FBE977738242
Cannabis Grow 73A6FE34 E77D 4B47 9BBD F7C6ECA6B982
Cannabis Grow 4A3404A6 60A0 4C63 B7F5 5EAF9E2C8A25
Cannabis Grow DCDD9E0E 2D65 4451 9FDA 596545F2B2A4
Cannabis Grow A78BB5C5 CD74 4DD4 83EE 9C30A76F460B
Cannabis Grow 3F9FDD43 5B22 4C9D AFE9 DA68B91095F4
Cannabis Grow 6829B1F1 DD40 4AAD 9720 E26E4309B842
Cannabis Grow 3DF88CC7 6E68 4C75 BDE8 F04941C63243
Cannabis Grow 41BFCB52 0516 4422 AE6B 3482A1BC65E9
Cannabis Grow 1ABAEA4F E414 4257 BE89 A6D0C5AD20F7
Cannabis Grow 04CAC555 8821 43F4 9E75 5EC713757B1B
Cannabis Grow F71A5E73 1BE8 400A A53E 9C033FCE70D0
Cannabis Grow EACB25B3 B712 44F3 A60E 69A79B9C64F4
Cannabis Grow BCE4FA5E 7285 45BF 9868 C150D3E38801
Cannabis Grow E60D7096 6969 41AB 8DB2 395DF43B1D8B
Cannabis Grow 315F51C4 C6A1 4CD9 9B96 B8711474D2CC
Cannabis Grow C1F276F7 84FB 4155 85DA C7B4BCD32D6A
Cannabis Grow 53453CFC 1776 472F B85F CD9847E56892
Cannabis Grow 20AA2099 D944 4F8A 8562 557199514DA6
Cannabis Grow D0B8D47D 55ED 4873 A4FE 07F8935AADD3

Posted : 03/30/2022 12:07 am bloom and ThaBigBadWolfie liked
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Cannabis Grow 927E1260 7185 4C53 8120 3C9487BFE36C
Cannabis Grow 842429A9 817F 4FEE 90B0 2FC710083419
Cannabis Grow 56E650E9 825A 4B05 BC1B BB1A3527ACB6
Cannabis Grow 13C71F1A 067D 4D43 B19E 37312A33EC66
Cannabis Grow 1DF526E5 7982 45E4 8B32 F02A55755708
Cannabis Grow 56B756F7 FB88 417C BB92 0929A5BE3CCD
Cannabis Grow B88D40E9 ADF1 4BFC 9A61 45CE48C159F4
Cannabis Grow C0C54EC0 FCB2 41C2 B23A B59152681BC8
Cannabis Grow 8D1603A0 AFBB 46E3 8930 6D290A1BFAAF
Cannabis Grow 9ED3572C 8F0E 46F7 A228 9F4659DBECB7
Cannabis Grow 5163A367 7721 42B0 A6AA F0743FE4D7F9
Cannabis Grow D3CC69F4 AD46 45C2 915C B4EE2A8C1F4C
Cannabis Grow 2AFD55AB BE7B 43B9 9625 4E9D054C1C87
Cannabis Grow E2AB7CA9 1008 42C0 B80B 1E5F45E73E67
Cannabis Grow 3ABD6F36 3072 4999 B63E C1125A2A09CC
Cannabis Grow B93914D1 8C50 4464 8A45 B44CDE75CF78
Cannabis Grow 369615A3 9380 41DC 866E 937077E841B1
Cannabis Grow 0375B831 DB3A 4964 9150 D63FB2572799
Cannabis Grow 74CAD837 D841 4763 BE3C D39E2C2D4A9F
Cannabis Grow 6465593C 1E0E 42F7 B240 E0B3B314A461
Cannabis Grow FAB0DAFE BBC9 440A 8196 6F50D7B8582A
Cannabis Grow 0701419C 7037 44D0 BA55 F3BFCD7CBCA5
Cannabis Grow 4C122FA8 DDF5 4FB3 BFFD A3E5D4406FED
Cannabis Grow 968AF16A 35A2 4C61 B9A2 E43AD7913055
Cannabis Grow E8669528 F894 411C BC77 C7B4EF41F608
Cannabis Grow FD62613D 844D 4DDE BD73 4581F468B7A6
Cannabis Grow E2A5E572 403E 41E8 AFFB 3AD9D1A2A86A
Cannabis Grow 99BFB3B5 8FE4 4A3C 9E9F A85709DD00F9
Cannabis Grow E1E31512 8F30 4D75 90A5 20D6E277BEEA
Cannabis Grow FB32888F DC67 416A 8CBA 9CF0C9A3EA17
Cannabis Grow 9292D72D 2CC6 4C5F A6E5 9921DF169457

Posted : 04/07/2022 8:43 pm ThaBigBadWolfie liked

Everything has been great. I got a nice variety of phenos that both have similarities and differences. The autopots and smart 8 have been amazing. I haven’t hand watered in over 2 months!! Woo hoo! 

Cannabis Grow C704F3F9 5F90 49EB 8C7D AE0C938A1987
Cannabis Grow E7B5C652 3EB6 48E7 AA43 73EBC396F54F
Cannabis Grow B69979C0 B045 42AA 8DEF 506F6B72F3E4
Cannabis Grow 41727060 0AA5 44B2 BABA 76801252BC98
Cannabis Grow 37548EF6 69D7 4E56 AB62 37DA50683A01
Cannabis Grow F2829913 A387 4D0C 960A 488A0968BB45
Cannabis Grow D742BEC6 2C26 406E 926C 6394786242AA
Cannabis Grow 4EEBAFE5 09EE 459A B28F 6E4D2636E2B5
Cannabis Grow 5BFC6543 4F18 4DDB 8205 346E344104B4
Cannabis Grow 6CE79ABE 8517 4548 A519 E2CEE1E7D81F
Cannabis Grow 8485CC80 02D5 4BD9 BF95 97A3AB79E62F
Cannabis Grow DAC05119 8EA7 47C5 9C8D B0A50ADD6BDE
Cannabis Grow E9132CCD 35CE 427F B5B8 E9D52ED80AE8
Cannabis Grow 5502F42B 383C 4946 81D3 97D3F2FE53CD
Cannabis Grow 957C5B82 4AE0 42F5 AFA8 128E8C4AF542
Cannabis Grow 277BE165 3B40 4CD9 962C A1B3602838A3
Cannabis Grow 75947568 382E 49F1 9210 2A5FCD978C44
Cannabis Grow 8E852D3A E3CE 44B9 A650 411423EB2271
Cannabis Grow 1C5364C5 919D 451B A971 37A3DD8F63A4
Cannabis Grow 1A546A34 B920 4E4E BC86 4DB4563337C1
Cannabis Grow 60B72D9C A2C2 4808 8EA3 D38C0BA32B9A
Cannabis Grow BDF4CABB 6B9D 4ECA B773 90AA523ABD05
Cannabis Grow A4A09E71 1C28 4614 AA2F 07A34C6100C3
Cannabis Grow 824C89E3 6675 4312 B7CC 05B323B91588
Cannabis Grow 31116FDB C01F 411A 8DC4 79941DDAE82E
Cannabis Grow A0E09454 B16D 46A3 96C2 8FFC7B297F6B
Cannabis Grow 7D94AE1D 371D 4452 B1C9 A5F3FB0868F1
Cannabis Grow F84B0057 13D0 495F 8429 521842A52D0D
Cannabis Grow 4F02B2DF 24AE 4C09 9D76 EEE40993664F
Cannabis Grow B7839700 9C17 4887 AD7B A6723768CA4C
Cannabis Grow B20DACDD 1D35 44A5 90BC 16152E9F98E5
Cannabis Grow 0AB803CD FC0D 4112 A6CB 8AD259F4F151
Cannabis Grow D92BD9A6 7774 46D5 9AE5 2CAED543CDD5
Cannabis Grow DAB06E47 F657 4EE0 BF64 0959194EF007
Cannabis Grow 17D3DC60 EE29 4FA4 8B4C E52E41C3F6E7
Cannabis Grow C40E4ECB BD3B 45FA BD73 C5CA917F9D47

Posted : 04/13/2022 11:41 am ThaBigBadWolfie and bloom liked
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Think they got another 2 weeks from these photos. I’m a week ahead in real life so next week.. ✂️✂️

Cannabis Grow 53E9C1D7 BE4F 4395 9C8C 6C20134F9194
Cannabis Grow 205C4899 F419 41CE B627 23EAA4A2B2C8
Cannabis Grow C0280899 1EE6 4D9A AD50 AFE261C7F528
Cannabis Grow 1D000F31 422B 4827 9F91 642C6CEF6AE0
Cannabis Grow AD246B16 2A09 4319 B8EE 111C23DB9348
Cannabis Grow AC8A6541 2916 43D5 BF77 2AA859151004
Cannabis Grow E9B66154 6647 47B7 A3E2 DD6DD610CA21
Cannabis Grow F7646272 86A5 4CC5 BE63 E67215B5B07F
Cannabis Grow A64D4AB1 FB40 464F 83CF 700CF05DA364
Cannabis Grow D0439BB5 4614 4BDB ADFB 3E59000D9503
Cannabis Grow 91584F99 E05E 42E6 B9BC 6F650EDE1897
Cannabis Grow 03708844 32EE 4EC6 8ABC 0A4F577C3015
Cannabis Grow 99AD5CFC 4791 485B AAC1 74EC5DD24A2E
Cannabis Grow 2091C6CB 8416 44EE 98E9 4F23A7776755
Cannabis Grow B29B29BA 365D 4FF5 BF81 8A56FC6A88D2
Cannabis Grow 1399725F DD44 4BA3 9550 9838FFAE9192
Cannabis Grow 7950E43B FB28 4F8D A590 EC115A57BEA6
Cannabis Grow 5DB74B20 4B24 4C8A 91E8 8456C021FC23
Cannabis Grow 8071D637 1610 44D7 A711 17FE4A1E2AE5
Cannabis Grow CEE5CB3D 3414 4795 9302 F01107D1C680
Cannabis Grow 5A59C84B 62EF 4E24 BF0A E4863F06C8F1
Cannabis Grow 11AC83F2 651D 4378 9C75 D54C4A6344AF
Cannabis Grow 88986F46 CE87 4A64 AA30 417A2FD7A8FB

Posted : 04/21/2022 5:50 pm JordanJ and ThaBigBadWolfie liked
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Il update with some harvest photos soon but 1 and 4 came down at day 63, 3 at 65 and 2 at 66.

all in all it was a great run. Learned a lot about these autopots. Looking forward to my next run w what I’ve learned. Will be my first of autos in autopots! 

Follow me over to my Spring Autoflower journal in fruits. Il be dropping my Mangos and Chem tomorrow or Tuesday. Just gotta get reset and ready to go again! Thanks for following along! 

Cannabis Grow CDC0A1EE DA58 4034 8FAF 0C0751B83A15
Cannabis Grow 7246D827 7A61 4856 B81C 215E67A76DC5
Cannabis Grow 155810A2 4583 47CD ABF4 392B802642AE
Cannabis Grow F0119B16 30C9 46DD 8D0C 4312EA9F190F
Cannabis Grow 8CB44D4E FB7C 483D A3E2 FC34E162694B
Cannabis Grow B78CAFBC 6EE7 477C BACF 9A0CC2EF93C7
Cannabis Grow 5593FC3F 7B19 4895 9020 20FD481C2365
Cannabis Grow 618E6BEF 6C72 435C AFDC EA81E8894D12
Cannabis Grow B77E38BA 4CF3 4A39 8738 7E8DE2FAB4D6
Cannabis Grow 2F062FF7 E856 4A56 9F7E E9781B38BD85
Cannabis Grow 5D731C23 EE1A 44D7 B207 6CEE429FC445
Cannabis Grow 2405405B 5E55 425D 8057 693B8F202514
Cannabis Grow 9D7D799A F2D2 4783 8126 BCBDF5CE555D
Cannabis Grow 6726209D 005C 44EC A9E5 59A77CED4F2D
Cannabis Grow 1477D2C0 4968 4D18 99A5 9C19FC28849A
Cannabis Grow B988B2E3 CEEF 4C11 B774 374E582368B6
Cannabis Grow 1B04BE28 656E 4F33 8944 2DC1B75E9A44
Cannabis Grow 7090F76A B084 4065 961D 0D9BD5BB0465

Posted : 05/01/2022 7:59 pm E&E818 and ThaBigBadWolfie liked
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And that’s a wrap. 🍾🥳🎉


Total Days: 119
Flip Days: 67
Harvested: 04/29/2022

My first photo run. My first run with autopots. My first w a monster MedicGrow Smart 8. Lots of firsts but I’m really happy with now it went. Super happy with the Smart 8 and Autopots. And I got 4 killer looking phenos. Can’t wait to taste!

All 4 are just about done drying. It’s humid in Chicagoland so I’m not sure I’m going to get them dry enough to try the Trimbag I won!! Working on it tho. 1&4 hit 12 days tomorrow and 2&3 are like 8 and 9….

Thanks for following along. Hopefully u will catch my Mangos n Chem journal!

Cannabis Grow 6FF5CE26 97B0 4DFB 89FB 5E419FB765FA
Cannabis Grow CE1C19E9 146E 4D68 ADCC 0F866AAF3B6B
Cannabis Grow 3F55936E 1D1D 42C1 9541 AB2D9455159C
Cannabis Grow 673A2DEC 9C46 4EEE A92B 150555295F31
Cannabis Grow B073E550 DF9E 405F 8CBC 2AAD734CC97A
Cannabis Grow EEA63516 D345 4C44 82B5 6DF7A7523F36
Cannabis Grow EE474F05 DCD7 47D2 8195 2B0F9E9774C4
Cannabis Grow 73F72817 3101 43A7 A939 40ED31096D2E
Cannabis Grow 84C1A061 B801 42AC 84ED 7E2E255890A9
Cannabis Grow 312AB58F AF34 4BCA 934E F6EB5C2C6B01
Cannabis Grow AF4C6ED5 7A45 4F19 977F 79905B972F9C
Cannabis Grow 574BAD32 5DE7 4D8C 89EA 5886A4279C59
Cannabis Grow 5CC5F81B 41E7 4ECF 8F4E ED480E1D69ED
Cannabis Grow 515AFA70 6824 4911 8BD5 7190333966AE
Cannabis Grow 9F338306 ABCA 44ED 81C0 1471318C6832
Cannabis Grow 187AE685 1DD0 4047 B11F 4F7C38B5892A
Cannabis Grow 532A415A 1B4F 4338 A7FA 7BB653852805

Posted : 05/09/2022 9:23 pm E&E818 liked
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Forgot my #1


Total Days: 119
Flip Days: 67
Harvested: 04/29/2022

Had to share a couple extra of her for forgetting. Ha

Cannabis Grow BF81D63B 1CD9 4303 B5F0 02E15E3B0EEF
Cannabis Grow 6D6C9BCD 0E02 4F5B AD19 085E24E07E18
Cannabis Grow 68D0533F C4A9 4178 8940 DA83B0195B8D
Cannabis Grow 44389C24 4A2D 4313 9C02 9105EF6D7778
Cannabis Grow 86A2D46F 8573 4A1E A82A C91F3BB55BB5
Cannabis Grow E7461A0A 0CDB 444E B6E6 0606A20744BC
Cannabis Grow 91543A0E 5462 4408 BC2A 208CC778A527
Cannabis Grow 62D34973 AEFF 4544 902E 263D5D4996FD

Posted : 05/09/2022 9:27 pm E&E818 and Tropa liked
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