NYGC Coco: new grower, tried 4 failed attempts

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Thank you guys, I will continue this under a different grow diary until completion:

I shall check back here from time to time in case anyone posted replies or not, but I think this forum will die off soon now the challenge has finish.

Good luck all in the Spring Auto challenge 2022, looks like fun with all the different topics, I shall be watching too!

Posted : 04/18/2022 4:57 am JordanJ liked

Peace out of here for now Growmies, I shall be watching, but not participating in the Spring challenge as it looks very interesting!

Posted : 04/18/2022 5:31 am
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finish off, in the other room, dry and curing 

Posted : 06/02/2022 7:43 am
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Add a harvest date .. for tomorrow

Posted : 06/02/2022 7:45 am
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