NYGC Coco: new grower, tried 4 failed attempts

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Wot da bud clot ...

Posted : 03/20/2022 11:40 am

Todays green after drinking photos:

Cannabis Grow DSCN0167
Cannabis Grow DSCN0166
Cannabis Grow DSCN0165
Cannabis Grow DSCN0164
Cannabis Grow DSCN0163

Posted : 03/21/2022 8:56 pm Richiebcookin, Ellisj and TheBrad liked

tried to post this yesterday but site turned off posting:

Cannabis Grow DSCN0172
Cannabis Grow DSCN0171
Cannabis Grow DSCN0170
Cannabis Grow DSCN0169
Cannabis Grow DSCN0168

Posted : 03/26/2022 8:04 am bloom, Richiebcookin and TheBrad liked
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My canopy is getting pretty full now and most if not all the bud sites have white hairs. Temperature has dropped lately here and will be getting colder over the next week, so might have to turn the heater back on (just when electrical costs will go up AGAIN on the 1st April).

Here are the latest pics:

Cannabis Grow DSCN0176
Cannabis Grow DSCN0175
Cannabis Grow DSCN0174
Cannabis Grow DSCN0173

Kind of worried a tiny bit on the increasing yellow tips on leaves, but not to bothers that much. Its probably because I only feed them once a day ...

Might do some more lollipopping soon, as a few leaves and bud sites under aren't getting too much light these days.

Also still thinking of putting a second SGRoG net up as some stems are getting higher than the others and I don't really want that in my small 5' high tent, hit the lights when flowering.

Posted : 03/27/2022 8:36 pm Richiebcookin and TheBrad liked
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2k views baby!!!!

Posted : 03/28/2022 8:39 am Ellisj liked
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ok, latest pics:

getting cold again:

Cannabis Grow DSCN0182

Close up of white hairs (EDIT: crap blurry):

Cannabis Grow DSCN0181

Tent widescreen:

Cannabis Grow DSCN0180

And the rest:

Cannabis Grow DSCN0179
Cannabis Grow DSCN0178
Cannabis Grow DSCN0177

Posted : 03/30/2022 12:07 am Ellisj, bloom and KeystoneCops liked

ok, buds growing ...

Low average temp:

Cannabis Grow DSCN0188


Cannabis Grow DSCN0184


Cannabis Grow DSCN0186
Cannabis Grow DSCN0185
Cannabis Grow DSCN0187

White or yellow hairs seem to to be covering my crop, although cant get a good close up, becomes too blurry so you'll just have to trust me 😛

Posted : 03/30/2022 5:54 pm Ellisj, bloom and TheBrad liked

Some more pics, might catch some hairy white bud sites on these, will see, camera isn't very good with close ups:

Cannabis Grow DSCN0195
Cannabis Grow DSCN0194
Cannabis Grow DSCN0193
Cannabis Grow DSCN0192
Cannabis Grow DSCN0191
Cannabis Grow DSCN0190
Cannabis Grow DSCN0189

Posted : 04/01/2022 10:22 pm Richiebcookin, TheBrad and bloom liked
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NYGC Coco: new grower, tried 4 failed attempts

I was wondering if anyone recommends one of those electrical powered pruning shears?

EDIT: Never mind, they are £100-300 each, cant afford!!! But would still want to know what you think of them if you a set?

Posted : 04/02/2022 10:16 am

Just some evening pics before bed:

Cannabis Grow DSCN0198
Cannabis Grow DSCN0197
Cannabis Grow DSCN0196

Posted : 04/02/2022 3:08 pm New grower liked
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NYGC Coco: new grower, tried 4 failed attempts

Seeing as I been busy lately not many posts, but here are the latest pics, can see some orange hairs growing now too and these trees are getting thicker:

Cannabis Grow DSCN0199
Cannabis Grow DSCN0200
Cannabis Grow DSCN0201
Cannabis Grow DSCN0202

EDIT: Well hard to see with this camera, most of the pics were too far away and/or blurred.

Posted : 04/08/2022 10:22 pm Cannapuck and TheBrad liked
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damn, was away from the forum and had about 50 posts to catch up with in this subforum alone!!!!!

Posted : 04/08/2022 11:43 pm

ok, been 4-5 days (I think) since a picture update. I am trying to water these twice a days starting from 3 days ago. I can see it all coming together soon, adding more Canna Bloom to the nut mix, even though its expensive stuff. I want to get the most out of this grow as I can.

Some of these leaves and buds have orange hairs and looking frosty on the dark leaves, I don't think my camera can pick it up though, here goes anyways ...

Started with some nice semi lollipopping, so can see the bottom celery sticks(TM) now. 🙂

Cannabis Grow DSCN0211
Cannabis Grow DSCN0210
Cannabis Grow DSCN0209


Cannabis Grow DSCN0208

Close ups on a few stretches:

Cannabis Grow DSCN0207
Cannabis Grow DSCN0206
Cannabis Grow DSCN0205
Cannabis Grow DSCN0204

EDIT: Yep, the close ups mostly came out blurry as I thought they would! Trichomes are clear at the moment under a mag on both buds and small leaves plus they are getting a lot more orange hairs.

Posted : 04/12/2022 11:12 am TheBrad liked

Going to start on the full flower canna regiment from tonight, add the Canna PK13/14 into the mix and change the other nuts around a bit, want them to start growing fat!

Posted : 04/12/2022 11:25 am
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I am definitely seeing more stretch with the extra light, will post some pics after now for ~5 days on 18-6 again, but not seeing them fatten up yet. I might double the Canna Boost nutrient, as using the lower end of the recommended dose ratio, its quit expensive stuff so didn't want to use too much.

Side by side way views above the canopy of the 3 girls :

Cannabis Grow DSCN0214
Cannabis Grow DSCN0215
Cannabis Grow DSCN0216

Top view:

Cannabis Grow DSCN0217

Tried some close up, might look better this time as I tried not to get the camera too close:

Cannabis Grow DSCN0218
Cannabis Grow DSCN0219
Cannabis Grow DSCN0220
Cannabis Grow DSCN0221
Cannabis Grow DSCN0222
Cannabis Grow DSCN0223
Cannabis Grow DSCN0224
Cannabis Grow DSCN0225
Cannabis Grow DSCN0227
Cannabis Grow DSCN0228

Posted : 04/17/2022 6:17 pm bloom liked
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