NYGC Coco: Jock Herer and Girl Scout Cookiesautos

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NYGC Coco: Jock Herer and Girl Scout Cookiesautos

Jack Herer autoflower strain along with some GSC autoflower.

Dropped seeds for Jack this week. Did water soak for about 24 hours so far. Sitting on the heated mat the water is staying at a steady 80F (27C) for 24 hours so far. 

Seeds for Girl Scout Cookies autoflowering are predicted to begin germination on New Years. Same methods. 

Really excited to get to grow some sweet strains this season with you all in the community! Ill be dedicating a 3x3 to these autos, so keeping it under 4 plants. 

Three autoflowering plants could fit because the autoflowering version of these strains are more compact. I expect the GSC(Girl Scout Cookies) to be a little bit larger than the Herer. Two photoperiod plants could fit in the 2x4 instead of the autos. 

Using General Hydroponics for this grow

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Hey Growers! Update to my seeds. I have kept two GSC going from the 1.5" rockwool cubes I transitioned to in the germination phase. Buffering the coco is mandatory and having enough buffered in supply can greatly ease the germination process. These are in 3 gallon pots. 1050EC 5.9PH. 9 fertigation events.

Cannabis Grow 2022 01 15
Cannabis Grow 2022 01 15 (1)

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You wouldnt see a squat if they pounded the bowl for you! 

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Posted : 02/01/2022 12:54 pm

After a minor hiatus after the holidays with photos and media, I am back and working hard on the consistency and quality of the growth as much as I can. I have made substantial upgrades to the watering irrigation system and the drainage is acceptable, but needs more work. 

Meanwhile, the plants are doing very well for week 7. I have just raised the light cycle from 22/2 to a 23/1 for more sunlight throughout the 24 hour period.  -This may help with stabilizing the humidity, but I'm worried it will get too dry if I don't increase fertigation events.
For the past two weeks I have been needing to use additional hand feeding during the day to maintain the wetness of the media. Im going to have to look after the halos and hoses for anything needing to be dislodged often.

Cannabis Grow 2022 02 03 (2)

Thanks for Watching! EC 1356 (included diamond nectar, slightly more micro, and continued Silica.)

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Cannabis Grow 2022 02 09 (7)
Cannabis Grow 2022 02 09 (8)

I swapped out the reservoir with a fresh clean container and included better timing regiment this week. EC 1150

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