NYGC Coco: Batch 3 for me? We'll see!

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NYGC Coco: Batch 3 for me? We'll see!

So i'm just finishing up my first grows.  it was 2 tents started about 3 weeks apart.  they're now 2 weeks apart in flower about 1-3 weeks from harvest depending on strain.  4 OG kush, 2 Jack Herer, 2 Power Plant and 2 White Widows. 

Cannabis Grow image2
Cannabis Grow image0

PS: I haven't smoked since starting these plants in Mid September.

As for this grow, i'm going with 5 Girl Scout Cookies, At least 2 Power Plant, and at least 2 White Widow's.  Hoping for a better run from the PP and WW's than last run.  I say at least... because i started germinating, they didn't look like they were cracking open, so i thru them out and started a couple more PP's and WW's, only 1 of each popped that time, so i went to the bag i thru them out in, and low and behold a bunch had sprouted... LOL, so they weren't marked anymore, but i planted them anyway.  I think i'll be able to figure them out especially once they flower.


So in the 2 tents i'll be running Canna nutes on half, and jacks 321 on the other half, experimenting, figuring out what i like.  If all goes as planned, i'll continue the Canna nutes on that half (hand watering), and hopefully switch to an Auto Drip system on the other half.  Have all the gear already, just never done it before.  

Lights are 2 FC-E 6500's 1 in each 5x5 tent.  They are all currently being started in a 2x4 tent and are currently under the dome.  3 days old.  I've started a really low Canna A,B Rhiz mixture on the 2 in the bigger cubes.  They were started in peat plugs.  The auto water system will be in a basement bedroom (in case of trouble)  the others are in an upstairs bedroom.  Both tents have auto inline fans in them.  

Cannabis Grow image1

We'll see how it goes!

Good luck everyone!


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So it's late, and i was tired from work, and went to water my seedlings, and did.  And.......  forgot to PH my water after my nutes were added.  Sooo, that being said.  Figured a good time to weed out 3 that weren't looking that great, deformed, one looked like it had stopped after the first node.  So went thru each plant, cleaned the roots really good and replanted in some fresh coco with perlite this time.  Rewatered with nutes AND PH'd LOL.  So here's where i'm at now.  This is where i was going to end up anyway, 4 and 4 and i know the 4 on the right are GSC... just not sure of the mix of WW's and PP's on the 4 on the left.   It'll be interesting.  It's late and i'm off to bed.  Work comes in 5 hours and i have a big job waiting for me.


Cannabis Grow IMG 0209

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Sooo, 48 hours after my mishap with forgetting to PH my nutes and watering my plants, then cleaning all those roots and repotting them into some clean coco... here we are.  Not looking like any damage to the plants.  Seem to be alright.  Was a bit worried with those fragile roots of seedlings, SOOO tiny, like silk threads.  I was using a bit lighter than the light dosage for canna coco nutes.  I moved that up this round to regular light feeding schedule starting today.  Canna says no Cal mag needed for their nutes so i'm going to try it like that unless i see signs they'll need it.  I have some at the ready.  Hope everyone is doing well with their grows!!


Cannabis Grow image0 (1)
Cannabis Grow IMG 0218

Posted : 01/06/2022 8:35 pm

Nothing really new to report, just a quick picture.  Still using full light feeding schedule for the canna nutes.  noticed some very slight curling on earlier leaves but don't seem to see them on the newer leaves.  Haven't used any Cal/Mag yet, but have it on hand just in case.  Supposedly Canna states it is not needed, so i'm kind of testing that theory going by their charts.  On a different note, my 2 tents that are in flower, one of the plants started showing some nice coloring.  A reddish/purple shade on the leaves starting to appear.  Very appealing.  Can't wait to harvest that plant.  Power Plant, should be about 2 more weeks til harvest time. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 0219
Cannabis Grow IMG 0220

The Strings are all going to my Jack Herer... the buds just got too heavy.  It looks like Spiderman came to visit on that side of the tent with all the strings holding those buds up.

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Plants seem to be all doing well.  Haven't noticed anything going on with them aside form some early leaf curl on a couple.  Seems to have stopped after the first node.  Added a very light dose of cal mag this watering, but don't think i'll keep it in the daily, we'll see what happens with it at least first.  Most are on their 4th node with all of them showing side branch formations at minimum. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 0229
Cannabis Grow IMG 0228


That's it for now.  I did find a couple smoking buddies hanging out in one of my flower tents.  

Cannabis Grow IMG 0227

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Topped all but 1 last night, 1 slower grower will have to wait til Tuesday i'm thinking when i get my air pots and do the transplanting into those.  My thinking right now is to adjust fertigation frequencies and keep them in 2 gallon air pots the rest of the grow.  We'll see how that goes, i have bigger fabric pots around just in case i don't like how it's going.  My flower tents are taking their own sweet time turning to amber Triches.  Was hoping to get this grow split up and into my plans of 4 and 4 with auto fert on 1 set and hand watering the other 4, but it'll have to wait.  

Adjusted feeding this morning to allow a small dose of Cal/ Mag to be mixed in.  Just a very very light hint of yellow, nothing i'm worried about.  Here's a pic of the toppings.  The small one in the right tray is the one waiting to be topped.


Cannabis Grow IMG 0230

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Closer picture of the topping. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 0230 (1)

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Topping is complete on all plants now.  Got my new pots today so transplanted all to those.  Still waiting on my flowering tents so i can split these into 2 groups and start my auto fert on at least 4 of them.  If all goes well these will be the final pots, although i'm thinking i may need to pot up on the 4 i'm going to be hand watering.  Been slowly upping the light, almost at 50 percent.  This tent has a Mars Hydro SP3000, seems to do the job for the 2X4 nicely.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0235
Cannabis Grow IMG 0234

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been a week since last update.  Busy weekend.  Had to harvest and clean my 2 5x5's and ready to move this grow into those tents.  So finally got last harvest in the dry tent.  cleaned the 5x5's and moved all the plants into their new tents.  1 tent is all GSC and the other is a mix of PP and WW or GSC.  Auto watering is in the works and hopefully up and running tomorrow or tuesday.  Several have been topped again, anything that was over 4 nodes got topped again. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 0246

Cannabis Grow IMG 0247
Cannabis Grow IMG 0248

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Got the auto watering system all in place.  I haven't implemented any timers yet.  Doing 2 waterings to run off.  1 in the morning, and about 12 hours later.  I'm thinking i may need to get another RO unit for the basement and set up some sort of float shut off and start a water resevoir.  But all in time.  Perhaps by next grow i'll look into that.  The watering system is directly off this site.  Using the halo's.  All seems to be working fine.  Just need to start timing and figuring out how much water i'm going to be needing in their resevoirs.

As for the plants, they are doing well.  1 has some burn it looks like, and one of the GSC's is just a total deformation project, but i'm keeping it going just to see what it actually does.   Also on one of the GSC's, after topping, in 2 separate spots, the new growth went to tri tops.  Found that interesting, the last 2 pictures showing those.

first 2 are PP/WW's  second set GSC's  third is the 2 tri tops that have started.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0250
Cannabis Grow IMG 0249

Cannabis Grow IMG 0252
Cannabis Grow IMG 0251

Cannabis Grow image0 (2)
Cannabis Grow IMG 0254


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Not much new to report.  Lots of veg growth going on.  Going to be trimming everything up this week and should be flipping this weekend or next monday.  Building a couple adjustable scrog set ups.  They'll just be hanging by string to adjust height easy and should end up pretty close to the inside diameters of the tent to help keep it from moving any.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0256
Cannabis Grow IMG 0255

Cannabis Grow IMG 0257
Cannabis Grow IMG 0258



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Busy weekend.  Trimmed up all the plants for flowering.  Did that all Friday night and Saturday morning.  Let them all rest up a good day and a half.  Switched to pre flower nutrient schedule.  Flipped this morning.  I haven't built the Scrog set up yet, will probably do that today and get that installed.  Lights have been at 75 percent for the last couple weeks and look strong, so nothing will change there except gradually increasing to 100 percent and keeping an eye on height.

So as i said at the start, i'm using the Canna Coco line of nutrients.  I am using a light schedule for 3 gallon res, and i use 4 gallons of RO water.  I only used cal mag 2 waterings and not even full doses of cal mag.  just under what the dosage was on the bottle.  I also used hydroguard for the last 3 weeks at recommended dosage.  

First 2 are the GSC's, second set are the PP's/ WW's

Cannabis Grow IMG 0261
Cannabis Grow IMG 0260

Cannabis Grow IMG 0262
Cannabis Grow IMG 0263

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So, 2 weeks into flower, the stretch is on.  Lots and lots of flower sites.  The 5x5's are full wall to wall.  I may have to move some filters and fans and get a couple more lighting ropes if the stretch goes too much more.  Anyway, that's really about it.  Lights are up to 80 percent, still at 1st part of flower phase nute schedule using light feeding.   They're right around 4ft tall give or take an inch or 2.


Cannabis Grow IMG 0269


Cannabis Grow IMG 0268

PP's/ WW's

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Little update...

So far all plants except 1 are at 5 feet or taller.  1 i had to snip several times as it was just not showing any signs of stopping.  No big deal on that one though it was the mutant.  Really weird buds.  The whole grow of that plant was just odd.  I have a couple others that have some weird looking buds.  One i'm just hoping it's going to fill out late, the buds look nice but slightly airy.  So time for some pics, i'll try to add some captions if i remember what's what.


Cannabis Grow IMG 0290

These are the Power Plants and White Widow.  Pretty sure all but the one in the back right corner are Power Plant.  The one in the right front has some really thick hairs.  Not huge buds but not bad.

Cannabis Grow image10

This was that one i mentioned with the really thick hairs.

Below are random bud pics...

Cannabis Grow image9

The big but airy bud on this GSC... hope it fills out.

Cannabis Grow image6


Cannabis Grow image3


Cannabis Grow image2 (1)

White Widow in front, Power plant in the rear

Cannabis Grow image1 (1)

The Power Plant with the thick hairs

Cannabis Grow image0 (3)

Power Plants


Thanks all for now, hope everyone is doing well with their grows!


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