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Miracle Glue

“Gorilla Glue #4 x Miracle (Colombian x Starfighter)

Collab between myself and Don P. (originator of the Glue). Don and I had some things planned right before he passed away and I am releasing GG4 crosses to honor his memory and fulfill a promise, to help his widow in case of his passing.

There are some really unique plants in this cross. Smells are amazing and hard to pinpoint. Sour Dubb/Chocolate/Pine/Mango... finished in 9 weeks.

Yield depends on selection and grower”

Colombian Miracle 

“Colombian x Miracle (Colombian BC1 )
My Special Colombian that reeks of over ripe mangos crossed to Miracle (Colombian x Starfighter)

These were some of my favorite plants this year. These are very limited. Please don't get them unless you plan on growing them.

Plants all lean towards the Colombian. Will finish in 9 to 12 weeks, depending on the pheno. I found 3 that finished in 9 from 8 girls.

Yields will vary based on genotype and grower ability.”

Miracle Burn

“Freezerburn x Miracle

MAC 1 x (Super Lemon Dawg x Miracle 15) x Miracle 4

Unreal plants that provide some serious headstash. The freezerburn produces incredible flower. I hit her again with the Miracle 4 to beef her up and lower the risk of mutants and runts in the offspring. Definitely worth hunting.

Yields will vary based on genotype and grower ability.”

-Capulator 🧢 
I will be late dropping these beans. I received tracking # for these TODAY!! 
In the meantime to stay with the NYGC theme, I will be dropping Jungle MAC from Capulator as well as Chemberly from Exotic Genetics  on 12/31/21. 
Athena Pro Line 
Photontek X-465w Pro




Posted : 12/30/2021 8:10 pm Lonestar, ChaseG1992, Chefomj and 2 people liked
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Cannabis Grow E103F285 F42A 4312 A305 A897698C05DB
Cannabis Grow ACD43464 9D2A 4182 96A3 9CA68928EBB2

2 outta 4 so far. Both Jungle MAC. I went directly into jiffy with the seeds rather than using the paper towel method. My main reason for this, I LOVE Viva paper towels! But they suck when tap roots get tangled into the fiber. So maybe the two Chemberrly will pop soon  I can’t check in on them like paper towels so it’s more of a sowing of faith at this point. Lol. 
The tall JM popped Tuesday and the smaller one popped through this morning. 
I’m waiting on the mail right now…. Then I can finish the drop 

Posted : 01/07/2022 9:20 am SpencersHerbs and Chefomj liked
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Cannabis Grow D2154460 2839 48D3 9542 1E7413EE24C3

Beans touched down today!!! Gettin ‘em wet tonight! 

Posted : 01/07/2022 1:42 pm SpencersHerbs, KeystoneCops and Chefomj liked
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💦 beans

Cannabis Grow 024C854E F2FD 4C2D 8006 16A3D832941E
Cannabis Grow 0B0F46FD 65E3 48AF AF94 BF2EDF714F8A
Cannabis Grow D3195ED5 4107 474C 91F3 3E1A100DDD9B

Posted : 01/08/2022 11:08 am KeystoneCops, Chefomj and SpencersHerbs liked
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Root, Natty, Root!! 
I popped open some to-go plastic ware for the cheap napkin…. Horrible idea! I should have just used tissue! 

Cannabis Grow 3C02C5D5 904F 4977 929D 6496197805D9
Cannabis Grow 6F1D0D71 D275 45D6 8F87 2CB980FC3683

Posted : 01/10/2022 10:17 am Chefomj liked

I’d everybody in? Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin!!! 

We have life springing forward from all miracles and Jungle MAC

Cannabis Grow EA07A3C2 2F26 4360 94ED 864349E386EB

Posted : 01/13/2022 7:43 am Lonestar, Chefomj, TerraFertilis and 2 people liked
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Cannabis Grow 8F19BD7B 2ED9 4201 9BF8 CF7D288CE2B3

seedling stage is going nicely. Jungle MAC had an earlier start than the Miracle lines but really aren’t too far ahead.

Slow and steady.
The victory doesn’t go to the ones doing their best in the 7th inning. 

Posted : 01/18/2022 5:40 am Chefomj and KeystoneCops liked

Sometimes it feels like these girls (🤞) are standing still!! I know I’ve had slow starts with seed so I’ll be patient. 
Everyone is alive!! 😃

Cannabis Grow 213CA71E A319 45C4 8EFD 57D78C2FD490
Cannabis Grow A57813BA 34EA 4235 94A2 D177651A1CE9
Cannabis Grow 45460329 A5AB 4B50 AB00 3C541995188B
Cannabis Grow 1365DF2D B653 49EA 8FED B88E328D02ED
Cannabis Grow 486ED441 B179 4E0C B060 9C9E25F20C2A
Cannabis Grow 9DFDC861 8075 41E4 B2C1 1D789F4AE899
Cannabis Grow AE01DDB9 F6AC 4186 BDF7 075ED6C2BE6B
Cannabis Grow 277BD714 3A7C 444D AD8B 0B8388526478

Posted : 01/24/2022 10:40 am Chefomj liked

Ec at 3.0   Ph 5.8

Im resetting a room to give them their own home soon.

Cannabis Grow 07A14FB0 5742 41BF 9A27 6E3187E40FF1
Cannabis Grow EECD7A0B EC65 43D6 B023 D204F26C6A8F
Cannabis Grow F77BE43E 5A40 4B51 8A7F 2DC690F65DAC
Cannabis Grow F3650A72 5DD9 462C B75F 30520955C5EF

Posted : 01/27/2022 9:10 am ChaseG1992, Chefomj, Twilight_Zone and 1 people liked
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All the lil pickney are now under the Mars Hydro FC-E 4800. I’m running the fixture maxed on height (like 6’) and at 50%. 
Ec is at 3.0 / ph 6.0. 
80*F /  RH 80%

Jungle MAC 

Cannabis Grow 9ED0F428 D25D 4BF5 9458 A3608575E71E
Cannabis Grow 4C4A3196 4F4B 499C BFAB A89D70DACB26

Miracle Glue 

Cannabis Grow A882945E C801 4EBA A597 3A0F6E525287
Cannabis Grow CAB65C2C D9AB 46A0 A89A 6200C29DE4D5

Colombian Miracle 

Cannabis Grow C9A37163 60BB 42D6 8831 639DC9F0193A
Cannabis Grow BF8759F8 9722 4441 8CE9 C98998100D5C

Miracle Burn 

Cannabis Grow AF566B66 20E8 4BC4 94C4 3B0930F31846
Cannabis Grow EB120EFB 9662 43B5 A974 5EA04CD3EC54


Cannabis Grow 2418282D FA43 4B53 96D2 CF3D34726C47

One thing I’m paying attention to from search strain is the internode spacing. 
Jungle MAC is stacking up but it’s also about a week older than the other seedlings. 
Both Miracle Glue are showing a lot of spacing.
Colombian Miracle seems to be in between the others with medium spacing. 
Miracle Burn is showing tighter spacing. 
Chemberrly spacing is also with CM showing med spacing. 

I’m not sure if longer spacing is going to be genetic or if it’s the plants already giving signs of being male. Not only am I watching spacing for sex, I’m also watching in order to see the relation to flower structure later in the plants life cycle.

Posted : 02/06/2022 5:10 am KeystoneCops, Chefomj, Twilight_Zone and 1 people liked

Topped everything to the 3rd node once they had reached six nodes. 
Removed the 1st node such left me with just 2 and 3. 
I then topped the third node branches. Splitting them into 4 tops. This should give the 1st node branches time to catch up to node 2 That’s 6 tops.
Uppotted to final 2 gallon plastic pots.EC 3.0 pH 6.0 Looks like tomorrow’s flip date will be delayed. Lol

Cannabis Grow FC64C26D E6D1 4D50 A697 2017B7B76B1A
Cannabis Grow 5FACD843 BCD9 4E7F 9AA0 597CB8AA72EB
Cannabis Grow 68B21938 4561 4CAE 90F5 E8D7A5449A94
Cannabis Grow F72C06A6 0C7B 4D85 9678 A22F5A2FA188
Cannabis Grow 702F1943 7AB1 48E3 B483 36A167ED8730
Cannabis Grow FFE38C1D 67AB 4C90 BC66 8BAC7E373B2D
Cannabis Grow AA4ECC4F E610 4924 8576 9BFBF85D0472
Cannabis Grow F0A0B1B2 68F0 4818 9B08 A1EA6AF036B7
Cannabis Grow F086BDBE 6026 4AE8 8914 35E72F5519A5
Cannabis Grow 72847479 3231 43AE 8F59 DCC196784A77
Cannabis Grow 75120EEF DABE 4A7E 85AB 16B1118D433F

Posted : 02/13/2022 5:04 pm bloom liked
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Almost there…

Cannabis Grow F33D2411 BC65 4840 B802 ABD2B9947859

I’m looking for just a bit more vertical growth  before I flip 

Posted : 02/21/2022 3:59 pm Chefomj and ChaseG1992 liked
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Cannabis Grow 85A6E5BA EDD4 4579 A73F 87C4F7A79721
Cannabis Grow D2F8B6C6 6055 480B 808D CA3DB9A98375


Cannabis Grow 59B50689 2E2B 425D AEE6 308AD55735E4


Cannabis Grow 1E000609 D72F 4D06 B8EE 5CD57DE3E93B


Cannabis Grow 01F5B552 385D 44C4 A754 9DCB8EF28F24


Cannabis Grow 6400FEF5 2E6A 4B2E BD01 F6C128C2115D


Cannabis Grow 8C030E24 D718 4507 9F09 6D7F0F516558


Finally hit the switch! 12/12 has been initiated! 🩴
Pushing 3.0 EC @ 5.8ph

Posted : 03/02/2022 9:07 am
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Day 9 of flower.

EC 3.0

ph 5.8-6.0

temp 83f

Rh 76%

Trellis installed for placement of mains. 

Cannabis Grow BC7E7D84 BC32 420F BE45 22AB5D3682F0
Cannabis Grow DB777CAE 349B 4472 A26D 2CEEA4F11C6A
Cannabis Grow 8A83A1FE 1C54 47D0 A874 37538F6E85B0
Cannabis Grow 0C739DF3 CC27 440F 8259 956073D4DF3C
Cannabis Grow 73206D55 1A1B 4BDB B461 B2ADF8F03209
Cannabis Grow DF88BB0C 33C6 4DC0 83D7 45BD13D255E8

Mars Hydro FC E4800 is above at 70%


Posted : 03/09/2022 7:02 am bloom, Chefomj, Twilight_Zone and 1 people liked
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Still needs time

Cannabis Grow BCAD20B1 5C62 4544 909B EF2CD0B014E7

Posted : 04/02/2022 6:58 am Chefomj, New grower, KeystoneCops and 1 people liked
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