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For the SAFC I will take my follower(s) thru my typical 16 week  grow. I'm going to start with some rooted clones I have in what I call the holding pin. The baby nursery is a 2x2x2 plywood box with a fan and a single t-5 light. It's a place that I use to hold plants up to 4 weeks. In this 16 week time I will Harvest 4 times, once every 4 weeks 

Cannabis Grow IMG 0086

This batch was moved into solo cups today from my Clone King 25. as you can see the date on the pant markers is 4-10, so that makes them 10 days in the root making process.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0002

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Welcome to the misfits grow group prof! Thanks for sharing your grow


Posted : 04/23/2021 10:45 am

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Next weekend is harvest/flip week and the girls that or in here will move to the flower Garden. It's getting close to moving them from the holding pin to the veg garden. Next week will the the first of the 4 harvest in 16 weeks.

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I did the first of 4 harvest on Saturday, now that frees up the flower garden.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0106

My currant Veg can be moved there for the flip. Then my SAFC clones (WW & UK ) can be moved to the veg garden to start there 4 week veg.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0103

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That is bubble Gum from MSNL. It's a good producer if your looking for weigh. Not bad weed as for the high but as for taste it's just got this earthy taste that doesn't hit my pallet the same as others. It is just not my fav, but I have had no complaints from others

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