PTGC Benders: Original Auto Chemdawg by FastBuds

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PTGC Benders: Original Auto Chemdawg by FastBuds

Hey Growmies!

Very excited to start the this new grow/collaboration with the PTGC!!

Had some overcrowding issues last run so scaling back to 4 plants for this one. 

Original Auto Chemdawg-Fastbuds

Do si Dos Auto from Barneys Farm

Mephistos Wedding (Auto)

Triks F5 from Twenty20 Mendocino (Auto)

Gonna start these around September 1st so that they auto “flip” around October 1st. Meanwhile i am updating my drainage and auto watering to accommodate my new layout. Also SUPER EXCITED to run my brand new mars hydrp SP3000 for this grow which i won last grow challenge during a giveaway right here on Coco for cannabis! Thanks again and again. Can’t wait to see how it performs.

Safest bet for these autos i think is some bending. Gonna use the plant benders and garden wire as my tools. Hopefully with more room to access each plant i can really give special attention to training these soon to be beauties properly

Will post some pics of updated tent soon along with my yields from last grow. 2 curing, 2 plants hanging and 3 in the dark. Trim jail is imminent 🫠🙃😶‍🌫️

See everyone soon!!!



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PTGC Benders: Original Auto Chemdawg by FastBuds

Psyched to start this next grow man! Just hooked up the new light and wow, i think im gonna be very happy with it. Drainage is ready for a test run. Splurged on the ccfc recommended pump and can’t wait to try it out. Have to reroute my halo lines and im done. 
And that sour bubbly auto i had last grow yielded 2.5 oz. Smells great but i may have overbaked them a bit. 
will post some completed setup pics soon

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PTGC Benders: Original Auto Chemdawg by FastBuds

Cannabis Grow image
Cannabis Grow image
Cannabis Grow image
Cannabis Grow image

hey buds! So here are some setup pics. Just about done here. Gonna start germination this weekend hopefully tomorrow. 

drainage is pumping out to another 5gallon bucket with a pump as well to send it out of the basement. It is running super smooth so far.

auto feed lines are ready for the halos. Not gonna redo the whole thing in case i change setup again. Just gonna leave the 3 extra valves closed tight. Sorry if my reservoir closet looks terrifying but it keeps everything tucked away  nicely. Starting to get carried away down here😂😂

im double buffering my coco right now and hoping to fill my containers in next 24 hours. Really psyched to get this going!

Posted : 08/25/2022 4:33 pm OldWoman, Soil Sheppard, HappyCultivator and 3 people liked
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Here’s a more finished setup pic with halos and grow bags in place. Double buffered coco with 20% perlite.

Cannabis Grow EDDA20EC CFCC 4A06 AB32 0C8B0FE591EB
Cannabis Grow 8BFB9C3F 35AA 4BDD 9E7A 66333ABFA1C6

My solo cup is also ready to go for the side challenge.

solo cup will feature a fugue state  x forum stomper cross (mephisto freebie)

also a pic of my seed packages which are starting to pop and hopefully in coco in 24hrs

see you soon

grower love ✌️


Posted : 08/27/2022 11:25 am Soil Sheppard, HappyCultivator, KAPT_SAVE_Da_HO and 3 people liked
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All five strains have sprouted thankfully so here we go week 1 🥳🥳

i kind of spaced and threw em right in final container but im gonna stick with it and see what happens

Cannabis Grow 0D62BFD0 C239 4E75 99CE 829039A40557
Cannabis Grow 4075E529 B096 4698 AD14 92650B57804D
Cannabis Grow 98E6400C 372D 4EB0 BF06 A0D494C08A21
Cannabis Grow 16F67199 19F0 4B78 A2BE 93B1E7E53A5A
Cannabis Grow 374E30CA F412 4AAB B791 BE1DD5DF3D01

Posted : 08/30/2022 8:43 am OldWoman, Heyron420, Soil Sheppard and 4 people liked
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Everything looking pretty ok after week 1

my starting ec was out of control for some reason so i watered  down my reservoir a bit and im recalculating.

but 2nd cotyledons are popping up, maybe slight nute burn on tips of first leaves but trying to manage that 

my triks got a little stretchy, any advice from my growmies or dealing with the stretching? I will research as well but love hearing from you

Cannabis Grow 24FBCF49 469A 4984 856B C3EC3E430ABA
Cannabis Grow 026B69A5 04BD 407F B2FB F8CEB1CDBA5E

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Hi friends, so these girls are 2 weeks old, sprouted 10 days ago and overall looking good i think. My solo cup challenge contender is not looking too good but is what it is, i’ll try less frequent feeding to start

A little concerned about their vertical growth however. Seems to be a lot going on beneath these stumpy little canopies but maybe im getting ahead of myself being their only 14 days old? Let me know any thoughts growmies, thanks!! 💚

Cannabis Grow 519B4669 F113 4523 BB4C 242B9DAC9B2E
Cannabis Grow FE43EDF8 A625 4F9E B8E7 CDB864754A89
Cannabis Grow 3D3C9076 D741 4164 B492 15A3F0F89194
Cannabis Grow 8DB38559 67C6 4C0F 934C 4B5C0C3329B8
Cannabis Grow 4E79BA10 2047 411A 93B5 1870FE512A2E

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Finally got to do some bending 🥳 Heres my Mephisto Wedding

Cannabis Grow 7244A9DE E5E6 40CA 9C9B 46AFD2FF3910

Heres the triks

Cannabis Grow 4FC31066 56A0 4479 98A7 5DC510D44781

Heres Do si dos

Cannabis Grow 67F53885 6A59 4494 BBFA 093345883894

And my solo cup challenger is doing better ☺️

Cannabis Grow E97E39F2 97E8 493A BE9E 8C10E1F407F1


see you soon gonna check all my growmies journals today!!

Posted : 09/21/2022 4:09 am Soil Sheppard and Tropa liked
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So my baby girls are growing up fast 😂 Been training daily with the little 90degree benders and tying branches down to bag .

Chemdawg is looking great, easy to train. Can’t wait for this one, visions of gloopy running rosin

do si dos has been difficult, very wild and bushy

meph wedding has been great. New leaves shoot straight up 🤔 but eventually drop 

and my solo cup a little droppy but flowering already, guessing because of smaller medium?

heres some pics grower love 

Cannabis Grow 81B3C09D 235C 419E 9E05 A453E5C5E9F8
Cannabis Grow 691820AD 7791 41A3 98AE 1E34782BCB44
Cannabis Grow 722B7793 A16B 4CB1 8303 67F0D6ECEFD6
Cannabis Grow 66E8787E D101 4752 A9AE 49CE8D149AA6
Cannabis Grow 036A53BB 91E1 4907 84E0 EB52A1F5EFC6
Cannabis Grow 872A95FC 02C5 428A 9A2A A3E48A610374
Cannabis Grow 359F2EA6 7CF7 4758 AF2F EA2015A107A0

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Cannabis Grow image

Cannabis Grow image

Happy flip day !!! 

wedding started flowering couple days ago 
chemdawg just starting to flower


Posted : 10/01/2022 11:13 am Soil Sheppard, Heyron420 and Tropa liked

Forgot to select ready to count days 😊

Posted : 10/01/2022 11:14 am Soil Sheppard, HappyCultivator, Heyron420 and 1 people liked
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So theres been alot going in this tent, good and bad… 

Im currently battling fungus gnats. Trying top crop spray as well as apple cider vinegar/soap traps and H2O2 x H2O mixture. Monitoring with sticky cards.

Had some watering issues, possibly caused by a clog in my pump. I found some algae buildup plus i added armor si to my nutes and i may have caused a gloppy lockout situation with the cal mag. I’ve since been trying to be more mindful when mixing the nutrients and get my runoff back to a regular routine 

And the defoliation is endless, especially with the Do si dos. So heres some pics.

Also my solo cup is closest to maturity and may yield a couple sticky frosty cookie buds 

Heres the solo cup

Cannabis Grow C6BD87AE F1FA 4386 A228 8AF944EB008D
Cannabis Grow 5039BE71 D37D 4AA5 ADBE F288870D3E91

Heres Chemdawg, lot of yellow tips. Not crispy so tried adding a bit more nitrogen to reservoir. See what happens

Cannabis Grow E9A9B6E1 0201 40CE BE2F E426870D330E
Cannabis Grow F02C4501 0274 49B0 B7D4 937DBE26A9BD

Do si dos could have fan leaves removed all day long 

Cannabis Grow 4598540E C244 4847 ACDB C6CC2F23438E

Triks a little stretchy than rest but still looking good I think

Cannabis Grow 2F3E3A54 2130 4779 BAFB 65141981E5A1


And Mephisto’s Wedding looking frosty already!! Uhhhh apparently I forgot to take any pictures of her and its lights out🙃😂…. Next post!

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Hello buds, man its been wacky…. Was having some serious issues with autowatering, like flooding first feeding and later no run off at all. This has been going on and on and has been making me crazy until I remembered THE SIPHON EFFECT!!!

I had changed my setup and reservoir was to high and flooding first feeding. Luckily my auto drain kept up 99% of the time. Sooooo happy I finally figured it out. Fungus gnats and some powder mildew have been a minor nuisance as well but growth has been amazing

Heres Chemdawg 

Cannabis Grow 7C846092 24B3 4FE0 95A0 61CC6F68BBAD

do si dos

Cannabis Grow 88360E29 F8C9 43DC 8361 B274FFC7ABC4


Cannabis Grow 4472523A 4288 43AC A60C 48771B2FC908
Cannabis Grow 8B84D3DB ECB2 42EE A4F1 CF233120B2E4

mephisto wedding 

Cannabis Grow D2394751 75C0 48AE 933E 8610B7FC3885
Cannabis Grow 1572A42E 3FDA 4346 9FBE 4C1BAB1A035D

and the solo challenger forgotten cookies 

Cannabis Grow 3C89CBD1 DE61 4062 9A15 C0DE60FD3EFF

Grower love ✌️


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Cannabis Grow BC5A4635 C930 4A22 B1D3 754F1D5F80F2
Cannabis Grow 76E94346 8C92 4CBA 8E67 CC931396790E
Cannabis Grow 6B72250C 06E7 423F 9960 699C418D4D29

Hey Growmies, hopefully everyone had a nice thanksgiving.

so this tent is done, some drying some curing

Chemdawg is curing with about 50g of bud and 70g of trim. Wasn’t thrilled with how she ended up but hoping she presses good. 

was able to keep WPM to minimum and lost only a few buds and some trim. Sprayed and cleaned the bejeesus out my tent to get rid of any left over mold or gnats.

the triks, do si dos and meph wedding cake are all insane… great yields for autos (2+ ounces each) and super frosty and stinky. Triks super sweet kush  smelling and wedding is sweet gas ⛽️ . Do si dos super bright green with firey red hairs

also my solo cup yielded 7g of bud so not bad

it was fun as always growmies , hope to see my friends on the next one. Try to post some more finished product pics and look forward to seeing all your results


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