PTGC Benders: Better late than never.

Hello Growmies!

I just found this site on August 20th. I immediately ran to my seed box and picked out a couple of strains for my first grow journal. I'm 5 days late getting started so I'll just try growing a wee plant in one gallon of soil. Mandarin Cookies x Lilac Diesel #22 is a female photo period I'll be growing under LEDs about 30 watts of power per square foot.

I'm a bit of a low tech Luddite and my garden is no different. I just put my seeds in soil and use some pretty basic fertilizers and methods. I do a lot of bending and trimming techniques to keep my plants compact enough to fit in my small grow cabinets. 

I want to participate in the party cup challenge but I don't have any full size party cups. I do have little 2 ounce shot glass size party cups to try out. Growing a cannabis plant to maturity in just two ounces of soil seems like a fool's errand but I may be THAT fool!

Looking through my seed box for a strain to grow in a shot glass I find the perfect choice...WHISKEY ZULU! I'll be growing Whiskey Zulu Auto under my weakest grow light. It's a burple LED at about 9 Watts per square foot. I think the biggest challenge will be keeping two ounces of soil moist enough as the plant matures.

I look forward to being a part of this community and welcome your thoughts on my project.


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Posted : 08/25/2022 10:45 am Aotearoa N.Z. N, KAPT_SAVE_Da_HO, Soil Sheppard and 3 people liked
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On day 6 both grows have emerged and look good. The 2 ounce cup grew quicker and today I wired it down a bit.

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Posted : 08/27/2022 12:23 pm Aotearoa N.Z. N, Soil Sheppard, HappyCultivator and 2 people liked
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Day 10 and let the bending begin!

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Posted : 08/30/2022 6:08 pm Aotearoa N.Z. N, KAPT_SAVE_Da_HO, Heyron420 and 2 people liked
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It's day 20 and both my grows are now under a new 100 watt Mogobe in a 2x2 grow cabinet.

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Posted : 09/10/2022 10:21 am takjr1976, Aotearoa N.Z. N, Soil Sheppard and 3 people liked
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Hello Growmies!

I've been under the weather for a couple of weeks...sorry for the absence. Both of my grows have carried on during my recovery. My buddies Tony and Robbie have been keeping an eye on my wee 2 ounce cup. The growth have been better than I hoped for. Really I thought the 2 ounces of soil wouldn't be enough to keep her alive this long. My one gallon plant is just what you'd expect and normally I'd pot her

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up into three gallons about now but I'll keep her as is for the rest of the grow.

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Woody and Sylvester stopped by for today's Big Flip Event.

I gave both my plants a high P fertilizer for a little help with the bloom. The wee cup got just a wee amount of fertilizer.

Let the flowering begin.

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Posted : 10/01/2022 4:43 pm Soil Sheppard, briguycny, HappyCultivator and 1 people liked
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I took these photos 10 days post flip and both plants are doing well. The one gallon looks quite good(for a one gallon of course, not the ideal size for a truly optimal plant) and the two ounce cup is alive and thriving with a small flower! I thought I would need to water the wee cup several times a day but it does fine with just a splash once a day(at least so far).

I haven't been on the site much due to a struggle with my glaucoma. Currently I'm on the mend! If I've missed a reply or a message from you all my apologies. You folks are a positive community in a world that can be so very rough. Sending you all peace, happiness and grower love!

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This could be the beginning of the end for my wee cup experiment.

When I looked at my plants yesterday I noticed the top of my wee Whiskey Zulu was bent over. It wasn't the typical droop from lack of water but an actual kink in the stem. I'll bet that I knocked it over one time too many. She's quite tippy. With the help of Kitty we were able to use some bendy wire and fabricated a sleeve(scotch tape folded back onto itself) to keep it upright again.

The greenery looks pretty good still in the area above the kink so I'm hoping all is well. I'll be curious to see if the stress actually helps the flower produce better because of the kink. I know many folks swear by the idea of stressing the plants for a better flower development. If anyone has insight on this please shout out

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your thoughts.

The photo is the plant after the repair.

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Update! First I'd like to say thanks for all the love you folks have given during my absence from being online. Heaps of grower love to everyone.

The wee Whiskey Zulu has grown as much as two ounces of soil will allow. She did make a small flower with a few trichomes visible under my microscope. For the past week to ten days she has gone downhill even with constant nurturing from my lab assistant Beeman. I will chop, dry and cure her now and give a puff on Christmas day. I don't think I'll get very high but I may get quite small.

Cannabis Grow 101 7706

Wee Whiskey Zulu from seed August 20th 2022 and chopped October 30th 2022. RIP

I believe this grow was not futile but one attempt at learning new ideas that will contribute to the cannabis community. You are all scientists, agronomists and pioneers who are sharing their love and knowledge for the benefit of all. Be proud of your work!


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Harvest Day!

My other plant from the grow challenge is a Lilac Diesel X Mandarin Cookies. The plant did remarkably well even though it was grown in just one gallon of soil. I have been under the weather for most(all) of this grow so it is really amazing how well it did. The trichomes are spectacular! I had help with the harvest from Beeman and Sylvester. Thanks guys!

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