SAFC Asteroids: Green Crack Auto (Seedsman)

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SAFC Asteroids: Green Crack Auto (Seedsman)

I will be growing a couple of Green Crack Auto from Seedsman in 1-gallon fabric pots with a substrate blend consisting of coco coir + mature compost + limestone + worms castings + activated charcoal + volcanic ash + mycorrhizal inside a 1.5ft x 1.5ft compact grow tent under a 100W ViparSpectra LED lamp.

Feeding will consist mostly of organics like liquid worm castings and compost extract but might use CalMag as well. I'll be doing LST to the pair of plants hoping to stimulate the growth of more colas in order to get higher yields.

Photos and more info will be uploaded soon, good luck to all the other participants, this will be my second grow ever and I'm very excited to share the process with you all!

Posted : 04/18/2021 1:19 am Oimjr, Alma M, Dg-connoisseur and 1 people liked
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