PTGC Architects: Peyote WiFi CBD 2:1 & Peyote Zkittlez

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PTGC Architects: Peyote WiFi CBD 2:1 & Peyote Zkittlez

Just started my seeds yesterday 8/10.I'll be running two Seedsman feminized strains. One Peyote WiFi CBD 2:1 (12-14% CBD : 6-8% THC), and one Peyote Zkittlez (supposedly 26-28% THC 😬).

I'm using my recycled Roots Organic 707 soil with some amendments  to give the seedlings what they need. I mixed up a gallon of soil soil with 1/2 cup of Down TO Earth BioLive, 2 tbsp Down to Earth 3-3-3 Seedling Starter, 3 tbsp Down To Earth Azomite, and 2 tbsp oyster shell flour. After placing that mixture in the solo cups I added half a tbsp each of mycorrhizae, then made a nice little mycorrhizae bed for the seed. They are in the seedling tent under the humidity dome and Luxx Clone LEDs. In the initial watering I added humic, cannabis lead extract, root ferment, and a dash of liquid seaweed.

These girls will go from Solo Cup to 2 gallon and then either a 5 or 7 gallon for final pots, haven't decided yet. Planing on rolling a manifold for one and a mainline for the other. Going to see how they grow and decide what's what once I see their natural structure.

I did make an update to my SAFC journal last night as I chopped my autos on Monday. There are a couple photos of those and a couple of photos of the clones I took from my NYGC plants which have just exploded in size.

I will start updating the clones progress here since the autos are pretty much done besides dry, cure, and trim.

I feel like this is definitely going to be an interesting grow and we'll see if I can even fit these plants in my 4x4 by the time they're done!

Happy growing everyone!

I might just run an autoflower seed for my Solo Cup Challenge seeing as I have a ton of auto seeds

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Unfortunately it doesn't appear my seeds made it. Might not have planted them deep enough, but I also haven't had any luck with this batch that I've purchased from Seedsman. I tried to start a Critical Purple and a Peyote WiFi CBD back in May as well and they didn't germinate either.

So I did a reset and planted another Peyote Zkittlez and Peyote WiFi CBD as well as another Bubblegum auto for my Solo Cup Challenge. This time instead of taking soil from around the top I just poured a little more on top of the whole cup to cover the seed. I haven't had this much trouble with seeds since I first started growing. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday I see them poking out a little bit.

Hope everyone else is having a better go at it than I am this time around. 


My clones in flower are booming at least. The Sour Diesel and Alien Rock Candy plants are going to be taller than me here pretty quick. All their nodes have pistils coming in very nicely and look great. 

Cannabis Grow 20220814 191040
Cannabis Grow 20220814 191036
Cannabis Grow 20220814 191031
Cannabis Grow 20220814 191018


Happy growing everyone! 

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Haven't updated in a while. I got a little bummed out since my second set of seeds didn't sprout either. Then I got pretty busy and had some life things to deal with so I didn't even try for a 3rd set of seeds.

I'll keep updating the progress of the clones though since everyone seems to be enjoying those. Here's some photos taken from a week or two ago. I'll get some pics tonight when I water so you can see how much they've already changed. 

Not sure if you can see on the one photo but I was just a couple days late on supporting some of the branches. I've got the stakes in now and things are looking good but that worried me a bit when I checked on things that night 😅


Cannabis Grow 20220822 232717
Cannabis Grow 20220822 232725
Cannabis Grow 20220825 210249
Cannabis Grow 20220825 213704
Cannabis Grow 20220825 220634
Cannabis Grow 20220825 220638

Happy growing everyone! 

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Day 56 (week 8) of flower for these clones. The first run was chopped at week 13 which is just an insanely long time. Since these plants are larger I've been feeding quite a bit more than last run. I think I only added 2 tbsp of Dr Earth Flower Girl per pot like twice, maybe 3 times that whole 13 weeks of flower. This run I've added 4 tbsp Flower Girl every two weeks. So the girls got that tonight.

I also had been adding Build A Bloom by Build A Soil at a rate of 1 tbsp per gallon. The last two weeks I did that plus an extra 2 tbsp for 7 tbsp for 5.5 gallons of water. Each plant is getting about 3700ml of water per watering. Nutes are usually on Sunday or Monday and then the rest of the watering during the week is just humic acid, root ferment, and cannabis leaf ferment in the water that is pH'd between 6.5-6.8.

I've also been feeding my bloom ferment at 5ml per gallon which is also on the heavier side. The girls are definitely pretty sticky and I think I would attribute that to the bloom ferment.

Diamond K Gypsum and Water Soluble Langbeinite have been increased just a little bit. 

Overall the bud is already looking noticeably bigger than the last run especially on the Alien Rock Candy. Room smells great, I was soaking in the smells for an hour while watering and adding stakes to support the branches. Stepped outside to take my dog out and all those smells were lingering in my nose and that's when I could really smell how good they smelled.

Need to pick out what I'm gonna run next and get those started so I can swap them in. Might get started on that this week if time allows.


Cannabis Grow 20220926 201929
Cannabis Grow 20220926 201950
Cannabis Grow 20220926 201939
Cannabis Grow 20220926 202018
Cannabis Grow 20220926 212955
Cannabis Grow 20220926 213010
Cannabis Grow 20220926 213017
Cannabis Grow 20220926 213023
Cannabis Grow 20220926 213039
Cannabis Grow 20220926 213042
Cannabis Grow 20220926 213053

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