PTGC Architects: Finding Prince Dakkar

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PTGC Architects: Finding Prince Dakkar

Berk dives deep and tries his hand at Deep Water Culture for the first time!

Posted : 08/20/2022 6:25 pm Heyron420, Spacedghost, HappyCultivator and 2 people liked
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Welcome one and all (well, at least one, I hope) to my first foray into deep water culture! Many thanks to @n-grower, @crackbabies, and @HPD for the advice for getting started!

I scuffed and soaked 2 seeds today: both Deleted Scene by Cult Classics.

Cannabis Grow 7C2FDA84 1567 46AE BC91 3F079FEA77E6

After soaking for 3 hours they sank, and I put them in moist paper towel on the seedling mat in a nice, clean, sterilized tent.

Cannabis Grow A0F3F80F CA1B 4027 BA7F 4FE5B3BA1BCD
Cannabis Grow E95D933D 5C79 415F 963F 6E266488F280

Posted : 08/20/2022 6:34 pm Heyron420, Spacedghost, HappyCultivator and 3 people liked

Checked the seeds this morning and bothered were cracked with a hint of a tail starting to show! 

Cannabis Grow 8760DFA0 C9DC 4A14 9E6C CF49E1E33AEB

One seed went into fine perlite in a 2-oz. party cup with one hole at the bottom and an inner party cup with the bottom cut off and the side pre-cut. The hope is this will make it easier to pot up into the LECA (clay pebbles) when it is rooted without damaging the roots. Kudos to @HPD for the idea!

Cannabis Grow 07D97D83 EFF6 4791 A324 464E90976A18
Cannabis Grow 391743FE 4AD3 4EBD 9776 7CA76BDE7E17
Cannabis Grow 27675349 F811 4E84 AE11 C5D5B46664EB

The other went into a soaked and rinsed coco pellet with the top cut off, because I had to toss my old Rapid Rooters as part of the mildew extermination effort.

Cannabis Grow E730E177 6C7C 4DB7 8BFB CB102BE3D89C

Both are in a double humidity dome on a 30° seedling mat in the dark until they appear, and I’ll be keeping the medium moist with distilled water.

Posted : 08/21/2022 6:19 am Heyron420, Spacedghost, HappyCultivator and 4 people liked

24 hours later, the sprouts were just appearing above ground.

Cannabis Grow FE5BFCD9 12E0 4C08 8533 7DE761829E63

The perlite sprout ended up with its radicle exposed and the coco sprout was completely crooked, so I had to reset them when I wiped off the seed coats.

Cannabis Grow CB68C141 8BDF 40B9 A7AC 9A6F7D56592A

This morning it looked like I missed the inner skin on the sprout in coco, so I wiped that off too.

Cannabis Grow F432A69D 77BE 444A 853F AFE8DA08238B
Cannabis Grow B5A72967 3FDE 4B38 8911 65F52451A6A7

The cotyledons are ready to open and I turned on the SQ300W Pro at 25% raised to the top of the tent as high as I could get it. The Photone app estimates a max PPFD of about 100 umol/s/m2. Normally I would start with a seedling light but I am too lazy to hang a different light, and 100 umols should be fine for the seedlings. I’ll measure the actual hanging height at some point for my records.

Posted : 08/23/2022 6:13 am Heyron420, Spacedghost, HappyCultivator and 2 people liked
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The seedling in coco tried to escape!

Cannabis Grow B415C65E 2DF2 47AD 9B30 DB9CF9C2FB1F

So I carefully moved it into perlite and it recovered well.

Cannabis Grow 3CDD8C4E 785C 4503 BC20 285181A3D2C5
Cannabis Grow 4046CA5F 202D 41CE 8D9B 177169D4DF88

And here they are in their new homes: a 45L (12-gallon) cooler turned into a DWC res, and a 0,5L (17oz) perlite Hempy Cup

Cannabis Grow 98882CD0 16F4 47AF 9F91 7E7448803D75
Cannabis Grow 998DB31B 57FE 4CBD B784 D05CD4B157BC
Cannabis Grow FEC32972 80AA 42AD 9D68 A6C369162545
Cannabis Grow 4C67EA0C 12C6 4DF8 BF54 1BDA309883FC

Posted : 08/26/2022 4:43 pm Heyron420, HappyCultivator, J2DaG and 4 people liked
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First up is the Hempy Party Cup. I think I abused it too much in the perlite or there was not enough air in the perlite or something, but the first true leaves died before they could emerge.

Cannabis Grow 5BE599ED DFF8 438E 836F 0618EAFE6AAF

So, I scuffed and soaked another seed and put it in paper towel on the seedling mat at 30°C. Okay, I missed the step where I put it on the seedling mat and forgot to put the temperature sensor under the pot for the first 12 hours so the temp was up above 34°C and I was afraid I cooked it, but it sprouted a tail after all!

Cannabis Grow 4A363B29 4F8E 45F6 AE51 017F04FB3B78

I dumped the old dead seedling and made a new Hempy Party Cup! This time I put the drainage hole a little higher to make a bigger perlite reservoir at the bottom. I wrapped it in foil, put a soft cotton rope from the bottom of the cup to the top, put perlite in the bottom, then coco above that. I planted the seed, tail down, about 5mm deep.

Cannabis Grow C16BE25C FE64 46B6 BCD6 394BB203F264
Cannabis Grow 047A4387 72BE 4880 91F3 E1DF2A2D4BCF
Cannabis Grow EB72CB11 03D0 4672 975D 2BFBBB1E44AE
Cannabis Grow 68B87891 C0DA 43D8 A056 03233A601248
Cannabis Grow BBF110F9 C873 4EAB 9124 8DF4DB519818

Because the drainage hole is above the top of the jar I use to catch any overflow, I made some little drip guides out of a cable tie, heating the ends with my torch to make little hooks to hold them in place!

And on top the DWC plant! There were  o roots poking down so I peeked in and saw that the tap root had gotten trapped. I carefully released it and a couple of days there are little roots feeling down low enough to hit the water!!

Cannabis Grow 582EEA7A 73A9 4DB6 9267 959E3A5DF44A
Cannabis Grow 1C37CD8F 189A 4E85 BA28 C880C6579DBD

and the first true leaves are finally starting  to grow so I expect her to take off soon! I think the slow start was because I transplanted it into the net pot too early. Next time I will start in a rapid rooter!

Posted : 08/30/2022 5:12 pm Heyron420, OldWoman, HappyCultivator and 3 people liked
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Thanks to everyone for the kind words! Life is hectic, but so far I can say I love this grow. The DWC has been very little work. Basically, I check the pH every night and confirm that it is still stable (it eventually stabilized at 5.7 after the first week or so). And I scoop a little bit of nutrient solution out to water the Hempy cup. That’s it! I know it gets more busy later on and I do need to bring the EC up.

Now that the plants seem established, I started moving the light (still on 25%) a bit closer. The Photone app estimates 250 umol max PPFD right at the leaves, and I’ll be bumping it up gradually to 700 to get this plant to really explode!

Cannabis Grow 810E9802 BFB9 4415 B01F B23DAFE1C633

Cannabis Grow B38C1187 ECFF 407A A025 00E4951510C6
Cannabis Grow 897861FD 70BD 4D4B BA49 064A40FDDA22
Cannabis Grow 4C864355 880F 4EAD A035 6C2CD9623671

Posted : 09/07/2022 3:32 pm Heyron420, HappyCultivator, Soil Sheppard and 1 people liked
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Cannabis Grow E5F1016E EBEA 433E B76C 4221259AFD8C

Getting bigger! EC in DWC is up to 1050 uS/cm, pH is stable at 5.8, light is now at max PPFD of 600 umol/s/m2, going to 700 tomorrow.

Cannabis Grow C6F44B2A 0D09 4368 853F 8F3EBB88EF06
Cannabis Grow 531115FA 8518 4456 9529 CE335EF52D11

And the Hempy cup is doing great with just one watering a day to refill its mini res at the bottom of the cup.

Cannabis Grow F50F5430 54CF 409B B3B6 0864AD7F14C9

In any case, DWC had 6 nodes grown so I chopped her back to node 3 to start the mainline. 

Cannabis Grow 32CAA630 5FEC 40A1 9DF0 B3A1F9FACCE7
Cannabis Grow 2BCFAA88 CA1A 4A87 8B6B EEABABE2F35E

Just for fun, I dipped the top in rooting powder and stuck it in the Hempy cup. Why? I dunno. And this is photo number 100,000 that has been uploaded to CocoForCannabis!!

Cannabis Grow C8C7439F FF71 424F BA7A A256EC5DFE34


Posted : 09/13/2022 7:00 pm CrackBabies, Heyron420, Soil Sheppard and 2 people liked
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Oh no! Looks like I got root rot (pythium). 

Cannabis Grow 27F3C31D CA2F 4FEF 9BAB AE2195DA5148

Since I increased my Photontek SQ300W Pro to 50% power, water temps have been at the top end of what is recommended: 23°C/74°F. Despite all my aeration, I guess something got in there. First step is to wrap the cooler in reflective insulation, something I should have done at the beginning.

Cannabis Grow 61B6DFBC 6B09 490A 8A80 EDF4CCF425B6

I will also toss an ice pack in the water to bring the temps down, and later today I will change out the water in the reservoir and see if I can beat back this with cooler temps and some more beneficial bacteria. 

Posted : 09/15/2022 5:01 am Heyron420, Soil Sheppard, HappyCultivator and 2 people liked
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Thanks to @HPD and @n-grower and @crackbabies for great DWC advice.

The DWC plant is doing well despite the root rot, and there’s a party going on in that party cup as the top of the other plant that I stuck in there seems to have rooted nicely. Party Cup Extreme Challenge: grow TWO plants in one party cup: one from seed and one clone!!!

Cannabis Grow D411E854 6C48 4675 A273 975B9CB47C7F
Cannabis Grow BD5346A9 13CC 427C 8F37 2F926E930349

Today I finally pumped out the reservoir, cleaned it well, rinsed the infected roots as well as I could, and refilled with fresh nutrient solution, as Enjie suggested.

Cannabis Grow D398C67E F81D 4D54 9E67 B291C7BB575F

I brought the res to EC 1215 and pH 5.75, and added both the Aquascape pond cleaner bacteria and the Southern Ag Bacillus amyloliquifaciens. I then covered it in bubble foil with some slits for the stem, as HPD suggested. Looks great!

Cannabis Grow 81799536 C709 4121 AF3A 8454301BBB64
Cannabis Grow 109DE7EC 76E7 497C A661 E62510B19199

Posted : 09/20/2022 6:06 pm Heyron420, Spacedghost, HappyCultivator and 1 people liked
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Quick update: the branches had grown enough past the 3rd node that I was able to top them a 2nd time. I also removed the growth tips on nodes 1 and 2 which I had forgotten to do earlier. The reservoir still looks nice and clear.

Cannabis Grow 7752B208 8128 4FB7 873A 3EF24D6BA82A
Cannabis Grow 2DC41117 D88A 4BC0 840F 6C477B9BE3BE
Cannabis Grow 0809773E E841 4473 85EE E7FD8C10D220
Cannabis Grow C03B2929 56D9 49C3 AA1F 5669775FE9AA

Posted : 09/21/2022 6:19 am Heyron420, HappyCultivator, HPD and 1 people liked
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DWC recovered  nicely from the topping and the 4 new mains are almost big enough to top the third and final time (probably this weekend). With just a week to go until flip, I thing the timing will be fine I expect by Flip Day that this will be about half filling the space. 

Hempy Cup seed and cut are doing great too. With that tiny little res at the bottom of the party cup, I’ll need to water twice a day soon. Also, it should help keep the plants small, so they won’t compete with the DWC. Hempy is also only getting about 350umol of max PPFD. 

Cannabis Grow 1E0ABA9A CDC7 4DB5 83BB 428C480A66B3
Cannabis Grow D9297B18 D922 4864 A965 44DB64BB373B
Cannabis Grow E06B1E56 4AFB 46EB 8594 CE0708262B1D
Cannabis Grow D052EA38 C068 4744 BE7C 4A10B647C128
Cannabis Grow D39ACE8F 394A 4291 93B1 62FA203402C1

Posted : 09/23/2022 3:57 pm Heyron420 and HPD liked

DWC Res temps are staying below 66F/19C. EC is  1200 pH 5.8 aquascape pond cleaner bennies seem to be keeping the new roots white and the old ones aren’t getting any darker.

The plant is growing fast and the leaves are putting on so much surface area that they are wrinkling. EC had sneaked up a bit so I tipped off with low EC water and pH’ed again.

I wanted to get more light on the growth tips, and had to spread the two branches apart. What do I tie anything to in DWC??

I call it the MST PPS, or Stoner Engineering at its finest. How do you spread the branches when mainline training and you are doing DWC and have nothing to tie or stake down to? You need a Medium Stress Training Pneumatic Plant Spreader, complete with Customizable Soft-Ties and user selectable spacing.

Cannabis Grow 55905FA5 27E8 454B A7B7 A9A7C0846C74
Cannabis Grow 5656E9B8 4DE4 41E9 A23E 7A5926FC1BAD
Cannabis Grow 900AE87B 1BB2 44F7 88E7 1F85D2CD5321
Cannabis Grow CD13C7D1 3A6C 4270 8FD7 D03D746C3C69
Cannabis Grow 031688DF 81B3 4EB8 9639 F7B3822E5D3A


Posted : 09/24/2022 6:26 pm Aotearoa N.Z. N, TheInsideDope, HPD and 1 people liked
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Still haven’t completely beaten the root rot, the DWC plant seems to be doing fine, growing lots of new roots and some huge leaves. Res is at 1200 EC and pH 5.8 and 20°C 69°F. I can’t get it much cooler but I have tons of air. 

I did the final topping so I now have 8 main branches. I’ll be flipping in three days on Flip Day, so the timing is perfect.

I’ve decided to use a trellis to spread the growing ends apart as they extend. I’ll probably keep raising it as the plants grow.

Cannabis Grow B8505AFF D535 4C5D B216 3097D78C6D3F
Cannabis Grow 6FF55912 BCB1 4A8C 8562 487502747BFD
Cannabis Grow 4FE0776C 1642 4D33 B495 2E5F0CA6A6E3
Cannabis Grow 3A49F075 A0E0 4DFC A3A4 466B8010307A
Cannabis Grow 2608C056 6CD7 451D 8906 B8C57AC58864

The Hempy Cup was getting tall, so I topped it and stuck the top in the ground next to the other one that has already rooted! Three plants in one cup! W00t!

Cannabis Grow 3B696464 2A36 4455 8458 5C918397930E
Cannabis Grow F10F5787 B05E 4D0F AA7C C3E68EE50336
Cannabis Grow A4E0127E 7A71 4476 AB6E 76D6AEE4142E
Cannabis Grow C0AB8A2A 6DE5 49F3 8122 EB9424EC127E
Cannabis Grow 504071CF F12F 4D9C 8FC2 6BD80E70CAA3

Posted : 09/29/2022 6:21 pm Soil Sheppard, Heyron420, TheInsideDope and 1 people liked
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Flip Day! Lights will  now turn on at 1800 and off at 0600. Doing gentle LST every day.

Cannabis Grow 5E95A8A9 67CF 4BC8 8C1C B7D82C35AA2E
Cannabis Grow D8F3978A 1DD9 4191 A648 3445712CCAE7

Posted : 10/01/2022 8:33 pm Soil Sheppard, HappyCultivator, HPD and 1 people liked
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