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Alright, so we are about 13 days or so from flip. These ladies are getting huge!!! I have installed a controller in the flowering room and a 3-1 sensor. I found out I have some elevated CO2 levels down here in the basement.  I am happy about that. 

Other that that not much has changed. I am still using the Dr. Mj Coco GH feeding schedule and each time I add water to the reservoir I ph it to 5.4-5.7 . Usually if the PH hits 5.4 it is by accident though. EC is at 1168 as I am typing. A little low actually I think. I may try adding the bloom booster KoolBloom at a much lower dose next time I mix some nutrients. 

I am dealing with very high humidity right now and have a dehumidifier ordered for the flowering room. I can not wait till it arrives. I hope I can reduce the relative humidity to around 45-50%

I have also taken so much leaf off of the ladies. It is ridiculous how big the pile of leaf is each time. There is still soooooo much to do. I really need some help with the pruning. That is the only thing I really have a hard time keeping up on. So I am going through another round of heavy selective defoliation tomorrow night. There are some bushy ones but I hope they are all champions!!

Here are a few pics!!! 

Cannabis Grow 20221014 223059
Cannabis Grow 20221014 223049
Cannabis Grow 20221014 223035
Cannabis Grow 20221014 223021
Cannabis Grow 20221014 113424

Posted : 10/14/2022 10:51 pm Soil Sheppard, HappyCultivator, Spacedghost and 3 people liked
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Alright, so they got stretched. 🤣  I am really happy with the way they are looking. 🤩 The Copy Cat seed plants, Blue Gotti and the Truffle pie, are both getting pretty frosty already. I think they will end up being some good genetics and some solid producers.

If i can finish these ladies out proper I will be soooo happy. I keep counting the weeks down while hoping I have no issues that arise. I love the coco coir with HFF soooooo much. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 I have a few plants in soil and the nugs are dwarfed by the coco nugs. 😎 😎 

Cleaned reservoir yesterday night.  Switched over to the week 4-5 nutrients and feeding schedule. I have not been using Kool bloom but may introduce some in the next couple Resivoir refills. I will use a very low dose to explore and observe the plants reaction to it while monitoring the runoff EC.

The Plants have got a little bit of yellow tips. That is normal for EC to spike during flower, I have been told. I am increasing the amount of runoff and continuing with the hand watering at least once a week to keep the salt build up at a minimum.  

Anyways, here are some current pics.

Cannabis Grow 20221024 203644
Cannabis Grow 20221024 203622
Cannabis Grow 20221024 203524
Cannabis Grow 20221024 203506
Cannabis Grow 20221024 203500
Cannabis Grow 20221024 203448
Cannabis Grow 20221024 203443

Posted : 10/24/2022 10:04 pm TheInsideDope, Soil Sheppard, Spacedghost and 4 people liked
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Here we go! It has been almost two weeks and I apologize. here are the ladies!! I got frosty ones, big ones, little ones, hermy ones, 🤣 🤣 🤣 , I like them all though, well almost. 

I found a couple weird looking nugs and the tips of them looked a bit hermy'ish. The first thing I looked for were sources of light and sure enough, a power strip not more that 3 ft away had some greenish yellow lights that weren't covered. So I fixed that and am keeping a close eye on the weird nugs. Maybe they will not go full herm or revert. 😳 🤪 😰 If they get worse I will cut the nugs off. 😰 😰 😰 I included a pic , just check for the tip. 🤣 

The Dehumidifier along with the heater being on more is doing a wonderful job. Included a pic of the conditions as well.

I added a big floor blower fan that contractors use. It is on low and is giving the air under the plants some good air flow. I have the 8 inch exhaust set to speed 5. 

I am pretty happy with the plants. I am not able to fit in the back without getting into series nug breakage territory. Hard to believe I could have flipped sooner with so many plants. I am loving coco coir with HFF sooooo much. Way better than soil by a lot. 

I have been using H2O2 to keep rez clean but I may switch back to beneficial bacteria next round. My wife has been using bennies and I am very impressed with how well it is keeping her rez clean. Even at slightly warmer temps. 

Anyways, enough jibber jabbering. Here are the pics. 

Cannabis Grow 20221106 173000
Cannabis Grow 20221106 172953
Cannabis Grow 20221106 172932
Cannabis Grow 20221106 172926
Cannabis Grow 20221106 172914
Cannabis Grow 20221106 172851
Cannabis Grow 20221106 172834
Cannabis Grow 20221106 112551
Cannabis Grow 20221104 193854

Posted : 11/06/2022 10:17 pm TheInsideDope, HappyCultivator, Hytymz63 and 4 people liked
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Update, been super busy the last few weeks with the holidays approaching. The Café Racer and the Nikki and Swamis Tangie are making big buds and smell great. I am Glad to have some serious producers in there 🤣 They are pretty huge and are starting to fall over a little. It pretty much stretches the entire 6x6 wide area. It is Crazy in there.

The Copy cat seeds in the back look about done and all six of those will be harvested very soon. I am Extremally happy with this grow so far and I can not wait for it to be done and dried. It smells so good. The Blue Gotti smells a lot like Gorilla Glue. 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍  

I haven't done anything different. Just steady as it goes. I am making sure they are getting plenty of water so I can avoid salt build up. I have been using PK boosters this time.

Here are some updated pics!!

Cannabis Grow 20221119 195343
Cannabis Grow 20221119 195309
Cannabis Grow 20221119 195250
Cannabis Grow 20221119 195240
Cannabis Grow 20221119 195233
Cannabis Grow 20221119 195221


Posted : 11/19/2022 8:13 pm Spacedghost, Nochmonster, Hytymz63 and 4 people liked
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The Copycat plants are finished and have been harvested. The Blue Gotti was harvested on the 25th and the Truffle Pie was harvested the 27th. I am very pleased with the frosty ladies. The buds were not huge but the quality is definitely there. I hadn't been able to see the Truffle Pie up close for weeks. 🤣 It was good to get up close to them to finally check them out. Was worried that a herm would appear but it does not seem to have happened, thank goodness. First grow without a herm to be honest. So grateful  😎 😎 😎  

After harvesting the 6 plants in back, I had some real problems forming with the other four plants.

I walked into the room the next day after harvesting the Gotti, the Cafe Racer in the top right area of the four remaining plants, It had completely tipped over and was leaning against the wall. Water was being dripped onto the floor and made a good mess. Once I got that upright and cleaned up I did some crude tying up. I inspected the other plants and found several main stalks had bent over in almost a 90 degree angle. 🤣 🤣 

I ended up doing a lot of rough tying up to say the least. I couldn't even fit  into where I needed to be in order to grab the branches and lift them off the floor. So I just reached deep inside the bush and wrapped a tie around the big branch, prayed and lifted and just hoped nothing broke.

I think it is all good now. We will see though. I am thinking there is another week for the Blimburn plants, Nikki and Swami's Tangie and Cafe Racer. The pistils are just starting to turn a bright orange on the top of the buds and they are starting to swell. The buds on these plants are not quite as frosty as the copycat plants but holy moly are they great sized nugs! It is going to be a heavy one for sure!!! Could be pushing 12-16 oz on just the one Tangie. It has got solid big nugs up and down the leads. Hard to believe it is still swelling and ripening. 🤩 😎 🤗 

Well, here are some pics of the Blue Gotti and the Truffle Pie, as well as my emergency plant tying job.  🤣 🤣 

Cannabis Grow 20221127 214512
Cannabis Grow 20221127 214440
Cannabis Grow 20221127 214415
Cannabis Grow 20221127 172014
Cannabis Grow 20221127 171453

Posted : 11/28/2022 2:04 pm Hytymz63, HPD, Tropa and 1 people liked
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More pics

Cannabis Grow 20221127 191500
Cannabis Grow 20221127 171453
Cannabis Grow 20221127 170652
Cannabis Grow 20221127 165209
Cannabis Grow 20221127 165200

Posted : 11/28/2022 2:15 pm Hytymz63, KAPT_SAVE_Da_HO, Tropa and 1 people liked
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Total Days: 110
Flip Days: 63
Harvested: 12/02/2022

Update on the harvest!!! I finally chopped the rest of the plants in the Flower room. The final four plants that are drying in the flower room are the four Blimburn seed plants. 

I have dried the 6 copy Cat Gentixx seeds and am very happy with it. I ended up with 21.4 oz off of the 3 Blue Gotti plants but I gave an once to my parents and smoked some, so at the time of weighing it ended up weighing exactly 20 oz. The 3 Truffle pie plants together weighed a total of 22.26 Ounces.  All 6 plants were grown in a rough 6x5 area

I am very pleased with the quality and the high. I'm so super baked. 🤣 

Cannabis Grow 20221205 120241
Cannabis Grow 20221205 120103
Cannabis Grow 20221204 123707
Cannabis Grow 20221204 123555
Cannabis Grow 20221204 123537
Cannabis Grow 20221204 123502
Cannabis Grow 20221204 111916
Cannabis Grow 20221203 180250

I will update in about 4-5 days with pics of the Cafe Racer and the Nikki and Swami's Taangie! Grower Love!!


Posted : 12/05/2022 2:59 pm Hytymz63, TheInsideDope and HPD liked
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Total Days: 110
Flip Days: 63
Harvested: 12/02/2022

Well it is the end of this journal. Sad day, But I have dried and trimmed all the nugs. The wife helped too 🤣 She is busy at work though and can't be smelling like weed. What is amazing is that it didnt take very long at all considering how much there was. Took me only a few hours over a few days and the wife helped with bucking and spent about 4 hrs trimming. It helped that all the plants were not ripe and harvested at the same time.

Final wieghts on fully dry buds. The RH in the bags was around 48-50% (super dry) lol I did buy some Bovida 2 way RH humidty packs. I did all the weighing prior to using them. I had bought a pack of 10 #8 size packs which are good for up to an ounce. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 It might help a little but I got way more than 10 ounces. 

The final weights on the Nikki and Swami's Taangie and Cafe racer are: 25.33oz of the Cafe Racer and 20.85 of the Taangie. Including the 6 copy cat plants that were harvested (listed above) that is a total of 89.84oz. Not quite 100 but close! I also ended up with several pounds of B buds and sugar leaf which I will process into canna-butter and concentrates. Seems like I got enough to last a month. 🤣 🤣  See you all very soon for the next challenge. Grower Love!!


Cannabis Grow VideoCapture 20221214 100327
Cannabis Grow VideoCapture 20221214 100315
Cannabis Grow 20221214 102231
Cannabis Grow 20221214 100150
Cannabis Grow 20221214 100128

Posted : 12/14/2022 10:45 pm Soil Sheppard, TheInsideDope, KAPT_SAVE_Da_HO and 1 people liked
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