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Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my journal. I'm very excited to get started on this challenge. It's my second safe, and I feel I've learned so much since last year. I can't wait to see everyone's journals, and try to green more knowledge this year!

As for my grow,  I've recently ordered a new, larger tent(4x4 mars) amd won a wonderful light from this site as well! Also some seeds. I'll be running a Bruce banner auto, a gorilla glue #4, a forum stomper, and a walter white. I'll be using 4 seperate dwc buckets, and hopefully, get some great results. I'm still waiting on the Bruce and gg4 in the mail, but a started the forum stomper, and walter white tonight. Still waiting on the 4x4 to get here, but I think by next week. Here's some pics of the seeds I've started...

Cannabis Grow 20220420 211947
Cannabis Grow 20220420 211142

The light is the ChilLED Growcraft ULTRA X3-330W and I'm stoked to see how it does, but after reading the Dr. Review, I think it will be awsome! 

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Looks like there is a delay for the Bruce and gg4, but that's cool. Things happen. The good news is that both my other beans started lifting off. This is my favorite part, seeing that new life break through! I'll take a pic tomorrow.

Posted : 04/25/2022 2:42 am Helidoc, KAPT_SAVE_Da_HO, PuffyD and 1 people liked

Here's the pic I mentioned. Root riot cubes are still moist.

Cannabis Grow 20220425 081729

Left is walter white and right is forum stomper

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Bruce and gorilla just came in today! Thankyou ccfc and homegrown seeds! Dropped them in root riot cubes with a little water and a plastic top. Fingers crossed!

Cannabis Grow 20220425 172131

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Getting leggy af. Lol.

Cannabis Grow 20220427 194321

Moved two into water.

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Ok, so alot has happened since last the 4x4 tent and set it up, the Bruce banner kicked the bucket but I've started a new one today. I've moved the gg4 forum stomper and walter white into their forever hones now(black 5 gal buckets) woth air stones kicking in there. I've also set up my new sweet azz light from chilled (thankyou!). The walter and forum is still pretty stretchy. I let them sit under a night stand light too long. The gg4 is Short and healthy, but we shall see how long that lasts. I filled the bucket a little too high and she's a little floaty in there. Not sure if it's ok but a fun experiment. 4 gallons of water in each with 1tsp per gallon of maxi grow powder and a tbl spoon of calmag. Ph all to 5.8

Cannabis Grow 20220503 213254
Cannabis Grow 20220503 213251
Cannabis Grow 20220503 213250

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Ok, some things happened. Transfered to buckets, which I've already posted. But they're popping along. I've left my home for two weeks, and I'm relying on others to keep the water level topped off and check up on my hound. We will see what happens. They're pretty small yet, so they aren't drinking alot of water. Hopefully the nuets don't get wild from just topping with water. We shall see. Leaving was a last minute decision. Here's some pics. Fingers crossed.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20220509 062005 01
Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20220508 192024 Snapchat
Cannabis Grow 20220508 100325
Cannabis Grow 20220508 100326

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I'm back! Things were beautiful in a far away land....

I had people just topping off the tree plants with water. I did a change of water as soon as I got done hanging with my hound. Gotta say, I was nervous to even look inside the tent lol. Anyway, everything looks pretty dang good for not having much attention, and really makes me wonder about using so much nutrition for them.hmm....

Cannabis Grow 20220529 185002
Cannabis Grow 20220529 185004
Cannabis Grow 20220529 185006

I'm not sure which is which, they are marked, but I'm not digging through them right now, I will maybe tomorrow.  I've got to get ready for the work week. See ya!

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I'll look tonight. I didn't really feel like digging through the mess of growth to find out lol. It was a big enough pain getting the air line out of the root growth without tearing any root.

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Well, I'm back for an update. The forum stomper powed. I don't know why, it looked like it rotted at the base of the main stalk. The plant seemed unstable, and it turned yellow and croaked. The other two are doing great though(gg#4 and walter white) I just filled the buckets, and them seem to be doing fine. Here's some pics.

Cannabis Grow 20220615 184129
Cannabis Grow 20220615 184131

pic with my thumb in it is the gg4

Posted : 06/16/2022 2:26 pm Coop2.0, PuffyD and KAPT_SAVE_Da_HO liked
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