SAFC Ants (Misfits): 1st auto fem grow

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SAFC Ants (Misfits): 1st auto fem grow
SAFC Ants (Misfits): 1st auto fem grow

This will be the first time that I have grown Auto feminized seeds. 3 Amnesia auto fems from Seedstockers (via Herbies Seeds) are the test subjects. Seeds went into water on 4/20, germinated within 3 days, and popped up from the soil on 4/27.

Cannabis Grow 20220420 162300
Cannabis Grow 20220420 161937

Posted : 05/04/2022 9:52 am PuffyD and Helidoc liked

Soil is Roots Organics formula 707 amended with worm castings and mycos. I will be using liquid fertilizer at low-end of recommended levels. Plants are in 3 gallon grow bags, where they will remain for the entire grow since they are autos. Light (for now) is a 1200w (235w power draw) full spectrum King plus series from Kingled. The white powder in the prepared holes is mycos in a nest of castings (barely visible).

Cannabis Grow 20220424 220119
Cannabis Grow 20220424 220025

Posted : 05/04/2022 10:15 am Heyron420, PuffyD and Helidoc liked

Seeds cracked around 4/23-24, and all seedlings were above soil on 4/27 (2 in the a.m., the third that night). #2 plant only grew 1 sun leaf and the seed hull got stuck on the stem (since removed), so it is a little behind. 

Cannabis Grow 20220428 214821
Cannabis Grow 20220427 105938
Cannabis Grow 20220427 081855
Cannabis Grow 20220424 221033

Posted : 05/04/2022 10:33 am Heyron420, PuffyD and Helidoc liked

They were all standing up by the next day (4/28). First to pop is the tallest, 2nd is 1 sun leaf, 3rd is the short 1 with both sun leaves 😆 (pics not in order).

Cannabis Grow 20220428 214807
Cannabis Grow 20220428 214840
Cannabis Grow 20220428 214907

Posted : 05/04/2022 10:52 am Heyron420, PuffyD and Helidoc liked

A couple of days later (4/30), 1 is at the bottom, 2 in the middle, 3 at the top:

Cannabis Grow 20220430 193100
Cannabis Grow 20220430 193054
Cannabis Grow 20220430 193042

Posted : 05/04/2022 11:06 am Heyron420, PuffyD and Helidoc liked

I'm using clear-ish plastic cups (misted on the inside), at intervals, for a total of 3-4 hours per day as makeshift humidity domes (it's extremely dry where I am). Also, for now I am watering the seedlings with the cups in place for a couple of reasons that relate to one another.  1. I don't want the soil near the stems wet, because 2. damping off is a killer of clones/seedlings, and 3. I want the roots to spread and "search" for water.  I water over the cups (explains the "crop circles" lol), which keeps the soil immediately surrounding the seedlings dry, avoids soggy soil directly underneath them and prevents splashing  on tender, new leaves. I also lightly mist them directly a few times per day. 

Cannabis Grow 20220502 162217
Cannabis Grow 20220428 215247


Posted : 05/04/2022 11:44 am Heyron420, PuffyD and Helidoc liked
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Pic of the little seedling with 1 sun leaf from 5/4, pic of same yesterday. Cheers🍻

Cannabis Grow 20220504 230220
Cannabis Grow 20220505 201935

Posted : 05/07/2022 10:55 pm PuffyD liked

All three:

Cannabis Grow 20220507 141222

Posted : 05/07/2022 11:00 pm PuffyD liked

Cannabis Grow 20220508 220417
Cannabis Grow 20220507 141222


Pic from 5/8, then 5/5🌱

Posted : 05/10/2022 9:30 pm PuffyD liked
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Cannabis Grow 20220510 001736

Cannabis Grow 20220511 211817

This is seedling number 2. She had a little growth spurt, smaller version was taken yesterday morning, bigger just now (5/11). She has a small fan leaf that only has 2 "points", this is the opposite side from its missing sun leaf. I sort of think the plant is compensating for the missing sun leaf on one side with slightly less weight on the other, in order to keep balance lol.




Posted : 05/11/2022 8:22 pm PuffyD liked

Cannabis Grow 20220510 001934

another from yesterday (same plant).

Posted : 05/11/2022 8:33 pm PuffyD liked

Seedling 3, yesterday

Cannabis Grow 20220510 001956

and just now

Cannabis Grow 20220511 214005

Posted : 05/11/2022 8:41 pm PuffyD liked

Cannabis Grow 20220510 233746

Plant 1 yesterday

Cannabis Grow 20220511 220053

and just now. 

Posted : 05/11/2022 9:02 pm PuffyD liked

Cannabis Grow 20220511 220442
Cannabis Grow 20220511 220423
Cannabis Grow 20220511 220404

Just trying to show height with a familiar object to most lol. Hard to show, but plant 1 has blown the others away in growth from the beginning. Plant 3 on top, 2 in the middle, 1 at the bottom🌱 

Starting to slowly fill in the tops of the grow bags with more soil, eventually will get them closer to full. That's why I'm not using a fan yet, bc most of the currently exposed mainstem will end up covered with soil and producing extra roots; anyway, that's the hope🌱

Posted : 05/11/2022 9:13 pm PuffyD liked

Cannabis Grow 20220512 230951
Cannabis Grow 20220512 231035

I think there is a "growing" disparity between #1 and her sisters lol🌱

Both pics are from 5/12 night

Posted : 05/12/2022 11:47 pm Heyron420, PuffyD and New grower liked
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