SAFC 5x5 Grow Tents: Grapefruit Haze

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SAFC 5x5 Grow Tents: Grapefruit Haze
SAFC 5x5 Grow Tents: Grapefruit Haze

Good Day Growmie's and Much Love!

Glad to be a part of the SAFC challenge, GL to everyone involved. 

I will be growing 2 Grapefruit Haze auto flowers from Next Generation Seed Co and competing for the largest autoflower while growing in my LOS 4x4 Grassroots fabric bed located in a 5x5 growtent powered by a Photontek X600 Led light.

 My Living Organic Soil mix was originally a primarily a Clackamas Coot recipe with a few twists..but it has now been through many runs and will be reammended with a large amount of gypsum, basalt and oyster shell flour.  I will also use a neem/karanja/alfalfa/gaia flower mix for the nutrients.

Just Soaking my seeds today and prepping the tent for the autoflowers.

Mixed a small amoumt of TM7 (humic and fulvic acids mixed with micronutrients) and a small amount of my experimental KNF LAB infused with Beet root Powder. Hoping the Folates and beneficial bacteria will help develop a strong seedling to get started.  Dropped 3 seeds for soaking and I will keep the two most vigerous seeds for the beds and probably put the other outside if possible.

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