How much light do you need for cannabis

How Much Light (PPF) Do You Need for Indoor Cannabis?

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To set up an efficient home cannabis grow, it is important to determine the optimal size of your grow light. In this article, we discuss…

Grow Tents and Harvest Sizes

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When you are setting up your indoor cannabis grow, one of the first questions is, “where will you grow your plants”. To effectively grow cannabis…

Bracing Frame to keep grow tent walls from sucking in

How to Keep Grow Tent Walls From Sucking In

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Help! My tent walls are sucking in! We have a simple solution for this common problem! Build a Bracing Frame and increase the effective size…

Preparing coco coir: How to buffer coco coir

How to Prepare and Buffer Coco Coir

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Properly preparing and buffering your coco coir ensures that you are growing in the best possible medium for your plants. This tutorial walks you through…